You want a shop for Germany and Austria? This Plugin extends the popular shop Plugin WooCommerce, so that you can use it with more legal security.

Price: $99.00$239.00 Including tax

Version: 2.6.10 - Changelog

Release Date: 2012

Last Update: 31.08.2016

Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.6.2+, WordPress 4.5.3+


Developer: MarketPress

Plugins / Themes: 10

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Version: 2.6.10

  • Compatibility with EU VAT Number

  • MarketPress Auto-Updater

  • small revised translations

Version: 2.6.9

  • hidden fields in second checkout
    checkboxes of Order-Pay Page
    display delivery time for variation
    display option delivery address by digital + downloadable proucts

  • action add_product_short_desc_to_order_title_mail

  • „Place binding order“ Button

  • small revised translations

Version: 2.6.8

  • Parameters for Digital Products

  • Problem with themes that use buffer (“ob_get_clean”)
    VAT in variation
    Show Delivery Times Option

Version: 2.6.7

  • Add option to hide sale labels in product loops
    Improved support for grouped products
    Support product embeds

  • Add some checks to delivery time output
    Improve split-tax calculation when digital products are involved
    Improve fee tax calculation when no split-tax is used
    Enforce order-comments to be UTF-8 encoded in PHP < 5.4

  • Fix German Translation of Email Footer Setting string
    Display full country name during checkout
    Tidy up WGM_Template code and deprecate some functions
    Remove unnecessary calls to get_plugin_data()
    Tidy up main class and separate admin/frontend-related code
    Always show delivery times on product-single view
    Get rid of cart-totals.php template
    add span tag to sale labels
    Do not show (possibly false) tax rates on variable product summary
    Product summary/price markup is nowin line with WooCommerce default

Version: 2.6.6

  • Prevent using front-end-specific WooCommerce functions from the back-end. This has led to a number of problems in combination with some 3rd party plugins
    Variation price was not displayed if all variations cost the same
    Global delivery time setting was not being used
    Changed JS behaviour when selecting variations so that general information is not hidden earlier than necessary
    Correctly show tax information during checkout for all tax_display_total/tax_display_cart combinations

Version: 2.6.5

  • Introduce configurable ‘Sale Labels’ to product sale prices
    Display individual tax/shipping info on product variations

  • Move ‘Small Trading Exemption'(KUR) notice below order total
    Move several product settings to general product options (and variations)
    Fees now get updated when changing payment gateways during checkout
    Add formal language pack support
    Refunded items now show correct tax strings in refund emails
    Update terms checkboxes to match WC2.5 layout

  • Formatting in plaintext and HTML emails
    Prevent a couple of potential notices
    Minor markup improvements for ‘Small Trading Exemption'(KUR) output
    ‘Small Trading Exemption'(KUR) notice now takes shop location into account
    Code cleanup and various minor enhancements
    Correct an issue with second checkout when using SSL
    Correctly display fee taxes with ‘split tax’ disabled
    Prevent potential errors when no ‘measuring_unit’ attributes are present on PPU settings
    Fix tax strings not respecting ‘Tax based on’ setting, fixing various oddities with tax strings
    Add missing default settings for ‘Small Trading Exemption'(KUR) Feature
    Show thankyou-notice on Cash-on-delivery

Version: 2.6.4

  • escaped content attributes (WC 2.4.9 security fix)
    if the option text-mail activated, the legal texts are now properly added
    if the option text-mail activated, the order confirmation will be sent correctly
    broken link revocation in checkout
    fatal error on reorder button
    sanitize term title for use as term slug and default value for missing term value description

Version: 2.6.3

  • missing variations
    missing KUR in totals for reviewed and mailed orders
    unnecessary spaces removed
    doubled description in second-checkout2 page

Version: 2.6.2

  • missing WooCommerce hooks in templates second-checkout2.php, email-order-items.php and plain/email-order-items.php
    options for order confirmation e-mail
    only check visible variations if they are digital

