Redeeming Bonus Points

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Redeeming Bonus Points

Registered customers can redeem their bonus points on the “My account” page and convert the bonus points into vouchers.

You can specify the bonus points for creating the vouchers in the module settings and also define the discount type and validity period.

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Redeeming Bonus Points Coupon Validity

Here you can set the validity period of the coupons.

The following options are available:

  • No Expiration
  • Enter validity period in days
  • Enter validity period in months
  • Enter validity period in years

After selecting the validity period, a new field opens.

Validity period
Here you can enter the duration.

Redeeming Bonus Points Coupon Validity-fields

The voucher should be valid for 1 day (see screen).

  • Validity period of the coupons: Enter validity period in days
  • Validity period: 1

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Redeeming Bonus Points Coupons
You can create multiple vouchers. The settings for “Coupon 1” are open by default.

Bonus points to be redeemed
Here you enter the number of bonus points necessary to receive this coupon.

Discount type
You have two different discount types available for the coupon.

Percentage discount
Percentage discount on the shopping cart value.

Example “Percentage discount”:
Coupon amount: 20 (= 20% discount)
Shopping cart value: 200 €
Customers receive a discount of 40 € on this purchase.

Fixed cart discount
Discount on the shopping cart value in euros.

Example “Fixed shopping cart discount”:
Coupon amount: 20 (= 20 € discount)
Shopping cart value: 200 €
Customers will receive a 20 € discount on this purchase.

Coupon amount
Here you enter the value of the voucher.

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Redeeming Bonus Points Add more

You can add more vouchers by clicking the “Add more” button below.
The options of the additional vouchers are the same as the options of “Coupon 1”.

Tip: You can set different scales for redeeming the vouchers.


Coupon 1:

  • Bonus points to be redeemed: 100
  • Discount type: Percentage discount
  • Coupon amount: 5

Coupon 2:

  • Bonus points to be redeemed: 500
  • Discount type: Percentage discount
  • Coupon amount: 25