This section applies to new posts or existing posts without a translation. See Change translation relationships for existing posts.

Click the Add New link to create a new post, or open an existing post. You will see one metabox per language beneath the regular editor. Write your original post. When you are done, go to the editor for the first translation.

Translating posts

You have two options now: Just write the translation, or copy the original post into the translation box. For the latter, click the Copy source post button next to the Add Media button. It will copy the title and the post content, including formatting, to the translation box.

The Add Media buttons uses the library of the current site. We might change that in the future. Just be aware, images and other attachments will not be part of the translation site. If you want to use the media library of the target site, click the link in the metabox title to get to that site, and continue editing there.

You can also copy the featured image if you click the checkbox and hit Save.

Click Change taxonomies to assign existing terms from the target site. Post formats are currently not supported. New terms must be created in the target site, before they are available for translations.

Don’t forget to save your post regularly, because the auto-save routine will not include your translations, just core data from the main post.

When you are ready, publish the main post, then head over to the translation site–click the Draft link in the metabox title–and publish the translation. Multilingual Press will never publish anything by itself, it will just create drafts.

When your post is completely translated, check the Translation completed checkbox. This will remove the post from the dashboard widget with untranslated posts.

Translation completed


That’s all. Happy translating!