  • warning in confirmation e-mail
    grammatical errors and translation errors corrected
    disappearing attributes after installation
    missing tax for the shipping costs
    deprecated function args
    incomplete declaration of $tax_total_string

Version: 2.6.1

  • a previously hard-coded text string in a JavaScript file

Version: 2.5.3

  • Changed default language for text strings from German to English. Learn more …
    Added new product type `digital`
    Added a new order confirmation e-mail sent before payment
    Added price per unit to product variation view
    Added a new option for a default tax label
    Added a new option to opt-out of split tax calculation for fees
    Added a filter for split tax deactivation
    Added prerequisites for digital and downloadable variations
    Normalized all tax strings
    Normalized WGM options
    Ridded the world of improper use of the term “Imprint” outside print context. Props @_andywashere!
    Fixed rate binary output on first checkout page
    Shipping options product tab is no longer available for virtual products
    Reworked WGM sessions
    Split tax calculation is now done before coupons
    Fixed structured data for product single view
    Fixed shipping times for virtual products
    Fixed qoute usage in order comments
    WGM product tabs are using now WooCommerce class to be only visable when applicable
    Rearranged element order for variable products
    Shipping cost links now open in new tabs
    Fixed inconsistent options
    Fixed shipping costs for digital products
    Fixed missing revocation policy text in mails when using PayPal

Version: 2.5.2

  • doubled totals in cart for WooCommerce 2.3.8

Version: 2.5.1 (WooCommerce 2.3.7 legacy)

  • missing subtotals on second checkout page

Version: 2.5

  • exclude tax notice to cart and checkout totals
    spacing for shipping method tax string
    compatibility with WooCommerce Print Invoice and other PDF Invoice plugins
    filter for product overview order
    tax calculation for digital products when using the cash on delivery gateway
    filters for link attributes in checkbox labels during second checkout
    filters for disclaimer labels during checkout
    coupons to second checkout

  • WooCommerce templates

  • doubled requirements tab in product settings
    internal item meta fields admin order panel
    filters wgm_checkout_revocation_checkbox_text and wgm_checkout_revocation_digital_checkbox_text in favor of new filters wgm_checkout_revocation_label_text and wgm_checkout_revocation_digital_label_text

Version: 2.4.13

  • Moved “Next” button on checkout page below terms rows
    Updated cart templates
    Fixed a bug where old orders coundn’t be displayed or accessed in the back-end
    Removed duplicated button and shipping calculator on the cart page

Version: 2.4.12

  • button text during checkout when PayPal was selected as payment gateway

  • the MarketPress update feature to be able broadcast an update notice to the WordPress backend.

  • body class woocommerce to be applied to second checkout page in order to match default WC button styles
    CSS classes wgm-place-order, wgm-go-back-button and checkout-button to second-checkout2.php template

Version: 2.4.11

  • body class woocommerce to be applied to second checkout page in order to match default WC button styles
    CSS classes wgm-place-order, wgm-go-back-button and checkout-button to second-checkout2.php template

  • a visual bug with duplicated

  • CSS class second-checkout-button-container in favor of wc-proceed-to-checkout wgm-proceed-to-checkout
    no longer needed CSS declarations in frontend.css
    no longer needed JS function call (left function in place for legacy)

  • button CSS classes to match default WooCommerce CSS classes
    cart-totals.php template to make use of wc_cart_totals_coupon_label() and wc_cart_totals_taxes_total_html()

Version: 2.4.10

  • support for WooCommerce’s Geolocate feature to determine tax rates
    option for virtual products Cash On Delivery gateway
    feature to prevent WGM’s second checkout page from being cached

  • option to select shipping methods on second checkout page
    shipping methods from checkout page when cart only contains digital products

  • MarketPress auto-updater
    EN translation

  • object to retrieve customer location from to WC_Order instead of WC_Customer

  • typos

Version: 2.4.9

  • deprecated function calls from cart->tax to WC_Tax
    a typo in WGM_Settings

  • old and no longer needed review-order.php template

Version: 2.4.8

  • one decimal digit to tax rate display
    a wraping div around page contents added to e-mails

