German Market

Legal security
for your eCommerce suite

Get your WooCommerce shop ready for the German-speaking market and the EU as a whole. Features include essential legal content, integrated invoicing, interfaces with your accounting and materials management systems, cancellation processing and much more besides. Selling has never been easier – with German Market.

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Germany No. 1 Woocommerce
Premium Plugin for Legal security

Requirements: PHP 7.4+, PHP library cURL, WooCommerce 6.4+, WordPress 5.8+

German Market

Legal security and much more besides. All in one package.

German Market builds on the popular WordPress shop system WooCommerce. The aim is to give your online shop in Germany and Austria maximum legal security. Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) naturally comes as standard. Our plugin helps you protect yourself against cease and desist letters, with all essential functions and legal notices added in just a few clicks.

And that is not all German Market enables you to do: Create automated PDF invoices, returns forms and cancellation invoices, ensure compliance with EU VAT regulations, sell digital products with legal peace of mind, establish smooth interfaces with your accounting and materials management systems and much more besides. Our all-inclusive package saves you time and money. Avoid detours and extra plugins – take the fast lane to success with WooCommerce.

Find out more about legal security


All this and much more

Sample legal texts

During the installation of German Market, necessary pages such as the imprint, the terms and conditions, revocation policy, the privacy policy and much more are created and filled with sample texts. You only need to adapt these to your shop.
If you want to keep the legal texts automatically up to date, you can use one of our interfaces to the IT-Recht Kanzlei or Protected Shops.

legal texts

Invoice PDF

German Market creates an invoice PDF for your orders which you can send to your customers.
Best of all: you can customize the design according to your wishes.
You can also use sequential invoice numbers.

Delivery and Return Note

Do you also want to create and send a delivery or return note?

We have also thought of that.

You don't need an extra plugin for this.


Even refunds are no problem for German Market.

Create quick and easy refund PDFs including refund number and send them to your customers.

Pricing with
additional information

In order to operate your shop in a legally compliant manner, you must be able to see, among other things, the value-added tax, delivery times and a link to your shipping terms. German Market takes care of all this and much more for you and places the information in all legally relevant places in your shop.

Price labeling

Interfaces to accounting

With German Market you can easily connect your WooCommerce shop to your accounting system and transfer your order data quickly to lexoffice or sevdesk.
This gives you more time for the important things.


purchase on account

Give your customers the opportunity to purchase on account. German Market provides you with the perfect payment method for this.
You can choose whether the payment method is only available for registered customers, loyal customers or anyone else.

SEPA Direct Debit

Provide your customers with the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme as a payment method.

XML export and IBAN masking are also available.

Due date

With German Market you can easily set a due date for your different payment methods.

This date will also appear in the e-mails and the PDF invoice.


You want to sell food?

Then the correct declaration according to the Food Information Regulation is crucial.

For example, inform your customers about:

• Ingredients,
• Nutritional values,
• Allergens,
• Vitamins,
• Minerals
• and the alcohol content

German Market is the first plugin that adds this functionality to WooCommerce.


Age Confirmation

You want your clients to verify their age?

That is also possible.

Set the minimum age per product and choose your own shipping method for age restricted goods if you wish.

Small business regulation

Activate the small business regulation with one click.

This means that your shop will no longer show value-added tax and will instead display a note according to UStG §19 (Germany) or UStG §6 (Austria).


According to EU regulations from 2015 digital products must be taxed at the applicable VAT rate of the recipient country.

The value-added tax included is automatically adjusted to the tax rates of the recipient country.

materials management system

Simply connect your WooCommerce Shop with German Market to the materials management system billbee or JTL.

Call up your orders directly in billbee with just one click or compare basic prices and VAT ID numbers with JTL.

materials management system

Basic price calculation

Have the basic price of your products calculated and displayed automatically, e.g. 1.00 € per 100 ml.

You can not only use ml or kg as units of measurement, but also define your own units.

And not only that: the basic price is automatically adjusted when you change the base price or sales price of your product.

So you save time and prevent mistakes.

