Your go-to WooCommerce theme

Atomion is the first WooCommerce theme to support the new Gutenberg editor from WordPress – giving your greater flexibility than ever before. Raise your online shop to the next level and enable it to grow in accordance with your customers’ requirements. Take advantage of polished design, intuitive user guidance and intelligent WooCommerce features and set yourself up for success today, tomorrow and long into the future.


One theme, thousands of opportunities.

Modular expansion

You can use all functions of Atomion described here optionally, they can be switched on and off at any time. You have the choice of what your online shop looks like and which options you want to use.

Optimized Customizer

With the Customizer you can customize the look of your online shop very easily and individually. Create your own personal touch with more than 120 sophisticated options.
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Own widgets

Optimize your pages in many places quickly and easily with widgets. In addition to the normal widgets, Atomion also provides you with a newsletter widget for use with a newsletter plugin of your choice, a social media widget and a trust widget for displaying logos of your payment and shipping providers. You have a total of 5 widgets available. Atomion also includes styles for the WordPress and WooCommerce widgets.

WooCommerce Support

Few themes are developed as consistently for WooCommerce as Atomion. This ensures an error-free online shop, a smooth purchase transaction for your customers and the best possible cooperation with third-party plug-ins.

Individual shop overview

You can design the overview page in the shop according to your wishes. For example, choose the number of columns, the type of hover animation, a hero image, create a description and much more. These details can be changed at any time with just a few mouse clicks. Decide also freely whether you want to use a sidebar or not.


Atomion provides own sidebars for the blog and the shop. For example, add filter options, a category list, social media links or much more to the sidebar and choose whether it should be displayed on the left or right side.


Atomion is the first WooCommerce theme to work hand in hand with Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor. For you, this means faster, uncomplicated work, flexible design of your pages and contributions, and an especially future-proof theme.

Shop blog

Most WooCommerce themes neglect the blog area. It is especially important to promote your products with content marketing and to earn SEO points on Google. Atomion has a completely self-contained blog section with all the features you need.
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Own Gutenberg blocks

Atomion provides several own Gutenberg blocks, which are perfectly matched to the theme.
For example the Hero slider, the icon box, the content box and various product blocks.

Gutenberg & WooCommerce

Expandable, hassle-free, future-proof.

Checkout progress indicator

Well informed. Show your customers where they are currently in the order process and which steps are still necessary to complete the order.
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Product presentation

With Atomion you can choose how many products per column and row your shop and category pages should show.
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Cross and Up Selling

Create "You might like that too" areas with an optimized cross-selling feature for your product pages. Similar products and add-ons can also be sold through it. In many cases this increases the average shopping cart value of your customers considerably. Choose whether you want to display these products as slider or grid.
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Product image animation

Atomion has two animation variants when hovering over a product image on shop and category pages. You can also deactivate the animation completely.
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Hero image for shop and product categories

Display a suitable picture at the top of your shop page or the product categories to arouse emotions with your shop.
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Checkout and Account

The "Checkout" and "My account" areas are designed to be particularly user-friendly without losing any important functions. The optimized design ensures that fewer customers cancel their purchases prematurely.

Product filters

Your customers benefit from integrated and intelligent filter functions that allow them to sort and narrow down their product selection.
This is especially important as your product range grows.

Quick View

Comfortable browsing in the shop.
Show your customers quickly and easily the most important product data in our customizable quick view, without having to visit the product page. This also enables a quick change between the products.
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integrated wish list

The so-called Wishlist comes with Atomion - you don't need separate plugins for it. Your customers can use it to remember products and buy them later.
For more comfort and more sales.
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Mini cart

A full-fledged but at the same time minimal shopping cart ensures a good usability and a quick purchase. In addition, together with German Market, it contains all the information required for a legally compliant online shop. Alternatively, you can also display only a link to the shopping cart.
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various product tabs styles

You can display the product tabs (description, additional information, reviews, etc.) on product pages in four different ways.
Simply select the one that best matches your products.
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SEO texts for shop and product categories

You can enter a description text for the respective category / shop page above or below the products and get points by Google. Decide for yourself which text color should be used.
Links are also possible here.
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Rating system

With an extended star rating, your customers always have an overview of how often a product has been rated and how.
Many users are motivated to buy by this.
If you don't want any reviews, you can hide them at any time.


Showcase your products with our customizable slider.
Change the colors, alignment, style and effects until they match your shop and products.
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A Gutenberg block supplied by Atomion with two headings, text and a button (all optional) allows you to quickly add content for which you would otherwise need four different blocks.
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With this Gutenberg block integrated into Atomion, you can highlight special information with an icon. In combination with the column block, you can, for example, draw your customers' attention to your advantages.
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Shop message

Inform your customers e.g. about promotions. Adapt the colors of the WooCommerce Shop message so that it fits better to your shop. Not flexible enough? Then try our Top Bar instead.
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Atomion adds a shopping cart button to the products in the shop, allowing your customers to add products directly to their shopping cart without having to go to the product page. If this is not desired, you can also simply deactivate the function.
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You don't like the standard display of the sale-label? Just customize it! Change the text and color or enter the discount in percent instead.
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Legal security

Atomion is fully optimized for German Market. The plugin extends WooCommerce to make your shop as legally secure as possible. Atomion and German Market help you to protect yourself from warnings.