  • an issue with the Amazon Payments gateway
    an issue where tax was wrongly calculated when using a coupon
    an issue where shipping costs for variable products in shops with small business regulation would not be displayed
    an issue where a price would not be displayed when excluding tax option was active
    an issue where taxes would be wrongly calculated when a reduced digital products was in cart
    an issue where no further text could be inserted before or after the woocommerce_de_check shortcode
    a possible occurence of a division by zero
    a few typos

Version: 2.4.7

  • new filters wgm_get_split_tax_html and wgm_get_excl_incl_tax_string

  • a bug during in cart view where shipping costs would display net values before switching to gross values when checked
    a bug during in cart view where taxes for shipping costs would be duplicated when added to total amount
    a bug during order editing in the back-end where WGM’s calculations for split taxes on shipping costs and fees would not be applied

  • a bug during in cart view where shipping costs would display net values before switching to gross values when checked
    a bug during in cart view where taxes for shipping costs would be duplicated when added to total amount
    a bug during order editing in the back-end where WGM’s calculations for split taxes on shipping costs and fees would not be applied

Version: 2.4.6

  • a missing argument to WGM_Template::checkout_readonly_field()
    displaying of fee taxes for COD on thank-you page
    legal notice for store owners to text templates

  • a PHP notice at order-pay endpoint
    a bug that resulted in zero values for taxes in invoice e-mails
    obsolete displaying of fee taxes when small business option was enabled
    a bug that resulted in falsified tax calculations for checkout totals
    a bug that resulted in missing tax columns for orders in the back-end

Version: 2.4.5

  • an fatal error when sending invoices from the backend
    wrong tax display for cash on delivery
    undefined offset notice for additional services tax calculation

Version: 2.4.4

  • fixed wrong use of woo translation string
    fixed cod gateway and fee display
    show variation price in oderlisting
    added paypal return URL fix
    added new calculation for shipping and COD costs
    removed unnecessary expression
    replaced all , with . for wc_price in price per unit output
    updated translation

Version: 2.4.3

  • PHP notice in cart
    wording and punctuation

  • compability for WooCommerce 2.2
    target=”_blank” all links within

Version: 2.4.2

  • filter for checkbox label text during checkout

  • double shipping cost notice for variations with the same price

Version: 2.4.1

  • digital notice in outgoing mails and PayPal

  • wrongly used hook woocommerce_order_actions, now using woocommerce_order_actions_start
    digital notice HTML output for all completed order tasks (e.g. PayPal payments etc)
    doubled displaying of shipping costs notice and missing tax notice on variable products typos
    some internal filters
    an issue where the updater would show an update notice for an old version of the plugin
    an issue where the wrong cancelation policy notice would be shown at checkout
    an display issue with virtual product prerequists
    multiple display of shipping costs on product page
    estimate cart option
    an undefined variable error
    strict standard notices
    missing digital notice in cart widget
    various php notices
    delivery time display with virtual products
    false positive digital products in cart
    display for digital variation prerequisits in checkout
    suppress shipping product option

  • woocommerce_order_item_title with new hook
    deprecated functions with new ones

  • Changed COD Gateway to use the WooCommerce fees api
    Cleaned up old code
    Updated translation

Version: 2.4

  • made software compliant with new german online sales rights (13.6.2014)
    added new text templates
    updated old text templates
    upadted translation
    removed some options
    updated mail
    added new product field for requirements for digital products
    tax and delivery notice is now mandatory
    new customer acknowledgement for digital products
    some cleanup

Version: 2.3.6

  • info release, no fixes or features

Version: 2.3.5

  • added a body class for second checkout
    fixed doubled ids in second checkout
    added css class for place order button in second checkout
    minor cleanups
    fixed wrongly displayed deliveryadress in second checkout
    translated licence key message
    minor html fixes

