Blocks for product data

Permalink General information

If you use blocks to output products and the additional information does not appear automatically in these blocks, you can add it manually.

Various blocks in the “GERMAN MARKET PRODUCT ELEMENTS” category are available for this purpose.

You can also use these in the “Single product” template if you are using a “Full-Site-Editing” (FSE) theme. Check in advance whether the data is already automatically output in the frontend.

Permalink Block "All Additional Data"

The “All Additional Data” block automatically displays all additional product data as defined by your settings in German Market. If you want to use this block, you can add it after the price.

Permalink Other blocks

If you do not want all additional product data to be output automatically by the “All Additional Data” block, there are other blocks available:

  • Delivery Time
  • Tax
  • Shipping Information
  • Tax & Shipping
  • Preis per unit
  • GTIN
  • Shipping Note Non-EU Countries
  • Sale Label
  • Requirements (digital)
  • Legal Information for Product Reviews
  • Age Rating

All these blocks have settings for text alignment and design (text color, background color, font size and font design).

The “Tax & Shipping” and “GTIN” blocks offer additional settings for output.