WooCommerce Plugins tested: Bulk discount option for your online shop

3. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce

product discount

The free to download shop system WooCommerce offers numerous options for creating coupons and discounts. The bulk discount option for individual products, however, can only be used with an add-on plugin: WooCommerce Bulk Discount. We have had a closer look at this extension.

The functionality of WooCommerce Bulk Discount for WordPress (get your download here) is quickly explained. You can enter individual bulk discounts or stagger prices for any product. A discount will be automatically applied and displayed by the system if the customer adds more than the specified quantity of that particular product to the cart. Read more…

MultilingualPress PRO Setup – Multilingual Blogs & Projects with WordPress

3. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial // 1 Comment


The implementation of future-proof and performant multilingual projects is easy with the plugins MultilingualPress Pro and MultilingualPress. We will show you, how to add new languages to your website – step by step.

Our two plugins will allow the simple and future-proof administration of multiple languages, as they are based on the WordPress feature Multisite. A preconfigured Multisite is therefore prerequisite. You will learn how to do that and how to operate it in the first part of our tutorial. Read more…

WooCommerce Plugins tested: Creating Invoices and Delivery Notes

2. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce


For many shop operators, the ability to print invoices complete with all order information from within WooCommerce would be a great help. The plugin WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note promises exactly that. But does it comply with all the legal requirements?

The free to download plugin (available here) will allow you to create not only invoices and delivery notes, but also receipts – and that from within the WooCommerce order process: Read more…

WordPress Multisite Installation: A blog network in just a few steps

2. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial

multisite installation

Multisite is one of the most powerful WordPress tools. It allows you to manage multiple blogs centrally, or to implement multilingual projects. The setup is much less complicated than you might think – provided you take some basic points into consideration.

Multisite is a WordPress standard function, but needs to be activated separately. Once configured, it will allow you to implement any number of standalone WordPress instances (sites), which are then centrally managed. The individual sites can be called up via sub-domains or sub-directories.

What is special about this tool: Individual plugins and even themes can be installed separately for each site, while others apply to the entire multisite. The choice is yours. Read more…

Setting up WooCommerce Part 8 – Coupons, product & shopping cart discounts

2. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce // 1 Comment

woocommerce 8

WooCommerce offers a variety of coupon versions. Implemented sensibly, these coupons can be used for creating additional buying incentive. Here we will show you how to configure discounts.

You will find the central coupon administration section in WordPress under WooCommerce → Coupons. Any pre-existing coupons for your shop can be managed or even deleted here (with a simple click on the coupon name or the relevant coupon icon).

A new discount code is created by clicking the button “Add Coupon”. Read more…

New Plugin: WooCommerce EU VAT Checkout

23. December 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Plugins // 2 Comments

eu vat

For online shops selling digital products and services to EU countries apply new rules for VAT, starting January 1st. Our plugin WooCommerce EU VAT Checkout ensures the correct calculation and display of taxes.

With the new plugin your shop gets ready for the EU rules on sales tax. This applies from 1 January 2015 for the sale of digital products and services to the EU and to consumer (B2C). Read more…

WooCommerce can be this chic: 11 examples of successful shop design

15. December 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce // 1 Comment

woocommerce designs

Whether playful or minimalist, traditional or more off-beat: There are many options for designing an online shop. We’re presenting 11 very special design versions, created with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Some of the examples below were implemented with standard themes, whereas others involve adapted templates or proprietary developments. There is something there for practically every industry. Let us inspire you! Read more…