CyberWeek: 25% discount and save up to $199.

Only once a year there is the CyberWeek. You can get a 25% discount on our products and save up to $199 on new purchases of our bestsellers German Market, B2B Market and Atomion, our WooCommerce theme.

The CyberWeek offers a fantastic opportunity to get started with the products of MarketPress. The promotion runs from 11/25/2019 up to and including 12/02/2019. A coupon code is not necessary, because in the indicated period we lower the prices in our Shop automatically by 25%.

Make it beautiful
WordPress Theme Atomion

WordPress Theme Atomion

Atomion is suitable for small and large e-commerce projects.
For the individual design of your website there are more than 120 options available in the customizer .
Despite the extensive features Atomion is easy to understand and supports you with a detailed documentation including video tutorials.

The theme is optimized for WooCommerce and Gutenberg and extends your online shop with numerous interesting and useful functions to make shopping as comfortable as possible for your customers.

Atomion WooCommerce Theme

10 cool features of Atomion

  • Wishlist
    Atomion provides your customers with an integrated wish list and you don’t need an extra plugin.
  • Mega Menu/Simple Menu
    With the Mega Menu you can make it easier for your customers to find their way around by adding pictures to categories and drawing their attention to them. You can also display the menu in WooCommerce as a simple menu.
  • Progress indicator at checkout
    Show your customers where they are currently in the order process and which steps are still necessary to complete the order.
  • Account Menu
    With Atomion you can create an individual account dropdown menu and show your customers their login status and simplify navigation within your shop.
  • Individual shop overview
    You can design the overview page in the shop according to your wishes, change the number of columns, add a hero picture and a description, and much more.
  • Shariff
    GDPR compliant sharing of pots and products using the Shariff method.
  • Include over 950 fonts GDPR compliant.
    The fonts are installed locally on the server and loaded from it. There is no connection to the Google servers. Therefore, the use is GDPR compliant and does not require any additional reference in the Privacy policy.
  • Top Bar
    You can display important information in an additional row with up to three columns above the menu.
  • Mobile optimized
    So that your website is equally beautiful on all devices, Atomion has of course been optimized for mobile use.
  • Quick View
    Save your customers the hassle of searching and show them the most important product information with our quick view.

Atomion has of course clearly more cool features. A list of all functions of Atomion can be found here.

Make it right
WooCommerce Plugin German Market

German Market supports you in making WooCommerce legally secure for the German-speaking market and the entire EU . In addition, German Market offers integrated billing , connection to your accounting and your merchandise management, cancellation processing and much more.

German Market also provides the necessary legal texts and takes the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in WooCommerce into account with checkboxes for data protection, for example.

German Market

Additional Add-Ons of German Market

  • Invoice PDF
    This add-on adds a PDF invoice as an attachment to customer emails, allows backend download of the PDF and customer download on the My Account page. The invoice template can be customized.
  • Invoice number
    This add-on adds a sequential invoice number to the orders.
  • Cancellations
    The cancellation features in German Market give you an overview of all your refunds. For the individual cancellations you can create PDFs and send them to your customers.
  • EU VAT ID Check
    This add-on adds a field for the VAT identification number (VAT ID) to the Checkout.
  • EU Tax
    Fix the product prices in your WooCommerce online shop. The add-on shows the prices according to the EU regulations on value added tax.
  • Return / delivery note PDF
    This add-on adds a PDF return note as an attachment to the customer emails, allows backend download of the PDF and customer download on the My Account page.
  • LMIV
    This add-on allows you to add legally required information on nutritional values and allergens to your products, taking into account the Food Regulation.
  • Single Add-Ons to connect Lexoffice, sevDesk, 1&1 online accounting and billbee to WooCommerce.

German Market offers numerous special features and options. A list of all functions of German Market can be found here.

Make it big
WooCommerce Plugin B2B Market

B2B Market

Expand your target group with B2B Market and create different prices for different customer groupsgraded prices, discounts, minimum quantities, conditional payment and shipping methods and much more are no problem with B2B Market.

B2B Market has some add-ons to add to the functionality. The new add-on Cookie-Banner allows your visitors GDPR compliant a granular setting of allowed cookies and gives them the information they need to feel safe with you.

B2B Market

10 cool features of B2B Market

  • Flexible Pricing
    You can differentiate between B2B or B2C customers and any number of other roles for each customer account.
  • Products only for B2B or B2C
    Fade in or out individual products and product groups when B2B customers, end customers or other roles visit your online shop.
  • Bulk prices
    Define bulk prices and volume discounts for your products, for any number of rolls.
  • discount for first time customers
    Enable a first-time customer discount for certain customer groups and thus ensure more customer growth.
  • Product related group prices
    Assign a new price to a product that applies to a particular customer group.
  • minimum and maximum quantities
    Set certain minimum and maximum quantities for each product and customer group.
  • Bulk editor for product editing
    With the bulk editor you can copy and synchronize group and bulk prices.
  • Conditional payment methods
    Offer certain payment methods only for B2B or B2C, or only for other customer groups. For example, purchase on account, credit card or PayPal.
  • JTL Merchandise Management
    Automate the pricing of your customer groups with the help of JTL merchandise management.
  • Cookie Banner
    Integrated cookie banner solution to protect you against the latest cookie usage regulations.

The application possibilities of B2B Market are very extensive. You will find a list of all functions of B2B Market here.

You already work with German Market, B2B Market or Atomion? Then use the CyberWeek for additional licenses, or for our other products:

Email Designer for WooCommerce

E-Mail Designer
Create your own email design with the Email Designer for WooCommerce . For a more professional communication with your customers.

Klarna SOFORT transfers for WooCommerce

Quickly and easily integrate Klarna SOFORT as a payment method and let your customers pay securely.

The promotion in summary

Here once again the basic data to our CyberWeek promotion:

  • 25% discount on new purchases of our Theme Atomion, German Market, B2B Market and all other products of our shop.
  • in period from 11/25/2019 up to and including 12/02/2019 (“CyberWeek”).
  • You don’t need a coupon code. In the campaign period we lower the prices in our shop automatically by 25%.
  • Here it goes to German Market, B2B Market, Atomion and to all other products.

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