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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the plugin “B2B Market”.
The list of frequently asked questions will be extended continuously.

If you are logged in and have a valid license for “B2B Market”, you can see more specific questions and answers.

Is there a test version / demo?

Yes, on request we provide a backend demo where all functions can be tested in advance. Please contact us at Support.

Do I also need German Market for a legally valid B2B online shop?

Yes, B2B Market is not a substitute for German Market. The range of functions and the purposes are completely different here:

B2B Market

  • Group and bulk prices
  • Discounts
  • Net price display
  • Terms of conditions per customer group
  • Customer groups
  • Shipping/payment per customer group

These are all functions that are important for a B2B shop. You also need the plugin “German Market” to make WooCommerce compatible for the German market.

German Market

  • Automatic base price calculation
  • Legally valid display of VAT prices
  • Invoice and refund solution and consecutive invoice number
  • Legal documents for general terms and conditions, revocation, privacy policy, payment and interface to legal providers such as the IT-Recht Kanzlei or Protected Shops
  • Connection to merchandise management (Billbee, sevDesk, lexoffice)
  • Sales to the EU and beyond

How are the prices calculated?

B2B Market always determines the cheapest price for the customer from all available prices. It is irrelevant where these prices were determined. Whether globally, in the customer group or in the product itself: The price calculation and display remains the same.

How can I edit the emails from B2B Market?

B2B Market sends different emails for the “Double Opt-In” and “Manual Account Confirmation” features depending on the settings set in the “Registration” add-on.

You can change the content of the emails in the menu:
WooCommerce -> B2B Market -> Registration -> Email

The design depends on your settings in the menu:
WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails
in the section “Email template“.

If you want to edit the layout and design of the emails more extensively, we recommend the plugin “YayMail Pro“.

With the additionally available add-on for B2B Market you can easily design all e-mails of B2B Market according to your wishes.

You can find the developer’s documentation here:
Documentation YayMail Pro
Documentation YayMail Pro Add-On for B2B Market