BackWPup Pro: Secure WordPress Backup with Google Drive

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The Pro version of our BackWPup plugin supports the backup of WordPress databases and files to Google Drive. But how do you set something like that up? And how do you get your hands on the Google API Keys you need? Find out in our step-by-step guide.

The installation process is the same, regardless of whether you want to run the backup just once or regularly. This means you can even backup changed directories to Google Drive (to transfer files that have changed since the last backup).

WooCommerce Weekly Review #3: Donations in the Shop, Content Inclusion and Design Inspiration

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A WooCommerce shop can now be used for doing good. And there are plenty of ideas around for optimizing content on product level. Find out more about these and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Buy & Donate – with WooCommerce

More and more online shops offer their customers the option to “round up” the content of their shopping carts, i.e. the total purchase price. The difference will then be donated to some social institution or a cause associated with the product. As an online shop operator, you can show social commitment, do something to help the environment (to make up for the carbon footprint in shipping), or support local initiatives in the countries of origin of your products.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #2: Beta Tests, Customer Support and Usability

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Developers and hop operators should always stay abreast of the changes in each new WooCommerce version – no mean feat. At least the relevant test process can always be optimized. Besides: A shop’s success and failure is directly related to its usability. Find out more about these and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Beta Tester Plugin for WooCommerce

Anyone, who frequently does WooCommerce beta testing to avoid nasty surprises when updating to a newer version will know the administrative effort involved.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #1: Membership pages, MeetUp Switzerland and WooThemes history

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The discussions regarding paid content – as an alternative for advertising-financed pages – is gaining momentum. Whatever the point of view on the matter: membership portals and products in eCommerce are an exciting business model. Read about this and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Launch of WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships is a new (fee-based) WooThemes extension that allows the release of content to registered users or to sell that content to members.

Inpsyde Insights 2015: This is how a virtual company works

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Virtual enterprises have been discussed for many years now, for us it is a reality. Inpsyde and MarketPress have employees throughout the whole of Germany and in Switzerland. An insight into our home offices.

Inspired by Woo Workspaces 2015 a number of our colleagues decided to reveal their workspaces. The result is a personal insight into the everyday life of digital workers and their employers. Take a look for yourself:

WooCommerce meetups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Community networking

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The free shop system WooCommerce is currently experiencing the same sort of successful development as WordPress itself. It is time to build a German-speaking community.

WordPress has led the way. The community has really benefitted from the blog and content management system, but the meetup community has also contributed to the development. Members translate WordPress into the German-language versions, they ensure an influx of new users, they train new users and much more. Should this not also be possible with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Shortcodes – the ultimate list

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Now that you have learnt the basics of WooCommerce shortcodes in our first segment, we can take a look at which shortcodes have already been implemented by WooCommerce.

Instructions for this list: We have clearly displayed the shortcodes in a table for quick reference. You will also find the exact description for each one. Click on a shortcode in the table to jump to its description.

Work with Us on Xtreme One – Framework and Themes Now Free

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We are now offering the theme framework Xtreme One free of charge for collaborations in the community. Here is an overview of some of the most important questions and answers about its future development.

What is happening right now with Xtreme One?

As of now, everyone can contribute to the framework design. We have created a designated area on GitHub for that purpose, where the source code of the framework and the child themes is freely available – without any access limitations. The use of Xtreme One is therefore now free of charge.