Sell to the German-speaking area with full legal security and a great range of extras

German Market is not just a way to maximize the legal security of your online shop. On the contrary: It is a comprehensive package that takes care of many of your administrative tasks, for example the generation of invoices and returns forms, efficient cancellation handling and the dovetailing of your shop with your accounting processes.

Got big plans for the future? German Market gets your shop ready for not only the German-speaking area, but also the EU as a whole and a variety of other attractive target markets.


Your one-stop shop for invoices, returns forms and cancellation invoices

PDF invoices and returns forms

Our easy-to-use modules enable you to generate and send individualized PDF documents such as invoices, delivery notes and returns forms for any order. This saves you having to buy and configure extra plugins. Recently added features include a bulk PDF export function and compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Vouchers.

Customizable design

All PDF templates can be customized to match your shop’s corporate design with just a few clicks. General PDF settings such as name, filename (frontend and backend), paper size and color, page orientation (portrait/landscape) and margins are supplemented by a range of other options. Ensure nothing but professional communication with your customers – choose German Market for your WooCommerce shop.

Cancellation module

The cancellation module integrated into German Market enables you to keep track of all your refunds. The summary page can also be set up to show multiple refunds relating to a single order. This allows you to keep a constant check on returns and cancelled orders. You can use the module to generate PDFs for specific cancellations and send them to the respective customers. It is now also possible to retrospectively edit cancellation numbers.

Admin support

Download invoices and cancellation invoices in bulk, generate new invoices (e.g. further to changes of address), choose between “net price per product” and “total net price” and incorporate order notes: Whatever your requirements, German Market offers a huge number of tools that will simplify your day-to-day admin.

Customized content

Customize the cancellation number, cancellation ID, cancellation date, order number, invoice number and payment type to suit your exact requirements.

Due dates for specific payment types

German Market makes it possible to set and display a different due date for each individual payment type. The date is also adopted in PDF invoices and WooCommerce emails. To give an example, you can use this function to set different due dates for cash on delivery, PayPal and payment on account.

Payment on account

“Payment on account” is a fully integrated payment type. You can select the order status of your choice and opt to only offer this payment type to registered users or regular customers (e.g. “This option becomes available after you have placed X orders”). A corresponding note is included in emails confirming order receipt.

Amazon Payments

German Market is fully compatible with the payment service Amazon Payments (also known as Amazon Pay).

Self-service PDF documents for customers

You can opt to allow your customers to print their invoices and returns forms themselves. They need to log into their customer account to do so. On their order summary page they will find a button enabling them to print or download the document in question.

SEPA direct debit

German Market makes it easier for you to give your customers the option to pay by SEPA direct debit. Features include a customizable direct debit form, an individual reference number, selectable order status options, XML export, archivable SEPA direct debit forms and much more besides.

Subscription invoices with WooCommerce Subscriptions

You can attach the PDF invoices generated by German Market to the subscription extension emails generated by WooCommerce Subscriptions – a smooth, simple way to sell products by subscription.

Customized order confirmations

Passe den Text, die Betreffzeile sowie die Kopfzeile der E-Mail-Bestellbestätigung direkt in den Optionen von German Market an. Alternativ kannst du diese E-Mail dort auch komplett deaktivieren. Arbeite dabei mit Platzhaltern für den Shop-Namen, die Bestellnummer oder für das Bestelldatum, um deine Bestellbestätigung individuell und damit kundenfreundlich zu gestalten.

Expanded returns form / delivery note

You can also opt to include the item number, weight (delivery note only), delivery date (in the delivery note) and short product descriptions. The returns form can now also be attached to the “order confirmation” and “order pending” emails.

Interfaces & Co.

Fully integrated add-ons

Connection with lexoffice

German Market is the first solution to include a direct connection between WooCommerce and the popular lexoffice accounting suite. Avoid the hassle of having to log orders received as income in your accounts – simply transfer them to lexoffice. With German Market your WooCommerce orders can be sent to lexoffice as vouchers. The same also applies to cancellations. Benefit from a range of other functions designed to keep your accounts in the best possible order, for example the transfer of voucher contact data and account reconciliation using the customer’s email address. You now also have the option to automatically dispatch orders as soon as they are marked as completed and automatically send refunds as soon as they have been generated.

Connection with sevDesk

sevDesk is a user-friendly online office suite. It enables you to generate invoices and quotes, do your accounts and control your customer and stock management systems. You can set up German Market to send your order and voucher data straight to sevDesk, where it will be allocated to the respective payments. This significant reduces the time you spend on admin. New options include automatic dispatch as soon as an order has been marked as completed and automatic refunds as soon as they have been generated. It is now also possible to send customer data concerning guest orders from WooCommerce to sevDesk.

Connection with Billbee

Billbee is a multichannel-ready materials management system for online shops. It facilitates standardized stock management as well as order delivery using DHL, DPD, Deutsche Post, UPS and Hermes. German Market enables the creation of a direct connection between Billbee and WooCommerce. Users can then retrieve the corresponding Billbee order straight from the order summary page.

