Questions before buying/FAQ

Permalink Can I test the plugin before I buy it?

Unfortunately not, we do not offer a test version.

Permalink Is there a demo version?

We do not offer a backend demo. But you can get an idea of what we have to offer by watching this video:

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Permalink What is the best license for me?

The license you require varies depending on the number of top-level domains you intend to install WooCommerce German Market on: Standard → 1 domain, Business → 5 domains, Developer → 10 domains.

Each subdomain you use within the same domain counts as a stand-alone domain. The same applies to multi-site installations in which individual pages are installed in subdirectories.

Permalink What services does the license include?

When you buy a license you also acquire the right to updates, support and downloads.

Permalink Is my theme compatible with German Market?

The huge number of themes available for WordPress and WooCommerce unfortunately prevents us from making binding statements on the compatibility of our plugin with individual themes. As a rule of thumb, the majority of themes created in accordance with WordPress Coding Standards should be compatible with our plugin.

Isolated instances of incompatibility may be encountered if a standard WooCommerce hook has been removed from the theme or the theme happens to prioritize the hook to the extent that it overrides the use thereof by our plugin. The rectification of incompatibilities of this type is a technical possibility but may be accompanied by difficulties in terms of the allocation of responsibility for support among the respective theme developers.