Essential preparation

Updating your shop in order to ensure legally secure operation within the EU is not without its pitfalls – even though the technical issues associated with EU VAT are surprisingly simple to solve. Prepare your shop with due care and attention, and test all new configurations and functions in your test environment (a highly realistic mirror image of your shop that cannot be accessed by the general public).

If you have not already done so, read up on the legal issues associated with the EU directive that came into effect in 2015, and take professional legal advice on aspects specific to your shop.

If you arrive at the conclusion that you need to take further action, please remember that you may need to register for the Mini-One-Stop-Shop scheme (MOSS)! Your local tax office is available to answer any queries you have in this regard.

Link: Interview with lawyer Thomas Schwenke on the subject of EU VAT from 1 January 2015

Legal reasons prevent our Support team from answering any questions of a legal nature. We apologize for any inconvenience.