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B2B Market is the first comprehensive B2B solution for WooCommerce. Set yourself up for B2B, B2C and any number of other target groups. Define tailored prices for a variety of buyers. Launch intelligent marketing campaigns and reward loyal customers. Sell more – with B2B Market.

B2B and B2C

Unlimited target groups, maximum flexibility

B2B sales

B2B Market helps you fulfill all the legal and logistical prerequisites for the operation of a B2B online shop in Germany and Austria. It also gives you maximum flexibility by enabling you to simultaneously sell to B2C customers.

VAT number validation

Our plugin validates the status of B2B customers using their VAT number. Validation is essential if you wish to avoid cease and desist orders. B2B Market requests the customer’s VAT number and validates it straight away – saving you the hassle of manual validation.

Flexible pricing

Classify each customer account as belonging to a B2B customer, B2C customer or any number of other roles defined by you. Then set corresponding prices for each role. When customers visit your shop they will only see the gross/net prices defined for their respective role.

Additional price information

Our plugin automatically customizes or hides additional information (e.g. taxes) depending on whether the customer is eligible for B2B or B2C products. This applies to product pages as well as the cart and the checkout.

Definition of B2B/B2C-only products

Define which products and product groups are to be displayed or hidden when B2B customers, retail consumers or other roles visit your online shop. This enables you to control who is able to view and buy which products.

Optimum speed

B2B Market is designed to ensure that your online shop works as smoothly and quickly as possible – even if you have added a large number of roles, discounts or sliding-scale prices. Among other tricks of the trade, this is achieved with the aid of minified scripts and styles as well as fallback solutions that cut in if your online shop contains a very large number of items.

Pure B2B Shops

Hide the price display and completely stop the purchase process for non-verified and not logged in customers. This way you ensure that no illegal purchases are made in your B2B shop and communicate your prices to the right customers.

Role-based prices

More customers, more sales, more profits…

Special prices and promotions

Use special prices and promotions as a reward for particular customer groups – from VIP customers, regular customers, members, subscribers, business partners and wholesalers to craftspeople, employees, civil servants, senior citizens, students and any other group you wish to give preferential treatment to. Rewards make your shop more attractive and strengthen customer loyalty.

Limited promotions

Select the products and/or categories to which role-specific promotional prices should apply. This enables you to offer some of your products at their regular price and others at discounted rates. Limited promotions combine with the designation of roles and customer groups to give you more pricing flexibility than ever before.

Bulk prices

Set bulk price and bulk discounts for your products and offer them to as many different roles as you wish. In other words: Reward customers who buy in large quantities. Options include “Unit price = $15 | 10 or more units = $12 | 20 or more units = $10”. You can set sliding-scale prices and discounts for selected products or for all products and product categories.

Price comparability

Offer bulk prices and global discounts to individual roles or all your customers. You can opt to display bulk prices in a clearly arranged table in your shop. This enables customers to decide which price option is best for them.

Standardized pricing

You can also define a global pricing structure for all customers. This is a useful option during phases when you don’t have any products on promotion.

Exclusive payment methods

Define which payment methods should be made available to B2B/B2C customers and other customer groups. Examples include payment on account, credit cards and PayPal. This enables you to control which payment methods are available to which customer groups.

Discount for first-time customers

Expand your market by offering specific customer groups a discount on their first order.

Intelligent pricing

There is one golden rule for all your promotions: The lowest price wins! If a customer is eligible for multiple roles subject to different prices they will always be offered the lowest price – no ifs, no buts.

Role self-selection

You have the option to allow customers to select their own role and associated savings. This is particularly useful if you intend to offer a number of different price packages.

Variable products

Add different sliding-scale prices for each product variant, for example products with different sizes, colors, features, weights, etc. Our optimized admin interface accelerates both price definition and live price calculation.


Automate the pricing of your customer groups with the help of the JTL ERP system. Manage all your discounts and calculations in your ERP system and let B2B Market do the rest.

Minimum order value

Now you can set a minimum order value for each customer group. The purchase can only be completed once the value you set has been reached.

Other functions

Get your business ready for future expansion and success


Limit the sale of specific products by offering them exclusively to customers who are eligible for them or whose interests and requirements make it sensible for them to be offered the products in question.

Global discounts and fixed prices

Offer all products at a discounted rate, whether to all customers or just specific customer groups. Examples include “Every item $1.99 – offer ends today!” or “This week: 20% off everything for our Premium customers”.

Product-specific group prices

Assign a product a new price that only applies to customers in a particular group. One such discount could be “As a Premium customer you pay $9.99 instead of the regular price”.

Exclusive free shipping

Offer free shipping exclusively to selected customer groups and roles, for example registered members (you may be familiar with this setup from Amazon Prime).

Fixed price or discount?

Discounts can be given either as fixed prices (e.g. “was $10, now $5”) or as a fixed or percentage discount on the current price (e.g. “$5 off” or “5% off”).

Slack for B2B

The integration of Slack into your B2B shop enables you to automate your processes. Potential applications including the sending of notifications and tasks to your team (for example when an order is received).

Compatibility with German Market

B2B Market dovetails closely with our German Market solution, which gets your WooCommerce shop ready to sell to the German-speaking market and the EU as a whole. Features include essential legal content, invoice generation and an interface with your accounting system. Choose both plugins for a comprehensive solution that ensures the legal conformity of your B2B and B2C shop.

Export function

Even if you opt to use a third-party system: All roles and settings created in B2B Market can be exported, for example ready for further processing in other environments such as your materials management or CRM system.

Minimum and maximum quantities

Set minimum and maximum quantities for specific products and customer groups. This gives you greater control over your stocks, which is particularly beneficial during limited or temporary promotions.

Role-based content management

Our plugin includes a shortcode for the conditional display of information to specific customer groups. This may be useful if you wish to send each customer group a different set of general terms and conditions.

Theme compatibility

B2B Market works with all current WooCommerce themes. To give an example, the plugin supports bulk and group prices for AJAX and mini carts. In the case of some themes you also have the option to deactivate the whitelist function.

WordPress – a firm but flexible foundation

B2B Market for WooCommerce is based entirely on the Roles concept you may already be familiar with from the WordPress content management system. It therefore builds on standard features included in WordPress. The benefits to you include not only an extremely stable online shop, but also maximum compatibility with other plugins.

Bulk editor for product editing

With our new bulk editor you can now copy and synchronize group and bulk prices stored for groups to other customer groups. This saves time and reduces the error rate. Managing your product-related prices has never been easier with B2B Market!


Add a RRP for your products and customize the displayed label according to your wishes.

Show percentage discount

Show your customers their percentage discount per product in the shopping cart. The displayed text is fully customizable.

Customer Group Switcher

As a logged-in administrator, you can easily change the customer group in the frontend to display and control the corresponding prices.