Version: 2.3.4

  • an serious javascript issue

Version: 2.3.3

  • various issues with wpml and wgm ajax calls

Version: 2.3.2

  • Added support for WPML
    Added compability for WooCommerce 2.1.6
    added css class for variation price infos
    added various filter and actions for manipulating wgm’s markup output
    added css class for loding animation
    fixed variation price display with identical prices
    fixed various typos
    fixed various translations
    fixed broken markup
    hide default price on variation single product page when variation price is loaded
    fixed static asset loading
    fixed free shipping label display to use user entered instead of default label
    fixed tax display with empty values in conjunction with small business regulation
    fixed double tax loading with variation products
    fixed cash on delivery display on certain pages
    fixed missing row in cart
    fixed various issues with coupons
    fixed a typo in a setting id
    fixed various issues with checkout validation
    fixed wgm’s default tax rates
    fixed missing shortcode in english installations
    updated documentation
    fixed wgm cash on delivery gateway
    added html markup to checkout readonly fields
    removed default woo tax notices
    added english translation for tax rate import

Version: 2.3.1

  • fixed variation frontend javascript
    added plugin version function
    fixed body classes
    updated woocommerce templates
    fixed typo in cart template
    updated deprecrated parameter in checkout template
    fixed filter for WGM_Template::add_mwst_rate_to_product_item
    fixed typos ins translation
    fixed price per unit currency symbol usage
    fixed wrong option for price per unit
    changed additional vat string for better context
    fixed tax display for shipping with no costs
    various minor compatibility fixes

Version: 2.3

  • updated hooks and functions for WooCommerce 2.1
    added filter for unexpected extra EU costs
    added filter for product short desc
    added filter for payment method in mails
    added filter for disclaimer
    added filter for small business regulation text
    added filter for small business regulation review text
    added filter for for after cart totals
    fixed typos
    implemented new template loadding system (templates can now be overwritten like woo templates)
    fixed check if woocommerce is active
    cleaned up css
    updated woocommerce templates
    fixed shipping calculation in second checkout
    fixed some installation errors
    added option for dual shipping methods
    fixed a warning in checkout with some particular vat options
    adjusted html output
    fixed an issue with taxes in product variations
    fixed some minor stability issues
    fixed some translation errors

Version: 2.2.7-legacy

  • autolaoder

Version: 2.2.6

  • installation notice

Version: 2.2.5

  • Added Filter for small buissiness regulation texts
    Remove hardcoded ‘approx’ from delivery times
    Removed no deliverytime text field
    Added filter for default deliverytimes
    Extends Checkout SSL to all WGM Checkout sites
    Removed Deliverytimes from quickedit
    Changed deliverytimes from indecies to term id
    fixed price per unit display
    updated translation
    fixed some woocommrece incompabilities
    updated settings desctiptions
    some minor display fixes
    fixed some PHP5.4 warnings
    fixed some issues with wrong delivery times
    fixed an error which would not display price per unit attributs in dropdown menus
    fixed a missing currency symbol in mails
    fixed an superfluous whitespace in small business regulations text filter
    removed wrong post count form deliverytime editor
    moved price per unit display under actual price

Version: 2.2.4

  • tax does not anymore depend on country when sending a mail manually through the backend

Version: 2.2.3

  • fixed a bug where delivery times would not be set correctly after update
    product short desc on second checkout now hides properly
    fixed translation
    replaced a depricated jquery function .live with .on
    fixed deliverytimes quick edit
    fixed strict error message
    fixed wrongly stacked html
    tax rates are matching the country you selected on checkout
    removed debug output
    added css class for product option panales
    “approx” donsn’t display before “not available at the moment”
    fixed wrong tax calculation when using a coupon

