If anything should not work as expected, please proceed systematically in order to indetify the issue. Whenever you feel you need help, feel free to post a ticket at our dedictaed help desk at MarketPress. Our support staff will be able to assist you even more quickly if you include the following bits of information in you ticket:

  • Your current versions of
    • WordPress,
    • WooCommerce,
    • PHP on your server.
  • How did you notice the behavior in question?
  • Were you able to reproduce it in a default environment? Default environemtn meaning: all plugins except WooCommerce and WooCommerce EU VAT Checkout deactivated, one of the default WordPress themes (“Twenty…”) activated.
  • How can we reproduce the behavior?


Taxes in the front-end are not being recalculated automatically.

  • Has the current billing country selected during checkout been added as a tax rate row within the tax class EU Digital?
  • Has the current product been assigned to the EU Digital tax class?
  • Has the current product been marked as downloadable?
  • Has the shop been configured to allow sales to the current billing country selected during checkout?

Tax included with a downloadable product is being recalculated during checkout, but shows a false amount.

Have you calculated correctly? Prices including n% VAT correspond to (100+n)% of their net prices. Here’s the formula for VAT included:

Gross price ÷ (100 + tax rate in percent) × tax rate in percent.

For a price of €100,00 with 20% VAT included the included amount of VAT would be:

100,00 ÷ (100 + 20) × 20 = 16,67