WooCommerce Plugins tested: Product Add-ons – Selling Customizable Products

5. May 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce

Product Addon WooCommerce

Mass Customization – The trend towards selling customizable products continues. The WooCommerce plugin Product Add-ons allows the customer to adjust individual product features before moving the result to the cart. Here we will show you how to work with the plugin.

You may want to sell customizable product variations like the mass customization pioneers – or you may want to offer your products with a selectable motif or a greeting message: The key issue here is that the order process must be as easy as possible for your customer.

The (paid) plugin WooCommerce Product Add-ons expands the product representation to include the relevant additional input fields and check boxes. Read more…

WooCommerce Products Per Page Plugin – Changing the Number of Products via Dropdown

20. April 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce

products per page

You want your customers to decide how many products per page the online shop shows them? WooCommerce Products Per Page makes that super simple. We have had a closer look at the add-on for you.

The plugin adds a dropdown menu to the main and archive view of your shop, where every visitor can choose how many products he wants to see per page. A very practical little function you will find in many of the larger online shops. The title image shows the output based on our theme “Hamburg”. Read more…

How to Sell: 10 Strategies for Your Online Shop

20. April 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in Ecommerce


We all know what makes a great salesman in “real” life. Some of these behavior patterns can also be applied to your virtual sales platform. Here are some tips on how to boost sales for your online shop – with somewhat unconventional methods.

These tips are based on examples from online shops at home and abroad, who have developed particularly creative ways to gain new customers. Read more…

WooCommerce: Social Media Button Integration on the Product Page

20. April 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce // 1 Comment


Social share buttons in online shops are becoming increasingly more important. A simple tweet in the vein of “I just bought …” can be the best product marketing you can have. This guide will show you how to incorporate Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and other buttons in your WooCommerce online shop.

This post focuses on solutions to complement the product pages of your shop with simple means, for example plugins. A privacy-compliant version is also included. Read more…

Hooks and Functions in WordPress

17. April 2015 // by Thomas Herzog // in Tutorial

hooks functions wordpress

WordPress developments show results very quickly. That is due to the fact that the app is generally fairly well documented and takes the road of least resistance: There is no proprietary template or script language. WordPress is based on a simple PHP and offers plenty of great tools to work with.

Among these tools are the so-called “hooks”. A hook is a marker, and allows the attachment of your own code. That means you are fully in control in terms of which script should be executed. The advantages are clear: No code is executed by mistake or unintentionally. The feature enhances performance and reliability. Read more…

Guide: How to Create Variable Products in WooCommerce

17. April 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce

variable products

Selling a dress in various sizes and colors, or a computer game for various platforms: The free shop system WooCommerce allows the relatively easy creation of various versions of a product. You will find instructions on how to create variable products in your online shop, and things to look out for in our guide. Read more…

WooCommerce Plugins tested: Bulk discount option for your online shop

3. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce

product discount

The free to download shop system WooCommerce offers numerous options for creating coupons and discounts. The bulk discount option for individual products, however, can only be used with an add-on plugin: WooCommerce Bulk Discount. We have had a closer look at this extension.

The functionality of WooCommerce Bulk Discount for WordPress (get your download here) is quickly explained. You can enter individual bulk discounts or stagger prices for any product. A discount will be automatically applied and displayed by the system if the customer adds more than the specified quantity of that particular product to the cart. Read more…

MultilingualPress PRO Setup – Multilingual Blogs & Projects with WordPress

3. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial // 2 Comments


The implementation of future-proof and performant multilingual projects is easy with the plugins MultilingualPress Pro and MultilingualPress. We will show you, how to add new languages to your website – step by step.

Our two plugins will allow the simple and future-proof administration of multiple languages, as they are based on the WordPress feature Multisite. A preconfigured Multisite is therefore prerequisite. You will learn how to do that and how to operate it in the first part of our tutorial. Read more…

WooCommerce Plugins tested: Creating Invoices and Delivery Notes

2. February 2015 // by Michael Firnkes // in WooCommerce


For many shop operators, the ability to print invoices complete with all order information from within WooCommerce would be a great help. The plugin WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note promises exactly that. But does it comply with all the legal requirements?

The free to download plugin (available here) will allow you to create not only invoices and delivery notes, but also receipts – and that from within the WooCommerce order process: Read more…