Author: Manuel Schmutte

Interviews with Caspar Hübinger (@glueckpress) at WordCamp Paris 2014

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Within the last days we showed some Interviews Caspar did with visitors of the WordCamp Paris. But today we switched the roles: Our allrounder in the MarketPress Team, Caspar Hübinger, aka interviewer, supporter, multinlingual profi and Blogger got interviewed by Aurélien Denis ( in english and a little bit in french) about WordCamps, WordPress, communities and multiling websites.

Caspar speaks about language focused WordPress communities like in France and Germany, about using WordPress Multisite for multilanguage websites, how he found WordPress and his most often used french word. Of cause he speaks a little bit french, but that’s easy to understand – but check it out by yourself.

Adventskalender Day 24 – Merry Christmas

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Dear MarketPress Customer, dear visitor, dear WordPress friend,

today we open the last door of the MarketPress Adventskalender.
We hope that you liked the one or other post and you were able to learn something. Today we look back upon an exciting year full of action and say: Thank you!

Thank you for your trust, Thank you for your feedback, Thank you for your ideas, Thank you for the inspiring talks on all the events and thank you for the good coworking!

We wish you all some cosy days and we are looking forward to 2014!

Your MarketPress and Inpsyde Team

Nick Jantschke, André Peiffer, Thomas Scholz, Alex Frison, Caspar Hübinger, Christian Brückner, Robert Windisch, Manuel Schmutte, Olaf Schmitz, Thomas Herzog, David Naber, Heinz Rohé, Birgit Olzem, Daniel Hüsken, Frank Bültge and René Reimann (missing: Danny Witting and Dominik Schilling)
Nick Jantschke, André Peiffer, Thomas Scholz, Alex Frison, Caspar Hübinger, Christian Brückner, Robert Windisch, Manuel Schmutte, Olaf Schmitz, Thomas Herzog, David Naber, Heinz Rohé, Birgit Olzem, Daniel Hüsken, Frank Bültge and René Reimann (missing: Danny Witting and Dominik Schilling)

Adventskalender Day 22 – We celebrate 1 Mio downloads of BackWPup with a new release and 33% off till NYE!

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Today we gonna party! Why? “Just” because it is the 4th Advent, Christmas is coming and again one of our products will get a special price? No! Today there is another great cause:

Our worldwide popular WordPress backup plugin BackWPup will reach download number 1 million – exactly today! Therefor we released a brand new version with some new pro features like Google Drive support. And we asked ourself: An offer just for one day? No way! The 33% off will be available till New Year’s Eve 2013. Furthermore we interviewed the developer of BackWPup, Daniel Hüsken. You can watch the German video on vimeo.

BackWPup Pro - 1 Million Downloads

Adventskalender Day 16 – Front End Editing with WordPress 3.8

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Some weeks ago a guy at the coworking space, I’m usually working at, asked me about a plugin to style your theme via the front end, some of his costumers want. I did not find what he asked for, but my colleagues knew about a plugin that, at least, makes front end editing possible. I really like it and think that this could be useful for some of you.

What we need is Parker, (better known as the latest version of WordPress 3.8) and a plugin called “WordPress Front-end Editor” by Janneke Van Dorpe. If you have not already updated to 3.8 don’t forget to do a backup!

WordPress 3 8 Test System

Adventskalender Day 15 – Powersale: WooCommerce German Market + WooCommerce Role Based Prices (30% Off)

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Only 9 days left until Christmas! And what is more obvious than making a nice gift to your beloved partner? But forget jewelry, scarfs and smartphones! Be creative and give a self made WooCommerce online shop. That is true love ♥ ♥ ♥

Today our Adventskalender has its’ third sunday and we are really happy about the positiv feedback and all the comments in our posts! Thanks a lot! And because all of you commented a lot there is a special °package” behind door #15.

Only today you get WooCommerce German Market + WooCommerce Role Based Prices with a discount of 30%! For each, both together, or however you like.


Adventskalender Day 1 – Different Prices for Different Roles with WooCommerce Role Based Prices (30% Off)

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Let’s begin the MarketPress Adventskalender! And because it not just December the 1st, but also the first Advent, we will start with a special offer to you:

Do you already know WooCommerce? The very popular plugin that extends your WordPress installation by a shop-system? Imagine you would like to offer your customers differnt prices. For excample: foreign visitors should see normal price. But your regular customers, wholesalers, club members, fans, friends and so on a special price.

The MarketPress Adventskalender 2013 – 24 Days WordPress Tips And Tricks Each Day!

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Especially in Germany we have the tradition of an Adventskalender (Advent Calendar). An Adventskalender is a special calendar which is used to count down the days from December the 1st to Christmas Eve December 24th.

Such an Adventskalender has 24 doors (or little pouchs, like on the picture below), that will become unlocked every day during Advent. Each door opens to reveal a poem, part of a story such as the Nativity story itself, or an image. Since the last decades Adventskalender have a small gift concealed in each door, such as a toy or a chocolate item.

Adventskalender with pouches
Adventskalender with pouches

Is there a maximum size for WooCommerce shops?

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Searching for a free, self-hosted and open source shopping system, we will find names like Magento, oscommerce or OpenCart. Can the free WordPress plugin WooCommerce compete? Or is it made for small shops only?

We can answer this question from different points of view:

  • How expensive are installation and maintenance?
  • How active is the software development?
  • Can I meet all legal requirements?
  • Which payment gateways can I use?

We will answer these questions in future posts. Today, we want to know if anybody actually has tried to use WooCommerce for a shop with many products. I have set up a survey about that question some weeks ago.