Inpsyde Insights 2015: This is how a virtual company works

17. August 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in News

home office

Virtual enterprises have been discussed for many years now, for us it is a reality. Inpsyde and MarketPress have employees throughout the whole of Germany and in Switzerland. An insight into our home offices.

Inspired by Woo Workspaces 2015 a number of our colleagues decided to reveal their workspaces. The result is a personal insight into the everyday life of digital workers and their employers. Take a look for yourself: Read more…

WooCommerce meetups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Community networking

17. August 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce


The free shop system WooCommerce is currently experiencing the same sort of successful development as WordPress itself. It is time to build a German-speaking community.

WordPress has led the way. The community has really benefitted from the blog and content management system, but the meetup community has also contributed to the development. Members translate WordPress into the German-language versions, they ensure an influx of new users, they train new users and much more. Should this not also be possible with WooCommerce? Read more…

WooCommerce Shortcodes – the ultimate list

17. August 2015 // by Christina Fuchs // in WooCommerce // 1 Comment


Now that you have learnt the basics of WooCommerce shortcodes in our first segment, we can take a look at which shortcodes have already been implemented by WooCommerce.

Instructions for this list: We have clearly displayed the shortcodes in a table for quick reference. You will also find the exact description for each one. Click on a shortcode in the table to jump to its description.

Read more…

WooCommerce Shortcodes Explained – More Individuality for Your WordPress Shop

29. June 2015 // by Christina Fuchs // in WooCommerce


A really attractive online shop can be set up relatively quickly with WordPress, WooCommerce, and a professional shopping theme. The shop will come preloaded with a variety of configuration options. And if these are not enough, a bit of programming skills will open up virtually endless additional options for customization. The so-called WooCommerce shortcodes offer another option for users to create a more individualized design of their shops.

This post will explain more about the concept of WooCommerce shortcodes and how to use them (with or without an additional plugin). At the end of the post, you will find two possible use cases as well. By the way: you can also create new shortcodes for your WooCommerce shop if you have some basic PHP skills. Read more…

WooCommerce: The WordPress system is used in up to 30% of all online shops worldwide.

11. June 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce

7 Millionen

The WordPress-based shop system WooCommerce is coming along very nicely. The trend can be felt here at home as well.

A few days ago, the WooThemes Blog – developer of the free shopping plugin WooCommerce – announced the 7 millionth download of their software. In comparison: The 4 millionth download was registered only last August. The huge increase in downloads is a great sign. Read more…

In the Spotlight: – WordPress Community Magazine

11. June 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in Interview

spinpress, the English language premium magazine for WordPress is the brainchild of Pascal Birchler. We spoke to him about the magazine’s approach, paid content, and the future of the community.

Pascal, a lot of people would call it brave to start with a paid content concept – especially in the WordPress environment. What made you decide on that approach?

I often see topics repeated again and again in WordPress blogs. And still – the content only barely scratches the surface. SpinPress offers high quality content about WordPress, and also offers some “out of the box” thinking. This kind of content takes a lot more time and effort to create. I have had some previous experience and gotten myself a readership with the Swiss WordPress Magazine, it was time to take the logical next step. Read more…

WooCommerce Plugins on the Test Bench: Extra Product Sorting Options

9. June 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce


You want your shop customers to be able to filter products by special offers? Or by featured products? Or from A to Z? The free plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options does that and more.

Not only your customers will be grateful for meaningful filter criteria. They also allow you to highlight specific products. Overview of the individual sorting options of the WooCommerce plugin: Read more…

Paris in Winter – or: Why We Sponsor WordCamps

9. June 2015 // by Caspar Hübinger // in News


WordCamps are events that are all about community in the sense of Open Source; and of course WordPress. WordCamps are organized by unpaid volunteers, and would not be possible at all if it weren’t for the generous financial support of many sponsors.

Using the WordCamp Paris 2015 as an example, this post talks about why we are committed to supporting WordCamps.

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