Note to our Customers: MarketPress becoming MarketPress GmbH

MarketPress GmbH

MarketPress – previously a project of Inpsyde GmbH – is about to become its own company. This is a huge step on our journey of building the first marketplace for WordPress premium products in German.

So far, MarketPress has been a part of Inpsyde, largest WordPress agency in Germany. In order for both teams, agency and marketplace, to be able to fully focus on their core competences, we’re turning MarketPress into an independent company (GmbH). The new legal status will be in effect from May 1st, 2016.

Will Anything Change for our Customers?

As a MarketPress customer you will hardly notice any change. Product support and development will be continuously provided in the same proven manner, by the same team, on the same platform as before.

Inpsyde is the first VIP partner in Germany


Automattic has given us the title of VIP Service Partner, the first in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Worldwide, there are only eleven companies with this status.

We are very proud of this accolade. As a company we have contributed to the establishment of WordPress in Germany from the outset. The VIP program appeals to customers who want to implement high-end enterprise solutions based on WordPress.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #6: Translations, WordCamp Switzerland & avoiding legal warnings


WooCommerce was a hot topic at WordCamp in Switzerland. Progress is being made with the system translations and there are lots of useful new extensions. This and more in our Weekly Review.

WooCommerce @ WordCamp Switzerland

In mid-September, the Swiss WordPress community met for WordCamp Switzerland 2015 and we were there as a sponsor. The emphasis was of course on WordPress itself. But discussions in the corridors and at our stand often turned to #WooMattic and the bright future of WooCommerce.

Inpsyde is a WooExperts Gold Partner of WooCommerce


A few weeks ago, Inpsyde GmbH with MarketPress became a certified WooExperts Gold Partner. This is confirmation from WooThemes of our agency’s know-how in implementing projects and products on the basis of WooCommerce and WordPress.

The WooExperts program started at the beginning of October. Worldwide there are only 7 Gold Partners. Inpsyde GmbH have been there from the get-go. The certification helps WooCommerce users, particularly businesses, find a partner to implement their online shop more easily than before.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #5: Release Critique, Upselling & Purchase Cancellations


We want WooCommerce updates to become a whole lot smoother in future. You can help us get there. Find out more about this and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Release Self-Critique at WooThemes – Seeking Shops for Final Testing

WooCommerce version 2.4 was only recently released. Updates don’t always go as smoothly as planned. In a software, which grows more complex in terms of technology and scope, that fact is hardly surprising.

And yet, the WooThemes update policy was openly criticized time and time again – by end users and by the developers of plugins and add-ons. The same happened again just a few days ago:

New: WooCommerce Shop Theme München


A WordPress and WooCommerce theme that not only looks great, but also excels in functionality? Welcome to München. The template is an addition to our WooCommerce cities range.

The München shopping theme combines the best of two worlds. Many designs focus on either a stylish look or maximum flexibility. From the outset, our developers and designers placed importance on both.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #4: Google Analytics, Thank You Page and Plugin Selection


New tools will help make your success with WooCommerce more transparent and ensure a more individualized customer approach. Find out more about these and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce – New Functions and Opt-Out

Only those shop operators, who check the success of their individual online shop elements in e.g. A/B testing, will be able to improve their sales long-term. The basis here is a good web analysis tool.

BackWPup Pro: Secure WordPress Backup with Google Drive


The Pro version of our BackWPup plugin supports the backup of WordPress databases and files to Google Drive. But how do you set something like that up? And how do you get your hands on the Google API Keys you need? Find out in our step-by-step guide.

The installation process is the same, regardless of whether you want to run the backup just once or regularly. This means you can even backup changed directories to Google Drive (to transfer files that have changed since the last backup).

WooCommerce Weekly Review #3: Donations in the Shop, Content Inclusion and Design Inspiration


A WooCommerce shop can now be used for doing good. And there are plenty of ideas around for optimizing content on product level. Find out more about these and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Buy & Donate – with WooCommerce

More and more online shops offer their customers the option to “round up” the content of their shopping carts, i.e. the total purchase price. The difference will then be donated to some social institution or a cause associated with the product. As an online shop operator, you can show social commitment, do something to help the environment (to make up for the carbon footprint in shipping), or support local initiatives in the countries of origin of your products.