WooCommerce Shortcodes Explained – More Individuality for Your WordPress Shop

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A really attractive online shop can be set up relatively quickly with WordPress, WooCommerce, and a professional shopping theme. The shop will come preloaded with a variety of configuration options. And if these are not enough, a bit of programming skills will open up virtually endless additional options for customization. The so-called WooCommerce shortcodes offer another option for users to create a more individualized design of their shops.

This post will explain more about the concept of WooCommerce shortcodes and how to use them (with or without an additional plugin). At the end of the post, you will find two possible use cases as well. By the way: you can also create new shortcodes for your WooCommerce shop if you have some basic PHP skills.

WooCommerce: The WordPress system is used in up to 30% of all online shops worldwide.

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The WordPress-based shop system WooCommerce is coming along very nicely. The trend can be felt here at home as well.

A few days ago, the WooThemes Blog – developer of the free shopping plugin WooCommerce – announced the 7 millionth download of their software. In comparison: The 4 millionth download was registered only last August. The huge increase in downloads is a great sign.

In the Spotlight: SpinPress.com – WordPress Community Magazine

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SpinPress.com, the English language premium magazine for WordPress is the brainchild of Pascal Birchler. We spoke to him about the magazine’s approach, paid content, and the future of the community.

Pascal, a lot of people would call it brave to start with a paid content concept – especially in the WordPress environment. What made you decide on that approach?

I often see topics repeated again and again in WordPress blogs. And still – the content only barely scratches the surface. SpinPress offers high quality content about WordPress, and also offers some “out of the box” thinking. This kind of content takes a lot more time and effort to create. I have had some previous experience and gotten myself a readership with the Swiss WordPress Magazine, it was time to take the logical next step.

WooCommerce Plugins on the Test Bench: Extra Product Sorting Options

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You want your shop customers to be able to filter products by special offers? Or by featured products? Or from A to Z? The free plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options does that and more.

Not only your customers will be grateful for meaningful filter criteria. They also allow you to highlight specific products. Overview of the individual sorting options of the WooCommerce plugin:

Automattic acquires WooCommerce: What does this mean for the future of the two systems? #WooMattic

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The news from Matt Mullenweg – co-founder of WordPress – came as a bit of a surprise yesterday evening. His company has acquired WooCommerce and WooThemes. What does this mean for WooCommerce and WordPress?

The blogs and the press agree on one thing; The acquisition of WooCommerce makes sense from a strategic point of view. Especially considering that the free shop system is developing very successfully. According to the statistics, up to 30 percent of all online shops worldwide use WooCommerce. That would make it not only the most successful open source solution, but also the world’s leading e-commerce platform.

Not for nothing did Matt Mullenweg tweet this graph yesterday as he announced his decision:

WooCommerce Plugins tested: Product Add-ons – Selling Customizable Products

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Mass Customization – The trend towards selling customizable products continues. The WooCommerce plugin Product Add-ons allows the customer to adjust individual product features before moving the result to the cart. Here we will show you how to work with the plugin.

You may want to sell customizable product variations like the mass customization pioneers – or you may want to offer your products with a selectable motif or a greeting message: The key issue here is that the order process must be as easy as possible for your customer.

The (paid) plugin WooCommerce Product Add-ons expands the product representation to include the relevant additional input fields and check boxes.

WooCommerce Products Per Page Plugin – Changing the Number of Products via Dropdown

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You want your customers to decide how many products per page the online shop shows them? WooCommerce Products Per Page makes that super simple. We have had a closer look at the add-on for you.

The plugin adds a dropdown menu to the main and archive view of your shop, where every visitor can choose how many products he wants to see per page. A very practical little function you will find in many of the larger online shops. The title image shows the output based on our theme “Hamburg”.