Responsive shop and blog theme for classy individualists.

Price:$25.00 Including tax

Version: 1.5.3 - Changelog

Release Date: 20.05.2014

Last Update: 29.06.2016

Compatible With: WordPress 4.4+


Developer: MarketPress

Plugins / Themes: 9

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Version: 1.5.3

  • cart.php woocommerce template (2.6.1) – add coupon-code & update-cart button

  • language file

Version: 1.5.2

  • Minor css adjustment

  • filter woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item

  • language files

Version: 1.5.1

  • composer.json

  • minor template adjustment acc. to WooCommerce 2.5

  • filter add_template_loop_shop
    function duesseldorf_wgt_get_text_including_tax
    minor css style (Pagination)

  • language files

Version: 1.5

  • expansion of color switcher
    marketpress autoupdater
    basic print styles
    comment form for WP 4.4 adapted, option for new comment form
    support title tag for WP 4.4

  • product image zoom with variations
    break div #shipping_method+ break tax output
    corrects incorrect translation
    remove double border upon checkout
    Template adapted payment.php

  • language file

Version: 1.4.3

  • escaped content attributes (WC 2.4.9 security fix)
    product zoom img

Version: 1.4.2

  • style refactoring pagination
    adaptation wgm-break in the ordering process total
    language file adjusted

Version: 1.4.1

  • customize language strings

Version: 1.4

  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce German Market 2.5.2
    Added compatibility to WooCommerce 2.3.8
    Fixed archive sidebar on static front page

Version: 1.3

  • Fixed missing :active and :focus states for button and input.
    Fixed broken off canvas header navigation in (mobile) IE and Android Browser.
    Added support for ContactForm7 and improved form fields in Widgets.
    Added WooCommerce checkout/payment.php template to theme to avoid overflow bug with WGM and .form-row.terms.
    Fixed broken “Proceed to Checkout” button in cart.
    Improved CSS selectors for WooCommerce buttons.
    Changed rel=”designer” to rel=”nofollow” for powered-by link. Why?
    Added favicon.ico to theme

Version: 1.2

  • Various minor improvements to UI copy and language files.
    Fixed a bug where the WooCommerce mini cart would display net instead of gross prices.
    Updated templates for WooCommerce 2.3.x compatibility.

Version: 1.1.1

  • added support for LaterPay-Plugin

  • added missing clearing on content-container
    added missing clearing on cross-sells
    added missing clearing on cart
    fixed broken variation images
    added style fix for plus and minus selectors
    added permalink to post date to ensure accessibility with empty post titles

Version: 1.1

  • Flexslider: filter for slider-options
    social-channel: added
    Font Awesome: update to version 4.1
    Theme-CSS/-JS: added version to stylesheets to avoid caching-bugs after updates
    WordPress Languages Packages: added support for Languages Packages
    Header Navigation: added secondary navigation via dropdown and new media queries for mobiel view

  • added missing WooCoomerce .clear
    fixed margin for WGM second checkout “buy now”-button
    attachment-page: pagination prev/next/back to post
    cross-selling: two-column-bug, fixed width and media queries
    theme-description: added translations for theme style.css
    WooCommerce Layered Navigation: fixed styling for list-view
    Mobile View: fixed hidden header for mobile view
    Spacing for “add to cart” when WGM is not activated

Version: 1.0.3

  • WGM 2.4.1-support
    moved check for featured-product-Slider to slider template
    added dependency check for Flexslider
    added dependency check for Zoom
    removed product-gallery-attachment filter

  • missing links in breadcrumbs, added support for hierarchically taxonomies and WooCommerce
    broken anchor comment link
    bug in MarketPress-Autoupdater

Version: 1.0.2

  • new markup-settings for mini-cart available
    WGM 2.4-support

  • display of product-categories
    padding-bottom for main content
    styling for requirements of digital products

Version: 1.0.1

  • static div and added filter for demo-store-notice

  • missing template-file with markup for categories
    clearfix for content floatings
    missing edit-link
    added only html5shiv for older IE

  • notice on pagination
    display of excerpts for various post types

Version: 1.0

  • Initial Release

Königsallee and Carnival

Königsallee and Carnival

Casual elegance, modern technology, industrial tradition and individual liberty—the pulsating city at river Rhine acts as the model for a state-of-the-art WordPress theme with an exciting profile:

Responsive off-canvas layout, high-contrast flat design with a default slab serif paying typographic reference to both, local steel mill tradition as well as modern advertising industry. And in front of the same backdrop, an almost unlimited carnival license (sic!) for custom styles, colors, aethetics and functionality.

Welcome to Düsseldorf!

Shop Window

Main features at a glance

Responsives Webdesign

Düsseldorf represents the graceful casualness of a modern mobile shopping experience. Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone—responsive web design will display your content in excellent shape on every device. On smaller screens, navigation and sidebar gently slide out of the viewport, leaving the center stage to blog posts and products.

WooCommerce Store

Düsseldorf does e-commerce. Our theme automatically recognizes core features of the popular shop plugin WooCommerce for WordPress and provides visual styling accordingly. You can add unlimited custom styling for third-party extensions through a child theme. In addition Dusseldorf has a LaterPay support on board.

Legal Security in Germany

German jurisdiction implements strict legal regulations for running a web shop. In combination with our plugin WooCommerce German Market Düsseldorf implements ideal preconditions for a legally secure online shop. Tested and approved by a counsellor-at-law!


That smart mouse-over magnifier we know form large e-commerce sites? Düsseldorf brings it to your WordPress-powered online store. An eye-catcher, literally, and a unique enhancement of your shop presentation!

Widgets & Slider

Düsseldorf provides multiple areas for you to individually customize your site with widgets. A content slider for Featured Products set in WooCommerce acts as the dynamic shop window of your site.

Multilingual Content

Publish content in multiple languages for international customers using our plugin Multilingual Press Pro. Düsseldorf will recognize and position the language switcher provided by the plugin, no extra configuration required.


The theme will automatically deliver stylesheets and JavaScript files to the browser in their compressed versions. CSS3 instead of JavaScript for animations and a lightweight HTML5 markup contribute to an SEO-friendly default performance of the theme. Düsseldorf intentionally doesn’t oppose additional optimization via plugin with built-in caching features. Theme does what themes do best …


Efficiently personalize your site title and logo image via the WordPress Customizer, and you’re good to go! For additional customization via child theme, Düsseldorf provides a fully documented developer API. Be all yourself and add individual styles, functions, templates—no limitations besides WordPress and you own creativity.

Premium Support

Included in your theme license is 1 year of unlimited access to the MarketPress help desk, where our professionally qualified support staff will be happy to assist you with words, hearts and hands.

Social Media

Düsseldorf embeds popular social profiles in a widget and provides social sharing links for Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Utilizing our Developer API and a child theme you can always add more services and channels.

Network Social Sharing Social Channel
Stack Overflow

Technical Details

  • Retina-ready
  • Responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Supports common browsers & IE8+
  • WordPress Coding Standards
  • Built for WordPress 3.9+
  • Ready for WooCommerce 2.x+
  • Child-Theme-friendly
  • Developer API
  • LaterPay Support
Licence Anchor




$25.00 Including tax
  • Domains:unlimited
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $17.00
* Renewals are optional. They provide ongoing access to updates and support.