FAQs German Market

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the plugin “German Market”.
The list of frequently asked questions will be extended continuously.

If you are logged in and have a valid license for “German Market”, you can see more specific questions and answers.

Is there a test version / demo?

Yes, on request we provide a backend demo where all functions can be tested in advance. Please contact us at Support.

Is my theme "XY" compatible with German Market?

Due to the large number of available themes and different settings, incompatibilities may occur in rare cases.

For example, on the checkout page it may happen that the “Pay to order” button is missing. In German Market there are the options “Deactivate German Market Hooks” and “Force German Market Checkout Template”. Activating one of these options usually solves the problem.

In other cases there is a problem with double pricing, because themes also deactivate and redefine the WooCommerce interfaces (hooks).

We then do it so that we at German Market create a compatibility in the code so that German Market works with your theme without you having to change anything in the code.

To do this, we have the theme provided or we have a test system with access data (WordPress and FTP) provided. The adjustment will then be included in the next German Market update, so that there is nothing more to consider when updating and the compatibility between this theme and German Market in the future also exists for all other users.

Do I need a test environment?


The developers of WordPress, of WooCommerce and also we strongly recommend working with a test environment. If you install new plugins, update plugins, customize your theme or change settings, you should always first do this on a test environment.

This is the only way to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that there is no downtime or unwanted behavior on your live environment.

If you do not have a test environment, please take a look at the plugin WP Staging. This allows you to create a test environment from the backend.

If we need to log in to your site as part of support, we can and may only do so on a test environment.

How do I add a code snippet?

If you have basic developer knowledge, you can add the code snippet to the functions.php of your theme (preferably at the end). However, you should work with a child theme so that your changes are not overwritten every time the theme is updated.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin like “Code Snippets”.
It allows you to easily add code directly from the WordPress backend, regardless of your theme (see video tutorial by Harald Frey.) A similar extension is “Insert PHP Code Snippet”.