Sale Price WooCommerce

In WooCommerce, you can enter an sale price with a special period in addition to the regular price.

Modul: Sales Countdown

Sales Countdown

After activating the module “Sales Countdown”, a message or pop-up on the product page will show when the next limited-time offer starts or the current limited-time offer ends.

Limited-time offers always start in WooCommerce from 0:00 of the first promotion day and end at 23:59 of the last promotion day. The time displayed in the “Countdown” refers to the time period specified by WooCommerce.

If a promotion is created in WooCommerce at 2pm and scheduled for later, then the promotion will not start and end at 2pm on the scheduled day, but always at midnight.

The module considers these specifications of WooCommerce and always counts down the time to midnight.

When using the module, you should also check the time zone setting in WordPress.
You can find the settings for this in the Settings -> General tab.