First steps

Before you start scheduling backups take a look at the settings. Here you can control the general behavior of the plugin that affects all backup jobs.

If you made an upgrade from version 2.x this might be necessary, because we changed and improved many details in version 3 and we could not reuse all older settings.

BackWPup Settings


You will find in the tab Informations many technical data about your server settings. Our plugin cannot change those, but you get notices about potential problems. We might need these information for our support too, so we can help you better.

We added a wizard for a system test. You can find it under Wizards. Here we check with real tests if the plugin gets read and write access wherever it is necessary. If we find problems you will get notices helping you to solve them.

You can activate anything you see in the tabs General, Jobs and Logs if you want to. Nothing will break, and you can reset everything to default any time.
The settings in Network are used only when you are using an additional password protection via basic access authentication.

You need the API keys for Dropbox and SugarSync only if you are using these services and don’t want to use our built-in keys. Usually, our keys will just work.

One click backup


One click backupThe main purpose of our plugin are scheduled jobs. But if you need a fast backup, go to the plugin dashboard and click on Download database backup. This will save the WordPress database tables only as SQL, no attachments and no additional tables. There is also no log file. You might use this if you want to upgrade WordPress and your last backup is too old.

But please use this option in such exceptional cases only.

Scheduling a Backup

Scheduled backups run automatically and repeatedly. You can decide where the backups are stored or sent to, what data are saved—attachments and additional tables for example—and what format will be used for that.

We offer two ways to schedule a backup: wizards and expert mode.


You find the wizards for scheduled backups in the plugin dashboard or in the sub-menu Add New Job.

A wizard combines multiple settings, so you get the result faster.

BackWPup wizard

You can see all necessary steps and your current state on the left side in the blue box. On each step you can go back and change earlier settings – the wizard will remember everything you have done, so you will not lose anything. This is a backup plugin after all.

Caution: If you save your backups on the web space only, you have to take care about saving them to your local hard drive periodically. You can find and download all existing backups in the sub-menu Backups.

Expert mode

The sub-menu Add New Job offers settings to schedule a fine-tuned backup. This requires some knowledge about the inner workings of your file system and your database. You can create smaller backups here than with a wizard, but there is also the risk to miss some important data.

Editing existing jobs

In the sub-menu Jobs you can see, change and delete all existing backup jobs. Watch out for redundancies: you don’t need two jobs doing almost the same, extend one existing job instead.

More important is the date of the last run: when a job has never been run, you should explore the reason. Enable email notifications for the first scheduled jobs, so you get warnings whenever a problem occurs.

The log files—you can find them in the sub-menu Logs too—collect many important details about the job. Please send us these logs when you need help.


You can import XML backups with the import wizard easily.

Import SQL exports per database manager and file archives per FTP or SSH. We are working on a better importer for these backup formats.

Caution: If your web site has been hacked, do not just import an old backup. The attacker might have stored malicious data in these files too, so you could end up restoring a hacked state. Always inspect your backups thoroughly in these cases before you use them.


Your feedback is important for us. What works well? What could we improve? How can we help? Our support forum on is always open for you.