Split tax for
ancillary services

On the safe side.
Split tax for ancillary services is a calculation method that is legally binding in Germany and Austria.
Here, the taxes for e.g. shipping costs or fees are automatically calculated proportionally depending on the items and tax rates in the shopping cart.

Double-opt-in for
customer registration

Send new customers an e-mail with a confirmation link after registration.

Only after this link has been clicked, the account will be activated and is available to the customer.

In this way, you prevent the use of fake e-mail addresses, for example.

order confirmation

With the manual order confirmation you can check orders before you accept them.

Your customers will only receive an order confirmation.

Only after you have checked the order an e-mail with the order acceptance and payment data will be sent.

Checked and approved by lawyer Dr. Thomas Schwenke

Close cooperation with the highly regarded cyber law expert Thomas Schwenke enables us to keep German Market up to date with the latest legal developments. This minimizes the risk of you receiving cease and desist orders concerning your online shop.

German Market helps you fulfil all the technical prerequisites for a legally secure shop. This includes accurate pricing, notices on taxes and shipping, templates for legal notices and disclaimers, support for shop owners who operate under the terms of the German Small Business Regulation (Kleinunternehmerregelung), product descriptions for the checkout page, notes on delivery to non-EU countries, GDPR tools and much more besides.

A direct line to your accounting and materials management systems

What good is a highly efficient online shop if your figures don’t match up? Or if you have to manually create and adjust orders, customer accounts, vouchers, shipping costs and cancellation invoices? These are problems of the past thanks to direct interfaces between German Market and the leading accounting programs lexoffice and sevdesk as well as the Billbee materials management system. After all, selling should leave you with a smile on your face at the end of the month – not buried under a mountain of paperwork.


German Market is WPML certified

You want to expand your client base and reach new target groups? Then simply make your store available in multiple languages, for example.

To translate your store completely, you can use the plugin WPML**. With the translation service of WPML**, automatic translation is also optionally possible, without any foreign language knowledge.

And the best part:
Our plugin German Market is officially WPML certified and fully compatible.


Interfaces with IT-Recht Kanzlei and Protected Shops

German Market comes with all essential legal texts as standard. If you would prefer to automatically receive the latest versions as they are released you need look no further than our interfaces with IT-Recht Kanzlei and Protected Shops. Verified legal texts will be integrated into your WooCommerce shop and updated on a continuous basis – giving you even better protection against cease and desist orders.

IT Recht Kanzlei Munich
Protected Shops


Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is compulsory for all traders – and German Market is here to help in this regard. Among other features, we provide you with all essential legal content, checkboxes for data protection and shipping firms and a customizable checkbox. You also benefit from an opt-in function and customizable descriptions and error notifications. The result is a solution designed to maximize your flexibility and legal security.

Protection against cease and desist orders

A decision in favor of German Market and our templates is a decision in favor of optimum protection against cease and desist orders. It is nevertheless important to note that software is not a substitute for specialist legal advice. Our plugin combines cutting-edge technological solutions with lawyer-approved templates to ensure that your WooCommerce shop complies with legal requirements in Germany, Austria and the EU.

Nothing but first-class support

Our primary goal is to enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a smooth-running, hassle-free shop. It should therefore come as no surprise that we invest a substantial amount of time and money in development and support – you will always be able to contact a German/English-speaking customer service representative during local support hours. Our efforts in this area have borne fruit in the form of BITMi certification for German Market.

Our customer service representatives are all experts in both the technology behind German Market and the content involved. Whoever you talk to, you’ll feel our passion for WordPress, WooCommerce and eCommerce.


Why choose products from MarketPress?

Because we do the hard yards for you.

Intuitive operation

We’ve designed the German Market user interface to make customizing your settings a quick and simple process. You can activate and deactivate either individual functions or entire modules included in our suite.

Quality at a price that’s right

Our “Made in Germany” solutions ensure that anyone can sell their products in the German-speaking area – without having to constantly struggle with issues of a technical or legal nature. We are proud to act as a facilitator for start-ups and small shops.

The leading shop system

Simple to set up, a market share of nearly 40 percent, a huge range of plugins and a dynamic community: There are so many reasons to choose WooCommerce. Our products, WooCommerce blog and tutorials support the continuous development and refinement of this leading shop system.

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