Customer loyalty made easy

Small effort - big effect!
Show your appreciation to your customers by rewarding them with small surprises.
Salesman combines clever features for customer loyalty with smart functions to increase usability and traffic.

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Requirements: PHP 7.4+, WooCommerce 6.4+, WordPress 5.4

Selling: Easier than ever

Salesman allows you to automatically send your customers vouchers on specific dates, such as after their first purchase or on their birthday.

Salesman also allows you to test different product titles and images and then choose the one that generates more sales.

Salesman also includes a bonus points programme. Let your customers collect points with every purchase and increase the repurchase rate.

With our referral programme, your customers can promote your shop and earn discounts.

This and much more, combined in one plugin: Salesman



Varied and individual

Bonus points

Collect points with every purchase

Increase customer loyalty with our "Bonus Points" module. With this module, your customers can earn points with every order and then redeem them for vouchers for their next purchase in your shop.

You can individually configure the conditions for receiving and redeeming the bonus points.


Sales Countdown

Motivate your customers to buy by displaying a message or pop-up on the product page when the next offer starts or an current offer ends.


Free Shipping Progress Bar

Show your customers how much they still need to receive a free delivery.

You can design the bar according to your preferences and also set the texts individually.
Create an additional incentive to buy with this feature.


Cross Sales

Show your customers products that are matching their current selection, including the display of recently viewed products. To do this, you can define the products to be displayed and the corresponding headings according to your wishes.

Popular Products - Sales

Display a message or pop-up on the product page that shows potential customers how often the product has been bought in a certain period of time, in order to encourage them to buy the product.

Popular Products - Views

Motivate potential customers to buy a product by showing them on the product page in a message or pop-up how often the product has been viewed in a certain period of time.

Refer a friend

Win-Win: Advertising for your shop and happy customers at the same time

Offer your customers the opportunity to join a referral programme and receive a coupon for each successful referral.

You can define the value of the voucher and the conditions that an order must fulfil in order for the referrer to receive a coupon.


New Customer Coupon

Send new customers a voucher as a small incentive after their first purchase and encourage them to buy again.

Birthday Coupon

Surprise your customers on their birthday with a coupon.

You can freely configure the email and the voucher.

A/B Testing

Test how successful your product page is. Set an alternative product title and an alternative product image to see which one generates more sales.

How did you hear about us

With this module, you can ask your customers on the checkout page, for example, how they found out about your shop.


Win back customers

Send a coupon to customers who haven't ordered in a while to encourage them to buy again.

Increase your profit and sell easier than ever before

With Salesman you have the optimal tool to increase the chance of boosting your sales with just a few simple steps. Salesman offers you various instruments that can be used in different areas of your store to push your sales.


Shop marketing as a key

If your online shop is not running so well, the economy is fluctuating or you simply want to increase your sales, active shop marketing is the most important tool. To save you the hassle of putting together multiple WooCommerce plugins, we have developed Salesman for you. Salesman not only saves you a lot of time and money, but also helps you to increase the chance of your sales.


Salesman and the MarketPress ecosystem

Salesman fits perfectly into the MarketPress ecosystem and works flawlessly with our other products. However, Salesman is compatible with third-party products and can also be used independently of our other products. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

What's Next?
Salesman is under constant development. We are already working on new clever functions that will expand Salesman in the future.
So it remains exciting.


Nothing but first-class support

Our primary goal is to enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a smooth-running, hassle-free shop. It should therefore come as no surprise that we invest a substantial amount of time and money in development and support – you will always be able to contact a German/English-speaking customer service representative during local support hours.

Our customer service representatives are all experts in both the technology behind Salesman and the content involved. Whoever you talk to, you’ll feel our passion for WordPress, WooCommerce and eCommerce.


Why choose products from MarketPress?

Because we do the hard yards for you.

Intuitive operation

We’ve designed the Salesman user interface to make customizing your settings a quick and simple process. You can activate and deactivate either individual functions or entire modules included in our suite.


Our “Made in Germany” solutions ensure that anyone can sell their products in the German-speaking area – without having to constantly struggle with issues of a technical or legal nature. We are proud to act as a facilitator for start-ups and small shops.


Simple to set up, a market share of nearly 40 percent, a huge range of plugins and a dynamic community: There are so many reasons to choose WooCommerce. Our products, WooCommerce blog and tutorials support the continuous development and refinement of this leading shop system.



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