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This section enables you to adjust general B2B Market settings. Examples include activating the live calculation of sliding-scale prices on the product page and defining a customized prefix. The sliding-scale price will then be preceded by your prefix, for example “Prices now start at just…”

Discount notification:

If you use the discount function under All Customers it may be useful to display a corresponding page-width banner. You can enter text and define font and background colors here.

Tip: The discount notification will be deactivated if you save the Notification field without adding any content to it.


Permalink Performance

The Performance tab enables you to adjust additional settings that can be used to enhance the overall performance of B2B Market.

Deactivate whitelist hooks

The scanning and implementation of whitelist options can lead to delays if the computing power of your server systems is not what it might be. If you do not intend to hide specific products from specific customer groups you can deactivate the entire function here.


Transients are buffers used to temporarily store data in your database. A new price can only be displayed further to a price adjustment in WooCommerce if transients have been deleted.

Regular deletion is nevertheless problematic, especially in the case of variable products with a very large number of different variants. We therefore recommend that you set prices for customer groups, products and variants before activating this option – this should significantly enhance the performance of your shop.

NB: If, at a later date, you wish to tweak the prices offered to your customer groups, you need to deactivate this option after you have made your adjustments, visit the frontend of your online shop and then reactivate this option in order to enable the new prices to be created and cached.

If you use an object cache plugin you should also consider emptying it after making price adjustments.