Frankfurt is a responsive[1] WordPress theme for static websites, blogs, and online shops.

You want a multilingual website? Not a problem for Frankfurt.

Frankfurt automatically supports the plugins WooCommerce and WooCommerce German Market for full shop functionality. The theme was tested and deemed to provide legal certainty within German jurisdiction [2] in conjunction with these two plugins.

PermalinkContemporary, Responsive Design

Its functional, responsive design makes Frankfurt look good whatever the device. Surfing and shopping fun is guaranteed – at home or on the go. The theme offers plenty of space for relevant content and a multi-faceted product visualization.

Frankfurt scores with excellent performance and intelligent animations on mobile devices: The off-canvas menu can be configured separately from the main menu and header menu to prioritize specific pages for your mobile view.

Moving the menu to the off-canvas area creates additional space in the view port.

Frankfurt mobile menu
The mobile menu only appears after a click on the “Menu” button.

Conversion optimization at the theme architecture stage – the large header with its call-to-action element on the frontpage comes to bear perfectly on devices with a large screen. Go to the section Configuration → Frontpage to find out more about setup.

Front page header
Frankfurt front page header


Frankfurt’s support for WooCommerce and WooCommerce German Market is initiated automatically, as soon as these plugins are enabled for your website. The plugin-specific style sheets are also activated to prevent mismatches of visual styles.

It is virtually impossible to provide matching visual styles for every combination of setting and configuration for a plugin as complex as WooCommerce. We did what we could to cover as many configurations for the plugin as possible.

Sometimes, however, you may have to put in some rework via CSS – for example in conjunction with WooCommerce add-ons – to get the exact result you are looking for.

Important: Once you have activated Frankfurt as your theme of choice, you should then adjust the dimensions of the product images in WooCommerce. (See section Product and Content Images)

PermalinkUpdates and Support

Your license purchase will give you a full year of updates and support for the Frankfurt theme.

One year of updates means that you can download all new versions released within one year of your purchase to your MarketPress account.

Once you have input your license key, you can also take advantage of automatic updates in the WordPress admin section.

Additionally, the MarketPress Helpdesk will be available to you during your license period alongside all documentation. There you will get quick and knowledgeable support.

Please contact our Helpdesk colleagues directly if:

  • you can’t find a solution for your issue in the documentation.
  • you couldn’t find an answer in your Helpdesk search either.
  • you have a question about your MarketPress license.
  • you get an error message in your browser (“Warning”, “Notice”, “Error”).

Please refrain from submitting support queries by email. Please use the Private Topics option for the Helpdesk if you wish to forward sensitive information o support.

Product support focuses on queries regarding product features, and generally does not include our support team implementing custom adjustments for you.

Please use a public forum or a service provider for custom adjustments to the theme beyond the offered product features.

You will find an overview of key features on the Theme Frankfurt Product Page.