PermalinkDownload the theme Frankfurt

  1. Once you have purchased your MarketPress product, log in to your customer account on with the access information you received via email.
  2. Click the button Dashboard on the top right corner and then the button View Downloads & Licences in the left sidebar.
  3. Download the theme Frankfurt to your PC. You will now have a ZIP archive entitled
MarketPress Dashboard
Your MarketPress Dashboard
Download Theme Frankfurt
Download Theme Frankfurt

PermalinkInstallation via the WordPress admin area

This is the easiest way to install a theme:

  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Go to Appearance → Themes and click the button Add New.
  3. Now click Upload theme on the page Add themes.
  4. Click Browse …, navigate to the file on your PC, and click Install Now.
  5. Wait for WordPress to display a confirmation message that the theme was installed successfully. Click Activate to use the theme you just uploaded for your website. Alternatively, you can activate the theme later in the dashboard via Appearance → Themes, or via the Customizer.
Important: It would be best to navigate directly to Settings → Permalinks to set up the relevant URLs (not the option Default).
Setting up Permalinks
Setting up Permalinks
Important: The theme “Frankfurt” comes with its own front page template. Once the theme is activated, a front page is generated for you automatically, which you only have to adapt to your requirements. Read more about this topic in the section Front Page of this documentation.

PermalinkInstallation via FTP

Are you having problems with the installation via the WordPress admin section? Then try it via FTP. To do so, you will need an FTP program, for example Filezilla.

  1. Extract the ZIP archive locally on your hard drive. You will now have a folder entitled frankfurt.
  2. Create a connection between your PC and your webspace via the FTP program.
  3. Upload the folder to the directory wp-content/themes of your WordPress installation.
  4. Log in to WordPress and activate the theme via Appearance → Themes.

Frankfurt Child Theme Installation

We recommend working with a child theme if you want to make adjustments to the code. This will ensure that your changes will remain after an update.

You can download our child theme for Frankfurt from GitHub, and install it exactly like you installed Frankfurt. Here is the link to the download (side bar on the right, button Download ZIP): Frankfurt Child Theme.

PermalinkShop Installation

If you would like to use Frankfurt as your shop theme with WooCommerce and WooCommerce German Market, then you will have to install those plugins as well.

Installing WooCommerce

  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Before beginning with the installation, make sure that you have set the correct language for the page under Settings → General so that WooCommerce will be installed in your language.
  3. Go to Plugins → Add New, and look for the plugin WooCommerce (by WooThemes) via the search mask.
  4. Install and activate the plugin. You will see a message with a button for the installation of the WooCommerce pages. Another message will ask you to confirm that WooCommerce is permitted to collect data from your installation. This message can be ignored with “No, do not bother me again”.
  5. Make sure that the language files are installed correctly BEFORE you install the WooCommerce pages. This is easily checked: the menus WooCommerce and Products in the admin bar should appear in your language. If that is not the case, you need to install the correct language via the message mentioned above. Should that message fail to appear, then go to WooCommerce → System Status → Tools) and click the button Force Translation Upgrade..
  6. Install the WooCommerce pages.
  7. Go to Settings → Permalinks and set pretty permalinks (not the option Default) in the section Product permalink base.
Installing WooCommerce
WooCommerce messages during installation
Installing WooCommerce
WooCommerce messages during installation
Installing WooCommerce – Your WordPress-Based Online Shop in Five Minutes
(including links to a number of articles on the topic of WooCommerce at the end of the post)

Installing WooCommerce German Market (optional)

  1. Download WooCommerce German Market from your MarketPress account under Downloads & Invoices. You will now have a ZIP archive entitled
  2. In the WordPress admin section, go to Plugins → Install. Click the button Add New and then Upload plugin.
  3. Upload the ZIP archive, then install and activate the plugin.
  4. WooCommerce German Market will display a welcome screen, and you will be given the option to select some settings. Make your selection (it will be best to leave the to top option selected), and click Install – WooCommerce German Market.
WooCommerce German Market welcome screen
WooCommerce German Market installation tips