Actually, it is our well-grounded conviction that themes shouldn’t feature their own widgets. And we usually stick to our convictions like sailors to a bottle of rum. The fact that Hamburg nonetheless comes with a custom widget pays tribute to the end truly justifying the means in rare occasions.

The WooCommerce plugin Hamburg features full compatibility for uses WordPress’s comment functionality for product reviews. As an unfortunate consequence, WordPress’s own Recent Comments widget displays those reviews just as regular comments—a logical, yet undesirable behavior when you run a shop and blog from the same installation.

Therefore our developer Thomas “The Eye” Scholz has re-build the Recent Comments widget almost identically and added a selection of post types. Now you can choose, which post type’s comments you want to display in the frontend:

  • Comments of posts
  • Comments of media attachments
  • Comments of pages

Voilá, le widget!

Widget Areas

Custom widget areas (old-fashionedly named “sidebars”) can and should obviously appear in a theme. Theme Hamburg offers you the following for fun and profit:

  • Blog Sidebar
  • Front Page Banner
  • Front Page Teasers (available only when WooCommerce is active)
  • Footer 1
  • Footer 2
  • Footer 3
  • No-results page (use of this widget area replaces default content on that page)