Frankfurt supports the WooCommerce plugin and therefore also its complete API. You can find all the details at

Tip: WooCommerce offers a huge number of shortcodes with which you can call up specific WooCommerce functions without any programming skills. The instructions can be found in the MarketPress Blog here and here.

You can find all the files and functions we included for WooCommerce under /vendors/frankfurt/. Specifically, there are the following filter options from within the Frankfurt theme:

PermalinkImage Sizes

This function registers all the important image sizes used by the theme.


This filter contains the standard sizes provided by the theme.

    • array $default_sizes – This array contains all sizes. Each size here is a self-contained array within $default_sizes, and contains the following values
      • integer width – Image width
      • integer height – Image height
      • boolean crop – Checks, whether an image should be cropped

PermalinkMini Cart

Frankfurt offers a small, AJAX-filled cart in the meta navigation of the theme. It can be easily manipulated using our APIs.


This pre-filter bypasses the function. With it, the entire function can be bypassed.

      • boolean FALSE – This parameter checks, whether the function is being bypassed
      • array $args – This array contains all arguments, which are handed over via the parameters of the function.
      • array $default_args – This array contains all the standard arguments we have specified. These values are:
        • string before – The markup before the cart
        • string after – The markup after the cart
        • string total – The current total price
        • string total_before – The markup before total price
        • string total_after – The markup after total price
        • integer quantity – The number of products in the cart
        • string quantity_before – The markup before the quantity
        • string quantity_after – The markup after the quantity


This filter is executed, once the arguments from the $args array and the $default_args array have been consolidated. This is the last chance to manipulate the arguments, before the actual function is executed.

      • array $args – The consolidated arguments


This is a return filter and is executed, once all important parts of the function are completed.

    • string $output – The final HTML of the cart
    • array $args – The arguments that were actually used