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Due to the ePrivacy policy, users must be able to decide for themselves which cookies they want to accept.

With the Cookie Cracker we give you a GDPR compliant tool that supports you in the implementation and also looks good.


Unwanted cookies? Without us!

Cookie Opt-in

Cookie Cracker provides you with the necessary tools to integrate a GDPR compliant opt-in solution into your site.

Cookie Opt-out

To allow your visitors to customize their cookie settings, you can use a shortcode.

Cookie Templates

We currently provide you with 37 cookie templates, which you can easily integrate with a click.

Define as many scripts as you like

For cookies, for which we have not yet integrated a template, you can create as many of your own scripts as you like.

Cookie Groups

Manage your cookies in customizable cookie groups, e.g. Essential, Marketing, Statistics, etc.

Block iFrames and oEmbeds

Use our content blocker to suppress content such as Youtube videos, Google Maps, Facebook feeds and more until the user has given consent.

Proof of consent

Display in the backend which cookies a user has agreed to. You can also easily export and download the overview, which contains data such as the time of consent, the user ID, an encrypted IP and all confirmed cookies.


Intuitively individualizable

Various layouts

Choose the design that suits your website from currently three different layouts.

Individually customizable

Flexibly adjust font sizes, colors, labels, etc. to your needs.

Preview in the Customizer

View all changes live in the Customizer in advance.