Version: 2.2.1

  • deliverytimes from quickedit

  • wrong delivery times after upgrade

Version: 2.2

  • Added small business regulation according to §19 UStG
    Fixed a bug where VAT didn’t show up in cart
    Added compability for new woocommerce releases
    added dliverytime editor
    fixed some style issues
    fixed plugin activation notice
    removed style recommendation box on settings page
    CSS and JS only now only loading when needed
    fixed colspan in some tables
    fixed free shipping when free shipping amount is reached
    updated deliverytime wording
    updated leagal templates
    updated translation
    fixed wrongly rounded VAT displays
    fixed some issues with WPML
    fixed mails to not allways include legal stuff in the footer
    VAT can now be entered with . or ,
    fixed VAT percent displayed
    fixed typos
    fixed some minor display issues
    added support for a wider range of themes
    fixed a warning occurring when doing a search

Version: 2.1.6

  • added some html elements for styling to second checkout

  • Updater

  • sperated price per unit html from data

Version: 2.1.5

  • function Woocommerce_German_Market::is_wgm_checkout() to check if the called site is the second checkout page

  • some minor issues
    some css issues

  • inline css to css file

  • templates clean up

Version: 2.1.4

  • VAT Display in cart

Version: 2.1.3

  • filter into cart template

  • sorting order of delivery time terms

Version: 2.1.2

  • array_map function for translated terms into static function

Version: 2.1.1

  • fatal error in PHP 5.2

Version: 2.1

  • Fixed a conflict with WPML
    Added product short descriptions to the product in checkout and order listing
    Fixed an issue where the VAT dind’t display properly
    Fixed a conflict with Role Based Prices
    Added an option to display a hint text for extra costs when shipping in non eu contries
    Shippingcosts no longer displayed when the limit for free shipping is reached
    Removed activation.css from Frontend
    Added option for ‘Free Shipping’
    Show terms in default selection
    Fixed various translation issues
    Added a Deliverytime Editor
    Fixed some typos
    Fixed various display issues
    Fixed various behaviour issues
    Fixed various javascript issues

Version: 2.0.1

  • array to string conversion
    js payment gateway selection
    bodyclasses for new checkoutpages

Version: 2.0

  • Added Support for Woocommerce 2.0+
    Refactoring, splitted codebase into seperate classes
    Removed no longer needed functions
    Added documentation to all methods
    Added various hooks for thrid party developers
    Added Class Autoloaded
    Changed Textdomain loading
    Updated Templates
    Improved Template loading
    Improved Cash on delivery Gateway
    Improved second Checkout page
    Fixed verious loading issues
    Replaced Emailtemplates with a hook
    Updated Translation
    Updated all woocommerce API calls
    Fixed various issues regarding the english version
    Fixed an issue where the terms page was not assined correctly
    Fixed an issue where the error notice when woocommerce is not installed didn’t disapear after a reload
    Fixed an issue with the shipping costs
    Fixed an issue where the revoction page had no content
    Fixed an issue where the tax didn’t got correctly assigned by the installtion routine
    Fixed an issue where taxes dindt got displayed properly
    Fixes various display issues
    Fixed an issue where paged coulnd’t be saved in the en_US version
    Fixed an issue where the plugin didnt deactivated it self when the wrong version of woocommerce was instlled
    Fixed various corrupted or broken options
    Fixed price per unit handling and display
    Fixed various typos
    Fixed various minor things

Version: 1.1.4

  • JS only listens on radio buttons on first checkout page
    All numbers are now formatted properly
    Exclusive tax in cart are now displayed properly
    Removed tax from items order table for cleaner view
    Custom delivery strings now obey the “delivery time in overview” option
    Fixed variation prices in mails

Version: 1.1.3

  • Fixed PHP 5.4 Warnings
    Checkout Page dropdown now gets dispayed and saved into the database
    Fixed Shipping text position
    Added a new distinctive css class for the buy button
    Added a hint fild in the options which gets displayed on the last checkout page
    Some CSS fixes
    Some rearangements on the last checkout page
    Updated translation

