Permalink Shortcodes

B2B Market offers two shortcodes for your online shop.

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Permalink [bulk-price-table]

This shortcode adds a table detailing available sliding-scale prices to product pages. B2B Market verifies which customer group the user belongs to and displays the corresponding prices.

Prices that are not available to that customer group are not displayed. The table is not shown to customers for whom no sliding-scale prices have been defined (e.g. guests).

If you wish to use the shortcode outside of your product pages you can set the product ID as a parameter, for example:

[bulk-price-table product-id='22']

Permalink [b2b-group-display]

This shortcode displays tailored content to specific customer groups. This may be useful if you wish to send each customer group a different set of general terms and conditions.

You can use the slug for your customer group as a parameter, for example:

[b2b-group-display group='gast']Die normalen AGB[/b2b-group-display]
[b2b-group-display group='b2b']Die AGB für die B2B-Gruppe[/b2b-group-display]

Permalink [b2b-customer-group]

This shortcode displays the respective customer group in the frontend. This is useful to show the customer his customer group.

For example, it might look like this:Kundengruppe