Cookie Cracker

GDPR compliant cookie opt-in solution

The Cookie Policy is complicated? Not with us.
Cookie Cracker helps you transparently display the cookies you use, shows what they are needed for, and gives your visitors the ability to choose which cookies they want to allow.

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Requirements: PHP7.4, WordPress5.0

The ePrivacy Policy

The ePrivacy Policy stipulates that consent to the setting of cookies must be obtained in advance from visitors to a website and that it must be clearly explained which cookies are used for which purpose.

Pop-ups that merely indicate that cookies are generally used are no longer sufficient.

The user must be able to decide for himself which cookies he wants to accept and which not.

Cookie Cracker supports you in this.

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On the secure side

Customizable layouts for your website

Cookie Cracker currently comes with three different layouts.

So you can place the cookie box where you like it best. This has the advantage that you can adjust the cookie message exactly to your needs.
Once the basic layout is in place, you can go into more detail within the layout and change things like font sizes, colors, texts, buttons, z-index.

The choice is yours.

Cookie Opt-in for ePrivacy & GDPR

With the introduction of the GDPR and the ePrivacy policy, cookies may no longer be stored without the visitor's agreement. The old opt-out procedure is no longer sufficient. Cookie Cracker provides you with the necessary tools to integrate an opt-in solution into your site.

Cookies & Groups

You can manage your cookies in various groups, which you can create and name yourself. This way you can provide your visitors with a clean overview in the cookie message and privacy policy. You have the possibility to create an infinite number of cookies and groups.

Content Blocker

Show content from YouTube, Google Maps, Vimeo and others only after confirmation.
Our content blocker supports both iFrames and oEmbeds.

Proof of consent

To be able to prove which user has agreed to which cookies, we have developed an overview page in Cookie Cracker.

Here you can see all relevant data, such as time of consent, a user ID, an encrypted IP and all confirmed cookies.

In addition, the table can be filtered and exported.


So that your visitors can change their cookie settings also subsequently, we have integrated a shortcode that you can place freely.


With our iFrame Blocker you can block embedded iFrames for which you have not yet created a Content Blocker.

Optimized for easy setup

Cookie Cracker's user interface is so well optimized that it will be easy for you to find and configure all the settings. Form follows function.

Cookie Templates

Cookie Cracker provides 37 templates of the most popular cookies directly. Among others for Google Analytics, WooCommerce, WordPress, Matomo and many more.
To make your setup as comfortable as possible, our templates are permanently extended.

You can easily select and add the templates in the backend. If a cookie is not yet included, you can add it manually.

In addition, you can send us your added cookie. This will then be checked and added to our templates if necessary.

Cookie Presets

Theme compatibility

Our Cookie Cracker is compatible with all themes. If you have any problems or need help with customization, we will be happy to help you anytime in support.

Native solution

Cookie Cracker is designed as a native solution. This not only has the advantage that you can work independently of services or servers, it is also lightning fast.


Of course we deliver German and English language files directly with Cookie Cracker.

Other languages can be easily translated with a translation plugin like WPML.

Nothing but first-class support

Our primary goal is to enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a smooth-running, hassle-free shop. It should therefore come as no surprise that we invest a substantial amount of time and money in development and support – you will always be able to contact a German/English-speaking customer service representative during local support hours. Our efforts in this area have borne fruit in the form of BITMi certification for B2B Market.

Our customer service representatives are all experts in both the technology behind B2B Market and the content involved. Whoever you talk to, you’ll feel our passion for WordPress, WooCommerce and eCommerce.


Why choose products from MarketPress?

Because we do the hard yards for you.

Intuitive operation

We’ve designed the Cookie Cracker user interface to make customizing your settings a quick and simple process. You can activate and deactivate either individual functions or entire modules included in our suite.

Quality at a price that’s right

Our “Made in Germany” solutions ensure that anyone can sell their products in the German-speaking area – without having to constantly struggle with issues of a technical or legal nature. We are proud to act as a facilitator for start-ups and small shops.

The leading shop system

Simple to set up, a market share of nearly 40 percent, a huge range of plugins and a dynamic community: There are so many reasons to choose WooCommerce. Our products, WooCommerce blog and tutorials support the continuous development and refinement of this leading shop system.



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