Version: 1.1.2

  • Added English localization
    Added missing english translations
    Conditions can now be turned off
    Updated depricated functions
    Add fresh styled Setup-Message
    Add english versions of page templates like imprint, terms, Method of payment …
    Support english for sample page localizazion and Messages
    Updated Mailtemplates
    Fixed wrong Shippingcost calculations
    Notices displayed on the cart page can now be turned off
    Fixed Spelling mistakes
    Fixed some display errors on the checkout page

Version: 1.1.1

  • Fixed several issues in autoupdater
    Fixed issue with facebook plugins
    separate wording for “Widerruf” checkbox
    delivery time: rename “day” to “business day”
    new template loading mechanism
    new default mail templates
    enhanced cart
    changed some translations
    fixed numberformarts in various areas
    some internal changes
    taxes now displayed properly on every listing
    various typo fixes

Version: 1.1

  • placed next button in the right order
    fixed baseprice display
    fixed tax display
    fixed autoupdater

Version: 1.0.10

  • include shipping in second checkout
    extended price per unit meassure
    new custom review order template with taxes
    license code dosn’t show up in frontend anymore when defined in the config
    added filter for second checkout buy button text
    fixed mail bug
    fixed notice

Version: 1.0.9

  • Terms page has now the correct content
    Cash on delivery is now properly displayed in mails
    delivery cost link is now longer splitted into 2 parts

Version: 1.0.8

  • New option for displaying delivery costs seperatly in product overview and detailview
    Removed install notice if german marekt was previously installed

Version: 1.0.7

  • CSS Fixes
    TOS and Widerufsbelehrung on first checkout are now links only
    Deliverytime and Shipping costs are now displayed properly
    Removed no longer needed files
    Refactored roduct display
    Base prices are now properly displayed in the product overview
    Autoupdater: use site_option instead of get_option
    Move shippingcosts and tax rate closer to pricetag

Version: 1.0.6

  • Auto Updater (pro-only)

Version: 1.0.5

  • Paymentmethod above the product list on the checkout page

Version: 1.0.4

  • update process

Version: 1.0.3

  • Fixed delivery adress on checkout page
    price incl tax on single product page is now unter the title
    Fixed bug which caused problems for the plugin update mechanism
    small changes on the checkout page for the “Button-Lösung”
    added changelog

Version: 1.0.2

  • Changes for the “Button-Lösung”
    Short description under the product on the checkout page
    various CSS fixes
    spelling fixes

Version: 1.0.1

  • compatibility changes for Woocommerce 1.6.1
    various CSS fixes

This Plugin extends the popular shop Plugin WooCommerce, so that you can use your WooCommerce for the German and Austrian market.

WooCommerce German Extension configures WooCommerce automatically for the German and Austrian Market, it adds necessary functionality for B2C shops. WooCommerce German Extension displays the product prices correctly, provides the requested text and pages of privacy policy and refund & returns. But numerous other features are included in German Extension WooCommerce.

It includes templates for Terms and Conditions, Ordering, Privacy, Legal, Shipping, Returns, Austria Returns, Payments, which can be directly applied during installation.


  • Templates for mandatory pages for an online shop

  • Order Summary page, where all data is displayed before passing an order.
  • Shipping information displayed next to prices
  • Delivery times for products
  • Cancellation period is configurable
  • Default settings for Germany (language, tax rates, measures, weights and decimal, etc. …)
  • Alternative installation of the Austrian Revocation
  • Definining prices per unit for each product
  • Delivery time global or per product, btw. no delivery time will be displayed for downloadable products
  • Special Cash on Delivery Plugin, which also takes in the calculation of delivery charges (which replaced the supplied plug-WoooCommerce Cash on Delivery)

Please note that we can not take any responsibility for legal certainty.

Licence Anchor


$99.00 Including tax
  • Domains:1
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $69.00



$125.00 Including tax
  • Domains:5
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $87.00


$239.00 Including tax
  • Domains:
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $167.00