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Permalink Minimum requirements

  • A running WordPress installation on a server
  • PHP (version 7.4.1+ or later)
  • Apache module mod_rewrite
  • SSL certificate
  • PHP memory limit > 256 MB (512 MB with WPML)
  • WordPress (version 5.4+ or later)
  • WooCommerce (current version)

Permalink FAQs

Do I also need German Market in order to ensure the legal security of my B2B online shop?

Yes, B2B Market does not constitute a substitute for German Market. They are two entirely different products in terms of their functions and areas of application.

B2B Market

  • Group and sliding-scale prices
  • Discounts
  • Net prices
  • Different general terms and conditions for each customer group
  • Customer groups
  • Different shipping/payment options for each customer group
  • VAT number validation for customer registration processes

These functions are all vital to the operation of a B2B shop. You nevertheless also need German Market in order to make WooCommerce compatible with the German-speaking market.

German Market

  • Automatic calculation of basic prices
  • Legally secure display of prices and VAT
  • Solution for invoices and cancellation invoices, consecutive invoice numbers
  • Lawyer-approved templates for general terms and conditions, data protection policy, cancellation policy and payment options; interface with providers of legal services such as IT-Recht Kanzlei and Protected Shops
  • Multiple integration options in terms of accounting and materials management (Billbee, sevDesk, LexOffice, 1&1 IONOS)
  • GDPR checkbox for the confirmation of consent to data storage/transfer
  • Legal security when selling to the EU and beyond
  • To find out more about the many other features German Market has to offer, please visit https://marketpress.de/german-market-funktionen/