Do you want to offer different prices for different customer groups? Or do you want to have bulk prices, global discounts and much more in your online shop? In that case Role Based Prices is just the right plugin for you.

Expand your possibilities and increase your sales with prices geared to the target group and promotional special offers.

Price:$49.00$99.00 Including tax

Version: 2.0.3 - Changelog

Release Date: 25.05.2016

Last Update: 15.09.2016

Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.6+, WordPress 4.6+


Developer: MarketPress

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Version: 2.0.3

  • compatibility with WPML

  • Variation Price with Function “Update product total”
    Variation price range with active customer group
    Display Variation WooCommerce Price Suffixe
    tax display and calculation error at active bulk pricing
    small bugs

  • MarketPress Auto-Updater

Version: 2.0.2

  • Update product total Option

Version: 2.0.1

  • RBP_Models_LegacydataModel
    Bulk Prices
    URL public.js
    function calculate_price Error

Different users - different prices

Different users - different prices

You can define roles for individual customer groups and assign special prices to them. E.g. for regular customers, members, subscribers, cooperation partners, wholesalers, tradesmen or students. Reward single roles or all of your customers with bulk prices or global discounts.

You can specify that certain products are displayed only for chosen roles, i.e., you can have a limited exclusive sale. Or you can offer free products for some groups. Role Based Prices gives you endless possibilities. You decide who pays how much for your products at what time.

Stay flexible. In all situations.

React to different customer groups and customer needs with your online shop at any time! Here, we present the most important functions of Role Based Prices for WooCommerce including several examples.

  • Customer groups: Divide your customers into groups and use these groups to offer different prices to different customer groups or to hide products to certain customer groups.

  • Product-related group prices: Assign a new price to a product only for a special customer group. In that way you can realize discounts like “As a premium member you only pay $9.99 instead of the regular price”.

  • Bulk prices: Define bulk prices for your products and reward customers who buy in large quantities. For instance: “Price $15. Price from 10 pieces $12. Price from 20 pieces $10”.

  • Global discounts / price fixing: Offer all products at a discount – either for all customers or just for certain customer groups. Example: “Today every piece $1.99!” or “This week 20% discount for premium members”.

  • Hide products / show products: You can control whether a product is hidden or shown for a customer of a special customer group. So you can offer different prices to different customer groups.

  • Fixed price or discount for the current price: Discounts can be offered as a fixed price (e.g. “Only $5 instead of $10) or as a fixed or percentage discount to the current price (a product is $5 cheaper or 5% cheaper).

  • The lowest price wins: If a customer belongs to multiple customer groups with different prices he will get offered the lowest price – no ifs and buts.

Stable and reliable work

Stable and reliable work

Role Based Prices for WooCommerce is based on the user roles of WordPress. Therefore, we can guarantee a high stability and compatibility with other plugins. Of course, this plugin works hand in hand with WooCommerce German Market – our solution for legally secure online shops in Germany and Austria.

Every customer is different. Offer your shop visitors an important benefit with prices that suit their particular situation. This will help you to make your online shop unique and to win regular customers.

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