WooCommerce Plugins on the Test Bench: Extra Product Sorting Options

You want your shop customers to be able to filter products by special offers? Or by featured products? Or from A to Z? The free plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options does that and more.

Not only your customers will be grateful for meaningful filter criteria. They also allow you to highlight specific products. Overview of the individual sorting options of the WooCommerce plugin:

  • Show featured products first
  • Show special offers first
  • Product name in ascending order (A to Z)
  • Name in descending order (Z to A)
  • By stock availability (products with highest stock levels first)
  • Random order

The two first options should be the most exciting ones for many online shops. The entries can be individually enabled and disabled, which means you don’t have to use all six options.

Installation & Setup of the Plugin

The plugin can be installed directly in the admin section of WordPress under → Plugins → Install. Either look for the name of the plugin or set it up via Upload Plugin (then you will have to first save it as a ZIP file on your computer here).

WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options does without an own options section. It simply adds to new selection fields, which you can reach via → WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Display:

  • The existing Standard Product Sorting, which comes with WooCommerce can be optionally adapted to one of the new methods. These methods must, however, have been set up beforehand (see two sections further down). The standard sorting specifies the preselected sorting method for visitors to your shop.
  • New method title for standard sorting: The designation “Standard sorting” can be adapted in the shop (e.g. to make it a prompt: “Select sorting method”). In our tests, however, we didn’t get the expected results. The actual functions of the plugin do work, though.
  • As a final step, you select the new methods to be offered to your ciustomers via Add Product Sorting Method.

The result will then look like the title image of our post – depending on the display method of your WordPress or WooCommerce theme.

German Language File

The plugin does not support any other language but English by default. The developer recommends the “Say What?” plugin for translating the individual phrases in the online shop. There is, however, an easier way, which also takes the back end into consideration.

We have created a German language file for WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options, which you can download here. And this is how you install it:

  1. Save the ZIP file wc-extra-sorting-options-de_de.zip locally on your PC.
  2. Unzip the file and you will have the language files wc-extra-sorting-options-de_DE.mo and wc-extra-sorting-options-de_DE.po
  3. Upload these two files via FTP to the folder wp-contentpluginswoocommerce-extra-product-sorting-optionsi18nlanguages of your web server.

After a reload of the online shop pages, the output should be in German. You can also use Poedit to adapt the translations as needed, for example if you have any shop-specific wording (open the .po file with Poedit, edit, save the file and upload it again to the web server).

Important: The original language files, which come with the plugin, will no longer be recognized after the translation. That is because they will have the wrong file name. In the case of our files, they must have the name wc-extra-sorting-options-de_DE.po or .mo. Also have a look here.

Removing the Standard WooCommerce Sorting Options

You should not offer your customers too many sorting options to avoid confusion. In any case, you might want to remove individual standard sorting options provided by WooCommerce. One possible approach is described in the SkyVerge blog in this post.

If you are not that well versed in the source code of WordPress and WooCommerce, then you can also use a plugin called WooCommerce Remove Product Sorting to do the job for you.

If you want to change the order of entries yourself without having to mess with the source code, your only option will be this (paid) plugin. It offers some additional options as well. We have not tested this particular plugin ourselves, so it will be advisable to check the exact scope of function before you buy it.

Additional Notes on the Plugin

The developer offers some additional information here. For example, the sorting by stock levels does work on product level, but not for individual product versions. That means: For variable products, the total stock level will be taken as basis for the displayed sort order.

Due to a technical peculiarity of WooCommerce, the filter for special offers also only works for standard products. If you only have a few variations with special prices, these will not be considered. Despite these limitations, this plugin will be suitable for most shop scenarios.

We would be very happy about some feedback from you in the comment section if you use the plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options in your online shop.

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