Connect WordPress and Slack - with the Slack Connector. The plugin offers you and your team all conditions to always be informed about all activities on your blog, shop and forum. And to perfectly optimize your processes.

Whether orders from WooCommerce are forwarded to a specific channel, or to get informed about new topics from bbPress-forums, or about comments and posts from your blog: Slack Connector offers you endless possibilities to automate your stream of messages.

Price:$35.00$69.00 Including tax

Version: 1.0 - Changelog

Release Date: 30.06.2016

Last Update:

Compatible With: bbPress 2.5.9, WooCommerce 2.6+, WordPress 4.5+


Developer: MarketPress

Plugins / Themes: 9

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Version: 1.0

  • Initial Release

Flexible and Individual

With the Slack Connector you can define as many rules as you like. That way you stay as flexible as possible. All entries can be configured individually: by choosing one’s own Slack-Username, an emoji and a color for messages.

WooCommerce Module

WooCommerce Module

You can create a notification for new orders, which can be filtered individually. Get Notifications for a specific product, for a product category or for all products. Further messages are possible for new reviews, for products low in stock or out of stock, or when a new customer registers on your shop.

Example: With the Slack Connector you are able to inform your team – or single team members – about new orders. Thereby you can determine who gets a notification for which product in the shopping cart. That is especially convenient, when the product has to be send from a store or handled by a specific employee.

Example: You sell products from other vendors or commodities that are custom-made? Here as well, the Slack Connector can simplify your communication.

Example: Your stocks are running low. With the Slack Connector the responsible team or supplier gets a notification in real time and can react accordingly.

bbPress Forums & Replies

bbPress Forums & Replies

You can limit notifications to single forums, or to private topics and forums. For a better overview, the Slack Connector displays the bbPress Gravatar. That way you can quickly identify who send the particular message.

Example: You operate a bbPress forum with different teams of moderators? With the Slack Connector you can connect particular sections of the forum with the Slack channels of your teams. That way everybody gets to see what they are suppose to see and want to see.

Example: You are handling your support through the forum? Notify the responsible employee, as soon as a new request or reply is received.

WordPress Posts and Comments

WordPress Posts and Comments

Blog posts that are transferred to Slack can be filtered by categories. In Slack you see the content of the post, or an excerpt of the content, as well as the blog post image. Comments can also be filtered by category, or you set the notifications only for specific posts.

Example: You start a sweepstake on your blog and want to be informed about every incoming comment. Or the members of a Slack channel are supposed to know when a new blog post goes online.

Connection to third-party suppliers

You are using a WordPress plugin of a third-party supplier that you want to connect with the Slack Connector? Please contact us, if and how it is possible to integrate that into our next update of our plugin.

Licence Anchor


$35.00 Including tax
  • Domains:1
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $25.00


$55.00 Including tax
  • Domains:5
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $39.00


$69.00 Including tax
  • Domains:10
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Supportforum:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days / $58.00