Your go-to WooCommerce theme

Atomion is the first WooCommerce theme to support the new Gutenberg editor from WordPress – giving your greater flexibility than ever before. Raise your online shop to the next level and enable it to grow in accordance with your customers’ requirements. Take advantage of polished design, intuitive user guidance and intelligent WooCommerce features and set yourself up for success today, tomorrow and long into the future.


One theme, thousands of opportunities.

Optimized Customizer

The drag-and-drop Customizer enables you to customize the appearance of your online shop in no time at all. Create your own personal touch – from logos, colors and a striking homepage to menus, headers and footers, a dedicated blog and targeted sidebar content.

Tailored widgets

Widgets are a fast and convenient way to customize your pages. Get your sidebar, header and footer exactly how you want them. Differentiate between your shop and the rest of your website, and use the banner section to incorporate features such as a slider. It goes without saying that Atomion also works hand in hand with widgets from WordPress and WooCommerce.

Multi-functional slider

Put your products center stage using our fully customizable slider. Adjust colors, text alignment, styles and effects to match your shop and product universe.

Mega menu

Do you have a lot of product categories or shop sections? The special Atomion mega menu enables you to supplement typical features with extra text, graphics and icons. As a result you can direct the attention of shop browsers exactly where you want it.

Customizable product summary page

You can customize the product summary page in terms of the number of columns and products shown – all with just a few clicks. It’s up to you whether or not you also include a sidebar.

Product filters

Your customers benefit from the integration of intelligent filters that enable them to sort and limit the products displayed. This is especially useful if you expect your product range to continue to grow over time.

Content boxes on product pages

You have the option to activate an extra gallery box and/or separate content box on your product pages. The boxes are suitable for expanded content such as graphics, examples, tips and instructions. Use them to highlight the information you really need to stick in your customers’ memories.

Advanced customization using CSS

The cleverly structured CSS classes in our themes enable you to customize every single detail – even when you’ve exhausted all the many options the Customizer has to offer. This makes it possible to create individual functions that are unique to your online shop.

Child themes

Atomion is optimized for the use of child themes, thus enabling you to create multiple online shops with a variety of appearances.

Gutenberg & WooCommerce

Expandable, hassle-free, future-proof.


Atomion is the first WooCommerce theme to work hand-in-hand with Gutenberg – the new editor for WordPress and WooCommerce. The benefits to you: Faster working processes, flexible page and product design and a theme that will grow with your business for many years to come.

Optimized for WooCommerce

Few themes can claim to be as compatible with WooCommerce as Atomion. There’s no need to understand the code that makes this possible – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of a flawless online shop and the seamless integration of third-party plugins.

Checkout and customer account

The “Checkout” and “My Account” sections are streamlined and user-friendly without cutting back on key functions. Their optimized design reduces the number of customers who abandon their purchase prematurely.

Legal security

Atomion is fully optimized for German Market. The latter expands WooCommerce to not only maximize your legal security when selling to Germany and Austria, but also get your shop ready for sales to other EU countries. Atomion and German Market assist you in protecting yourself against cease and desist orders. Features include invoicing, smooth interfaces with your accounting/materials management systems, EU VAT and much more besides.

Data protection

It goes without saying that both Atomion and German Market are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Shop operators in particular benefit from maximum legal security and peace of mind.

Customizable content blocks

Working with Gutenberg enables you to include customizable content in a variety of content blocks – for example the carousel function, slider, expanded footer, newsletter box and icon boxes on the homepage. You can include as much or as little text, graphics and other elements as you need.

Dedicated shop blog

Most WooCommerce themes neglect the blog section. Big mistake! Your blog is a great way to promote your products using content marketing and collect vital Google ranking points. Atomion is here to help with a dedicated blog section containing all the functions you require.

Boost your blog

Our “sticky area” enables you to guide potential customers towards the blog posts that generate your highest conversion rates. You can give special prominence to one particular post and include up to three additional prioritized posts below it. In just a few clicks you can define which posts should be prioritized in each section.

Design & functions

Make first impressions count – on any device

Optimize your online shop for display on mobile devices

Atomion is fully responsive. This means that your online shop looks just as good on any device – from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones. As a result you can concentrate on your content and products without having to worry about the tech behind the display thereof. What is more, Atomion sets you up to take full advantage of the boom in mobile shopping.

Optimized widgets

The CSS styles that come with Atomion are compatible with all standard and WooCommerce widgets. Whichever widgets you add, your design will adapt accordingly and look just the way you want it to.

Modular add-ons

All the Atomion functions described here are optional – i.e. you can switch them on and off at any time. This gives you full control over the appearance of your online shop and the functions you wish to use.

WooCommerce-optimized search function

Our sophisticated full-screen search function includes advanced search options that enable visitors to look for products and/or blog posts and pages. Help potential customers find exactly what they’re looking for!

Integrated wishlist

The Atomion comes with a wishlist as standard – so you don’t need any extra plugins. The wishlist enables customers to make a note of items and buy them later (you’ll be familiar with a similar function on Amazon). This means convenience for your customers – and a boost in sales for you.

Rating system

An enhanced star rating system gives your customers a constant overview of how often an item has received a particular rating (just like on Amazon). In many cases this rating is the decisive factor in the customer’s purchase decision. If you don’t wish ratings to be shown you can opt to hide them at any time.

Cross selling

A section headed “You might also be interested in…” is a great way to optimize cross selling between your product pages. It can also be used to sell similar items and add-ons. Sections of this type often significantly increase the average value of the customer’s cart when they arrive at the checkout.

Mini cart

A streamlined mini cart is a user-friendly feature that encourages customers to make a quick purchase decision. When used in combination with German Market the mini cart includes all information required in order to ensure the legal security of your online shop.

Reading position

A thin blue bar above the menu bar shows visitors their reading position. This optional feature is available for both the Atomion blog and product pages. Many users find a reading position bar particularly helpful if your blog posts and product descriptions are relatively long.

Social media & newsletters

Promote your shop using widgets for your social media accounts and MailPoet newsletters. Before you know it you’ll have new followers, readers and, most importantly, customers.

Shop animation

The unobtrusive, tasteful animations included throughout the shop are the icing on the cake of your design. Examples include animations for hover sections, the slider, the “thank you for your order” page, the search function and mouseovers for product images. These little extras help you close the design gap between your shop and larger competitors.

Intuitive operation

The user interface is designed to enable you to change your settings quickly and easily. Individual functions can be added and adjusted with a minimum of fuss.


Top technological solutions for all mobile devices

WordPress Coding Standards

No matter how many items you sell through your shop: Full compliance with WordPress Coding Standards makes Atomion an outstanding solution that will have you ready for success in no time at all.

HDPI / retina-ready

We prioritized retina readiness throughout the theme design process. As a result, your product photos and pages are always in focus and your shop looks professional and stylish – whether it’s being viewed on an Apple device or not.

Speed & SEO

Stylesheets, JavaScript files and the graphics they contain come in minified format as standard. Atomion also supports conventional caching and image compression tools. All of this paves the way for great page speed of up to 100 percent (depending on third-party plugins and your server specifications).

Optional preloader

You can opt to allow your pages to load completely before they are displayed to the user. Try out different options to find out which one your users prefer.

Cutting-edge technology

Atomion is constantly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest technology, for example HTML5, CSS3 and all current browsers. The plugin is designed to offer the optimum in user-friendliness and flexibility – enabling you to get your online shop ready for many years of success.