B2B Market

The first B2B solution for WooCommerce

WooCommerce and B2B shops finally make the perfect match – including in the German-speaking area. Set yourself up for both B2B and B2C sales. Benefit from tailored pricing for specific customer groups, VAT number validation, sliding-scale prices, sophisticated discounts and much more besides. Broaden your market to include business customers, consumers and other attractive target groups alike – with B2B Market.

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Compatible with: MySQL 5.6.+, PHP 7+, WooCommerce 3.4+, WordPress 4.9+

Add B2B to B2C – and watch your business grow

When setting up a B2B shop you need to implement different processes to those you use when selling to consumers. B2B Market helps you fulfil all legal and logistical prerequisites for the operation of a B2B online shop in German and Austria. What is more, our plugin empowers you to boost your turnover with the aid of role-based prices, intelligent shipping costs and targeted sales promotions.

Benefit from the automated validation of B2B customers using their VAT number – and make cease and desist orders a thing of the past. Set up role-based differentiation between B2B and B2C customers. Create as many customer groups as you require. And set tailored prices that will keep your customers coming back for more.



Flexibility built on a firm foundation

B2B validation

Our plugin ensures that no-one but B2B customers is able to access your B2B products and prices. You’re legally required to do so – and B2B Market does the hard work for you.

Infinite target groups

Sell B2B and/or B2C. Create as many customer groups as you require. Use targeted promotions and exclusive products to enhance customer loyalty.

Role-based prices

Define special terms and conditions for roles such as regular customers, members, subscribers, wholesalers and craftspeople – to name but a few. Take full control over who pays how much, when and by what means for your products.

Take shop marketing to the next level

Generate more sales and maximize your profits by making shopping on your website even more appealing. Options range from sliding-scale prices and bulk discounts for specific products – or your entire product range – to the enticement of attractive payment types (for example payment on account) only available to B2B customers or specific customer groups.

You can opt to only show products to specific target groups or hide them to create exclusive promotions. The integration of Slack into your B2B shop enables you to automate your processes, with potential applications including the sending of notifications and tasks to your team (for example when an order is received).

Role-based prices and special promotions

Integrated role-based prices enable you to tailor your sales strategies to specific target groups. In particular, you can set up special terms and conditions for regular and VIP customers, members, subscribers, business partners, wholesalers, craftspeople, civil servants, senior citizens, students, employees and any number of other groups (referred to as “roles”). You decide who pays how much, when and by what means for your products.

Reward specific roles – or indeed all your customers – with sliding-scale prices and global discounts. Apply your price settings to specific products or entire product categories. Offer free shipping exclusively to selected customer groups. Expand your market by tempting specific customer groups with a discount on their first order. Let your customers choose one of a number of roles accompanied by particular savings and price packages.

B2B Market and German Market – maximize both your sales and legal security

B2B Market dovetails closely with our German Market solution, which gets your WooCommerce shop ready to sell to the German-speaking market and the EU as a whole. Features include essential legal content, invoice generation and an interface with your accounting system. Choose both plugins for a comprehensive solution that ensures the legal conformity of your B2B and/or B2C shop.

Even if you opt to use a third-party system: All roles and settings created in B2B Market can be exported, for example ready for further processing in other environments such as your materials management or CRM system.

Nothing but first-class support

Our primary goal is to enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a smooth-running, hassle-free shop. It should therefore come as no surprise that we invest a substantial amount of time and money in development and support – you will always be able to contact a German/English-speaking customer service representative during local support hours. Our efforts in this area have borne fruit in the form of BITMi certification for B2B Market.

Our customer service representatives are all experts in both the technology behind B2B Market and the content involved. Whoever you talk to, you’ll feel our passion for WordPress, WooCommerce and eCommerce.

More growth, more security

B2B Market for WooCommerce is based entirely on the Roles concept you may already be familiar with from the WordPress content management system. It therefore builds on standard features included in WordPress. The benefits to you include not only an extremely stable online shop, but also maximum compatibility with other plugins.

Thanks to B2B Market you can finally set up your shop for both B2B and B2C sales. Delight your customers with prices tailored to their specific circumstances, and use special promotions to boost sales. Our plugin offers you an infinite range of options. So what are you waiting for? Customize your online shop to appeal to more target groups – and watch your sales grow.


What our customers say about us

Why choose products from MarketPress?

Because we do the hard yards for you.

Intuitive operation

We’ve designed the B2B Market user interface to make customizing your settings a quick and simple process. You can activate and deactivate either individual functions or entire modules included in our suite.

Quality at a price that’s right

Our “Made in Germany” solutions ensure that anyone can sell their products in the German-speaking area – without having to constantly struggle with issues of a technical or legal nature. We are proud to act as a facilitator for start-ups and small shops.

The leading shop system

Simple to set up, a market share of nearly 40 percent, a huge range of plugins and a dynamic community: There are so many reasons to choose WooCommerce. Our products, WooCommerce blog and tutorials support the continuous development and refinement of this leading shop system.



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