Email Designer for WooCommerce

Customize WooCommerce email notifications in just a few minutes. Create your own design to match your online shop. Make a significantly more professional impression when communicating with your customers.

Developer: Hannes Etzelstorfer

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The product “Email Designer for WooCommerce” will no longer be sold on our platform as of January 01, 2023. New purchases, renewals and upgrades will no longer be available for this product as of this date.

Create your own templates in no time at all

The Email Designer for WooCommerce enables you to quickly and simply customize the text, colors, fonts, images and tables used in your WooCommerce emails. A live preview function enables you to review your changes straight away and make any changes required.

You do not need developer-level knowledge of things like HTML or CSS. All content can either be dragged and dropped or edited using intuitive menus and buttons.

Get your designs just how you want them

Individuelles Design, ganz nach deinen WĂĽnschen

Change the appearance of your email templates with just a few clicks. There are a range of customizable settings at your disposal, for example:

  • Colors: Use the Color Picker to select colors for the background, header, footer, text and tables.

  • Fonts: All text, font sizes, font colors and font formats can be adapted to your corporate design. Customize headings, continuous text, text in tables, text in the footer and much more besides.

  • Header: Include your logo, header graphics or simply the text of your choice.

Create customized content with the drag & drop MailBuilder

Inhalte anpassen: Der Drag & Drop MailBuilder

The content of WooCommerce emails can also be customized – simply drag and drop individual elements to add or remove them. You can also tweak the various sections of your notifications to get them exactly how you want them.

Editing is child’s play with the WordPress Editor

Einfaches Arbeiten mit dem WordPress Editor

You don’t need to learn any shortcodes or programming languages. Simply write your text in the WordPress Editor as usual. A handy dropdown menu enables you to add placeholders for customer data and order information from WooCommerce.

Customize the order summary table

Produkttabelle anpassen

You can also adapt the order summary table to your heart’s content. You might choose to add or remove rows, change the size of images or modify the content of the table.

Email preview function

Select an existing order and an email notification to view the preview live in your browser. This function is available for all templates:

  • Admin: New order incoming

  • Admin: Order abandoned

  • Customer: Order received

  • Customer: Order completed

  • Customer invoice

  • Customer comment

  • Customer: Reset password

  • Customer: New account

Responsive emails

Responsive E-Mails

Emails are optimized for display on your customer’s device – from desktop PCs to tablets and mobile phones. This ensures that your communication is just as targeted and professional as your online shop itself.

Additional features:

  • You can also customize the footer in your templates. Simply use the Editor to add whichever text, images or links you wish to integrate.

  • The inclusion of product images in emails can be switched on and off. You can also adjust the size and aspect ratio of the images.

  • Expand your templates to include additional elements such as blocks of text, columns, information from the WooCommerce German Market or an order summary table. These options give you plenty of space to include your own content, for example customer service information, product recommendations, affiliate content, links or advertising.


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  • 12 months email support in English
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  • 12 months email support in English
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