Invoice number add-on

This optional module automatically generates a consecutive reference number for your invoices and cancellation invoices. Our solution not only makes additional plugins a thing of the past, but is also able to handle multiple sites. Invoice numbers can be reset automatically at the end of each year, month or even day.

Free delivery: Hide other options

German Market enables you to automatically hide all other shipping options from the checkout as soon as an order becomes eligible for free delivery (e.g. as a result of the customer reaching the specified minimum order value). Other free shipping options such as “free to collect” are also catered for.

Free delivery option

This option replaces the (otherwise essential) shipping costs link with the text “Free Delivery”. This does not change any of your shipping settings. You must nevertheless ensure that free delivery is available for all products before you activate this option.

Digital products

The EU Consumer Rights Directive was brought into German law on 13 June 2014. German Market ensures full compliance by offering the additional product type “EU Digital”. The existing product types “Downloadable” and “Virtual” are still fully supported in accordance with the respective WooCommerce definitions.

Synchronization of delivery times with current stock levels

If a product is no longer in stock the shipping information on the product page is automatically hidden. This only applies if you use the WooCommerce Stock Manager.

Time of order

Choose this option to display the time of order for every order listed on the Orders page in WooCommerce.

Deactivation of email attachments

German Market gives you the option to deactivate the sending of email attachments containing legal information to the Shop Admin. If you do so only your customers will receive the attachments (and with them all essential legal information).

No price = no order

You have the option to prevent order completion if the cart contains one or more free/unpriced products. This is particularly useful if you have inadvertently failed to set a price for a product, as it prevents the placement of customer orders containing errors that will be nothing but a drain on your time, energy and finances. You can also define a corresponding error message.

Manual order acceptance

This option enables you to check incoming orders before accepting or clearing them for processing. If this option is active the customer will only receive an email confirming the receipt of their order, which you can then check and clear manually. Only once you have cleared the order for processing will the customer receive a further email containing payment information and confirmation of order acceptance.

Streamlined checkout process

You can opt to deactivate the second checkout page and the classification of the customer’s telephone number as a required field. You also have the option to remove the price per unit. Checkboxes and order buttons on the checkout page can be customized in accordance with your requirements.

Static email attachments

German Market enables you to add static (i.e. unchanging) attachments to WooCommerce emails, for example general terms and conditions, a returns form or other customer information.

CC and BCC for customer emails

You can define CC and BCC recipients for customer emails generated by WooCommerce. This is useful if you wish the Shop Admin or another employee to receive a copy of every email sent to your customers.

Enhanced theme compatibility

German Market now works even better with WooCommerce and WordPress themes from a variety of providers. Examples include Avada, Divi Page Builder, Flatsome and Astra – to name but a few. If your theme also applies to the checkout page this can be handled in a way that prevents conflict with German Market. We also support a large number of themes from smaller providers which are not optimized for the German-speaking market.

Flexible product image management

You can use German Market to activate or deactivate the product images shown in the cart, on the checkout page, in the order summary and in emails. This gives you even greater flexibility and allows you to strike the right balance between consistency of presentation and page speed.

Show all product attributes

This function displays all product attributes in the cart, the checkout page and in the order summary – even if some of those attributes do not apply to the selected product variants or variable products. This gives you an extra opportunity to provide customers with important information about your products.

Accessible backend

Our developers have added the text “Off | On” to buttons for visual settings in the backend of German Market. This means that the buttons can also be read using screen readers and used by screen reader users. The aim of this solution is to enhance the accessibility of WooCommerce and German Market.

Compatibility with B2B Market

Looking to set up a B2B shop using WooCommerce? Or a mixed shop for business customers and retail consumers? You’ll be pleased to hear that German Market dovetails perfectly with our B2B Market solution. By combining the two plugins you benefit from a comprehensive solution for the legally compliant establishment and operation of your new B2B and B2C shop.

International shops

Sell to the EU and beyond


If you sell digital products to consumers within the EU it is important that product prices are properly displayed in your WooCommerce shop. This module ensures that prices are displayed in accordance with the EU VAT regulations introduced on 1 January 2015. Among other processes, this involves the dynamic calculation of the correct taxes when the customer reaches the checkout. Taxes are calculated on the basis of the tax rates set by you for the respective EU country.

EU VAT number validation

This function enables you to validate a customer’s EU VAT number. Any VAT number issued in the EU can be officially validated on the EC website. German Market supports this process and facilitates the integration thereof into your online shop. German Market is now also WireCard compatible.

Notice on shipping to non-EU countries

If you ship goods to non-EU countries you have the option to display a corresponding notice on product pages. This can now be set up directly in the backend. The notice explains that shipping to non-EU countries may incur additional costs such as customs duties or taxes.

Compatibility with other plugins and services

Enhanced dovetailing with multilingual WordPress solutions such as MultilingualPress, WPML and Polylang.

Translate German Market options

The translation of text generated by German Market options and add-ons couldn’t be simpler. Solutions such as WPML enable you to display texts in different languages in the frontend of your shop.

VAT-free exports

In the case of exports to non-EU countries German Market enables you to display an optional notice declaring the transaction as a “VAT-free export”.