World Backup Day – win a BackWPup Pro license

31. March 2014 // by Olaf Schmitz // in BackWPup // 11 Comments

Who ever runs a website with WordPress should have a routine for regular backups going on in order to avoid data loss. Today is World Backup Day. On this occasion we are giving away three licenses of BackWPup Pro.

The real significance of a backup only comes in effect when your data is already gone. Worst case: you’re tearing out your hair, because you’ve lost months or even years of work. With our popular WordPress plugin BackWPup Pro you can create automated backup jobs.

The BackWPup Pro Wizard will guide you through the process of configuring one or multiple backup jobs. You’re able to create hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups that repeat automatically. You also determine where the backup will be stored: on your web space or server, in your Dropbox, Google Drive or other supported cloud services. Smaller backups can even be sent via e-mail.

Once you have configured BackWPup Pro to create backups automatically, your complete WordPress installation—files and database—are regularly archived. Your data is safe and you know where to find it when you need it.

Luck has nothing to to with backups

We’d like to support World Backup Day by giving away three Standard licenses of BackWPup Pro. Just leave a comment until Sunday, April 6th 2014, and you’re in for a win! Winners will be drawn by lots and notified via e-mail. (All decisions are final.)

Luck has nothing to to with backups, but we wish you good luck for the raffle!

Interviews with Caspar Hübinger (@glueckpress) at WordCamp Paris 2014

21. March 2014 // by Manuel Schmutte // in Interview

WordCamp Paris Interview Caspar Huebinger-1

Within the last days we showed some Interviews Caspar did with visitors of the WordCamp Paris. But today we switched the roles: Our allrounder in the MarketPress Team, Caspar Hübinger, aka interviewer, supporter, multinlingual profi and Blogger got interviewed by Aurélien Denis ( in english and a little bit in french) about WordCamps, WordPress, communities and multiling websites.

Caspar speaks about language focused WordPress communities like in France and Germany, about using WordPress Multisite for multilanguage websites, how he found WordPress and his most often used french word. Of cause he speaks a little bit french, but that’s easy to understand – but check it out by yourself.

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Interview with Kim Gjerstad of MailPoet @ WordCamp Paris

20. March 2014 // by Caspar Hübinger // in Interview

MailPoet (fomerly known as WYSIJA) might arguably be the most popular newsletter plugin for WordPress. At WordCamp Paris we’ve had the pleasure to talk with Kim Gjerstad, founder of and partner at MailPoet, about his views on all things WordPress, particularly multilingual content.

For better context make sure to check out the slides to Kim’s presentation Vivre d’une extension? L’exemple de MailPoet.

Thanks a bunch for the interview, Kim!

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Ladies Panel @ WordCamp Paris 2014

18. March 2014 // by Caspar Hübinger // in Events, Interview // 1 Comment

Continuing our interview series from WordCamp Paris, we’re proud to present the “ladies panel” with Aloisia Gabat, Jenny Beaumont and Frédérique Game.

Each of them having worked with WordPress in their own field for years, Aloisia, Jenny and Frédérique kindly joined us for 15 inspiring minutes of talking WordPress, including their point of views on the French and European WordPress communities and web industries as well as on rather delicate questions such as WordPress’s potable qualities.

Thanks to Aloisia, Jenny and Frédérique for the interview! Everyone, have fun watching!

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Interview with Sara Rosso @ WordCamp Paris 2014

17. March 2014 // by Caspar Hübinger // in Events, Interview // 3 Comments

Interview Sara Rosso WordCamp Paris MarketPress

Sara Rosso, VIP Global Services Manager at Automattic/, was kind enough to spend a good amount of her WordCamp time answering our questions regarding her relationship with WordPress in general as well as her point of view on multilingual WordPress and WordPress communities world-wide.

After having watched the video you might want to sneak a peek of Sara’s presentation given at WordCamp Paris on how WordPress is entering the “enterprise era”.

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WP_DEBUG_LOG: Logging Error Messages for a Live WordPress Site

6. March 2014 // by Christian Brückner // in Tutorial // 2 Comments

Who doesn’t know the situation? Something is going wrong with WordPress. With the configuration, a plugin or a theme and you ask the support community asks for error messages.

To receive those messages in WordPress, you can activate WP_DEBUG. Setting it to the value TRUE causes WordPress (or better PHP) to document all errors in the browser.

Doing so on a productive website might look – hm – not good. What to do?

Logging error messages

With the following lines, added to the wp-config.php, you can log all the errors in a file instead of getting it in the browser:

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Talking WordPress language packs with Andrew Nacin (at WordCamp London 2013)

11. February 2014 // by Caspar Hübinger // in Events, Interview

Remember WordPress 3.7 introducing automatic core updates as the new feature? There was another new core feature in that release, and whereas it hasn’t been talked about too much up until today, it may have at least just as much impact in the future.

That feature is called “language packs”, and aside from multilingual WordPress it could easily be assumed the most wanted feature for non-english spoken users and communities world-wide.

At WordCamp London 2013 we’ve got a chance to speak with WordPress Lead Developer Andrew Nacin about language packs and their potential in a WordPress ecosystem where around 65%* of users use WordPress in English while only around 10% of the world population speak English at all.

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Extend the WordPress Theme Customizer with Color Schemes

6. February 2014 // by Christian Brückner // in Themes, Tutorial // 2 Comments

In today’s tutorial, I would like to show you a useful theme extension to add various color themes to the WordPress Customizer and analyze them accordingly in the frontend.

This implementation is already used in our Hamburg Theme to give the user three different color themes right from the beginning (Demo). Plus, a new theme can be added easily and quickly in a child theme with the right filter.
For the complete Customizer we need the following four components:

  • Own Customizer class
  • Registration of the Customizer
  • Providing the color theme
  • Output of color theme in the frontend

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Directories versus permalinks: How to prevent collisions in WordPress

30. January 2014 // by Thomas Scholz // in MiniPlugins, Tutorial

Folder vs. Permalink in WordPress

If there are directories inside of the WordPress directory (popularly known as folders), identically worded permalinks don’t work, because the server checks their existence before it sends a request to WordPress.

This happens already with a default installation:

If we create a page with the permalink wp-admin/, that page will be unreachable. We should not change the order of server checks – existing files and directories over virtual – but we can prevent the creation of such permalinks.

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Backup your WordPress – Using BackWPup Archives with AWS Glacier (Tutorial)

21. January 2014 // by Daniel Hüsken // in BackWPup, Plugins, Tutorial

BackWPup Pro and Amazon S3 Glacier
BackWPup includes a S3 connection which we can use with Amazon’s Service Glacier. Amazon Glacier was developed to store or archive data that we don’t use regularly for a long time, thus significantly reducing the costs for storing the archives.

However, it can take up to 9 hours to access the data. 4 hours for getting the directory and another 3 to 5 hours to request the archive for the download. What are the advantages and how can we use it?

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