Data protection

Also together with German Market Atomion supports the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is particularly important for shop operators. So you are on the safe side.

Design & functions

Make first impressions count – on any device

Mega menu / Simple menu

You want to highlight certain categories? In the special Mega Menu of Atomion you can add additional category images in addition to classic links. This will direct your visitors' attention to where you want them to be.
Do you have a lot of menu items or do you like it more minimalistic? No problem, we have integrated the simple menu for that. Here the menu items are displayed classically under each other.
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Demo Importer

With the Atomion Demo Importer your new shop is just a few clicks away. Just import one of our demos, replace the pictures, texts and products, done.
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GDPR compliant sharing

Data protection compliant sharing of posts and products through the use of the Shariff method.

Social Media & Newsletter

Promote your shop with own widgets for your social media accounts and newsletter. Generate new followers, readers and buyers.

optimized Widgets

Atomion's CSS styles cover all standard and WooCommerce widgets. No matter which function you add: The design is right and adapts automatically.


In the entire shop we have installed discreet, but fine animations, which give the design the final touch. For example in hover areas, at the slider, on the "thank you page" after the purchase, when searching or hovering over the product images. These little things make all the difference you need to catch up with the design of big stores.

more than 950 Fonts

In the Customizer, you can choose from over 950 fonts from the Google Fonts library and embed your favorites. Best of all, the use is GDPR compliant.
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Top Bar

Important information top placed. Here you can draw attention to your social media channels, display an additional menu, deposit text for your discount campaign or or or.
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Blog Overview

Separately point to your most important blog posts. For this purpose, our theme has integrated a Sticky Area. You can use it to highlight one post in a particularly prominent way, as well as three more directly below it. With just a few mouse clicks, you can decide for yourself which content should be displayed in each area.
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Display reading position

A small blue bar in the blog above the menu bar shows your visitors their reading position (optional). Especially if your texts are more extensive, many users will find this feature helpful.
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Read more link

Decide for yourself whether you want to display a read more link on blog archive pages and how it should be labeled.
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You can easily customize the colors in Atomion via the customizer to make your shop unique.

Account menu

Show your customers their login status and simplify navigation within your shop with our customizable account menu.
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Sticky Header

When scrolling on your page display a header fixed at the top to make the navigation available at any time.
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Header width

Select whether you want the header to be displayed in full width, or whether it should be limited to the content width (boxed).
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optimized Search

Use for the search either a dropdown or our full-screen lightbox search. Also specify the search method (WordPress standard or WooCommerce product search). Our search optionally works with the plugin AJAX Search for WooCommerce. So that your visitors really find what they are looking for.
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Page templates

You currently have a total of five different page templates available to hide for example the breadcrumb or the page title.
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additional CSS and Javascript

You can insert your own CSS and Javascript directly in the Customizer to customize your shop even more individually or for example to easily integrate tracking codes. You don't need any extra plugins.


Top technological solutions for all mobile devices

WordPress Coding Standards

No matter how many items you sell through your shop: Full compliance with WordPress Coding Standards makes Atomion an outstanding solution that will have you ready for success in no time at all.

Newest technology

Atomion is constantly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest technology, for example HTML5, CSS3 and all current browsers. The plugin is designed to offer the optimum in user-friendliness and flexibility – enabling you to get your online shop ready for many years of success.

Intuitive handling

The user interface is so designed that you can change all settings quickly and easily. This makes it easy to add and customize each feature.

mobile optimized

Atomion is fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices. Whether on the desktop, the tablet or on smartphones. So you can concentrate on your content and your products - and don't have to worry about technical details. You'll also be able to keep up with the mobile shopping trend.

HDPI Retina-ready

We've designed the theme from the start Retina-ready, for the sharp display of your product photos and your shop. This makes it look professional, and not just on Apple devices.


Even multilingual shops and websites are no problem with Atomion. Atomion can be easily translated with any translation plugin. By the way: for German and English all translations are already integrated.

Page Speed and SEO

Stylesheets and Javascript files as well as the integrated graphics are supplied by us in a minified format. Atomion also supports common tools for caching and image compression. These are the best prerequisites to achieve a good PageSpeed of up to 100 percent (depending on third party plugins and your technical server data).

optional Preloader

If you want, you can have your pages fully loaded before they are displayed to the visitor. Try out which variant is preferred by your users.
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Atomion is optimized for child themes. So you can realize several online shops with different looks.

Expandable via CSS

The well-structured CSS classes of our theme make sure that you can customize every detail yourself - in case the customizer is not enough anymore. This allows you to implement individual styles that only your online shop uses.