Permalink Groups

Note: All cookies from the “Cookies” section must be assigned to a group.

You can create, manage and delete groups.
In the “Groups” section, there are already four different groups available for the assignment of cookies.

The following groups are already created and can be customized:

  • Technical Required
  • Statistics
  • Marketing
  • External Media


Permalink Setup

Load Template

With the option Load Template you can load the above mentioned groups as a template. The headline and the description are automatically filled in and can – if necessary – still be customized.


This is the name of the group.


The description is the explanation for the group.

Initially checked

Using this option, groups can be activated in the banner by default, this means that the checkmark for this group in the banner is already set in advance.


If the option is enabled, the group is active by default and cannot be disabled.


You should be very careful with the Initially checked and Necessary options, because according to the GDPR, prior and explicit consent must be obtained from users before any cookies are enabled.