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Version: 1.1.1 release date: 2023-03-01


  • Scheduler start time now uses the WordPress timezone
  • Scheduler actions are now defined outside admin_init

Version: 1.1 release date: 2023-01-23


  • Introducing module "How did you hear about us?"


  • Module "Bonus Points": Earning bonus points can be enabled for selected user roles or all users
  • Module "Refer a friend": Information are displayed in order meta boxes and user profiles


  • Module "Sales Countdown": Variations of variables products are now supported
  • Compatibility with "Kadence Blocks"
  • Translations


  • Module "Sales Countdown": Removed empty space after placeholder
  • Module "A/B-Testing": Fixed start time after first saving
  • Module "A/B-Testing": "B-title" in the mini cart is now applied correctly
  • Module "Cross Sales": Customizer settings "Products per row" and "Rows per page" are now retained when the module is activated

Version: 1.0 release date: 2022-11-07


  • Introducing module "A/B-Testing"
  • Introducing module "Birthday Coupon"
  • Introducing module "Bonus Points"
  • Introducing module "Cross Sales"
  • Introducing module "Popular Products - Sales"
  • Introducing module "Popular Products - Views"
  • Introducing module "Free Shipping Progress Bar"
  • Introducing module "New Customer Coupon"
  • Introducing module "Refer a friend"
  • Introducing module "Sales Countdown"