WooCommerce Tutorials

Your shop is based on WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. Our plugin – German Market – ensures that your shop complies with German law.

When you install our plugin it automatically configures the most important WooCommerce settings.

In-depth knowledge of WooCommerce is nevertheless a prerequisite for the proper maintenance of your online shop and the configuration thereof in accordance with your specific requirements.

In order to help you get to grips with WooCommerce as quickly as possible we have put together the following list of links to WooCommerce tutorials, some of which are taken from our MarketPress Blog.

  • WooCommerce Docs – The original English-language source of documentation, reference materials and tutorials for WooThemes.
  • Setting up WooCommerce – A comprehensive, 8-part series of German-language tutorials showing you how to set up WooCommerce.
  • The WooCommerce Travel Guide – An extensive German-language list of links to WooCommerce tutorials from a variety of sources.
  • MarketPress blog articles on WooCommerce – The German-language WooCommerce section of the MarketPress blog, which may contain additional tips on WooCommerce.