Setting up WooCommerce Part 5 – Shipping options and classes

25. August 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial

woocommerce shipping

We are frequently asked how various shipping costs are calculated in WooCommerce. The most common scenarios are quite easily implemented using our shipping methods and classes. This article will explain how these are set up and combined.

You will find our general shipping options under -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipping Options. (The last sub-item will be preselected by default when entering the “Shipping” section.) Here you can specify the general behavior of the shipping costs calculation:

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11 popular online shop SEO myths: truth or conjecture?

25. August 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Ecommerce


When it comes to online shops, good marketing tips are hard to come by, as the field is really quite complex. There are, however, some persistent SEO wisdoms that promise more search engine visibility and therefore more sales.

We thought we might ask someone, who actually knows what he is talking about: Björn Tantau, Online Marketing Specialist and Inbound Marketer for Testroom GmbH, best known for his regular SEO column in t3n and numerous high-visibility interviews (including with German TV news Die Tagesschau), agreed to talk to us about fact and conjecture when it comes to online shop optimizations.

Myth No. 1: You should never delete product pages of obsolete items, and should instead use 301 redirect to link to another, similar product or to the relevant product category. Is that right or wrong?

It really depends on the product. As a rule, it never makes sense to get rid of product pages if the pages have a good ranking. Read more…

Setting up WooCommerce Part 4 – Checkout, payment options and checkout process

20. August 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial

WooCommerce Checkout

How to adapt the checkout process in WooCommerce shops, and how to add more payment methods to the shop. You will learn about that and more in this fourth installment of our tutorial series for the popular online shop plugin for WordPress.

The options explained in this installment can be found in your WordPress backend under -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout. These options will help you administer the checkout process, and allow you to adjust existing payment options or add new systems and interfaces. Read more…

Setting up WooCommerce Part 3 – PayPal Integration

22. July 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial

WooCommerce & PayPal

Online shop operators increasingly turn to PayPal as a secure payment option. Its integration, however, is not all that easy. We will explain to you step by step how to implement and test the interface between WooCommerce and PayPal.

We recommend creating a so-called “sandbox account” with PayPal to get started. It allows you to test and verify the payment interface thoroughly, before going live with actual transactions. Read more…

Setting up WooCommerce Part 2 – Tax, Tax Classes and Price Display

16. July 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Tutorial // 4 Comments

WooCommerce tax classes

The first part of our tutorial series on WooCommerce dealt with all the General Options and Product Options. This section will describe how to correctly create Taxes and how to make use of the Tax Classes. The topic “Taxes” and Sales Tax is something not many online shop operators like dealing with. The topic is, however, of central importance as nobody would like to experience any nasty surprises with the tax office. You will definitely have to know about the various tax rates in WooCommerce if you are selling goods with a reduced sales tax rate (e.g. – in Germany – books, specific food types or some services), or if you deliver to foreign countries. Read more…

Interview with Attorney at Law Thomas Schwenke on Changes to Consumer Legislation

15. July 2014 // by Olaf Schmitz // in Interview

Attorney at Law Thomas Schwenke On Friday, June 13, 2014, changes to the EU Consumer Legislation will come into force, which will oblige online traders e.g. in Germany and Austria to adapt their shop environments to the new legal situation. This will in effect implement the Consumer Rights Directive (VRRL). Our plugin WooCommerce German Market will be updated concurrently with the changeover. Attorney at Law Thomas Schwenke, LL.M. (UoA), who has been working with us since the first version of German Market, will be ensuring legal certainty. We have interviewed him on the legal changes and asked him about the update of WooCommerce German Market.

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Case Study: WordPress & WooCommerce shop featuring 25,000+ products

2. July 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Ecommerce // 1 Comment

quagga WooCommerce shop

WordPress as a sophisticated shop system – unthinkable for a very long time. With the implementation of WooCommerce, even the largest shops can now be operated with optimized performance. The Quagga Illustrations Online Shop is perfect proof: The online shop offering comprises over 25,000 products.

Dr. Rita Gudermann, Managing Director of QUAGGA Media UG, did the implementation of the virtual sales stage herself using WordPress. We talked to her about the challenges in a project of this size. Read more…

New Plugin: SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce & WordPress

23. June 2014 // by Michael Firnkes // in Plugins

SOFORT banking

Online shop costumers want to pay quickly and easily. Plus, the choice between several payment providers at the checkout increases conversion. The popular SOFORT Banking payment service can now be easily integrated into WooCommerce-Shop with our new plugin SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce.

The WordPress plugin (available here) lets you embed the payment provider in your WooCommerce shop without the need for a special interface. Read more…