WooCommerce Plugins tested: Product Add-ons – Selling Customizable Products

Mass Customization – The trend towards selling customizable products continues. The WooCommerce plugin Product Add-ons allows the customer to adjust individual product features before moving the result to the cart. Here we will show you how to work with the plugin.

You may want to sell customizable product variations like the mass customization pioneers – or you may want to offer your products with a selectable motif or a greeting message: The key issue here is that the order process must be as easy as possible for your customer.

The (paid) plugin WooCommerce Product Add-ons expands the product representation to include the relevant additional input fields and check boxes. It allows the configuration of customized prices for each additional request, and the upload of patterns, sketch drawings, etc. It furthermore allows offering additional services, i.e. gift wrapping.

Installing the German language file

The plugin itself does not support language selection. We have, however, translated the relevant file for you to offer frontend and backend output in German. You can download the files here. You can optionally adapt the translated text to the specifics of your shop (using e.g. Poedit).

This is how you install the language file:

  1. Unzip woocommerce-product-addons-de_DE locally on your PC.
  2. Edit the file .po as needed (see above).
  3. Upload the .po and .mo files via FTP to the directory …/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-addons/languages/ on your webserver.

Once you have reloaded the admin area or the shop, you should now have the plugin output in German.

Product Add-ons – Options

The WooThemes extention is quite easy to work with, once you understand how the system works after a few test runs. The plugin will add a new “Add-ons” tab to the default product data sheet (→ Products → Edit Product):

Product Addon Admin
Product Add-ons Options

A simple drop-down list was added in the example shown. It allows the customer to purchase the additional service “Signature” with several pricing options.

  • The drop-down list at the top allows you to add a check box, drop-down list, text input field, or another element of your choice. New Addon Group will allow you to add more fields depending on your requirements for customization.
  • The Group Name and the Group Description will define the way your additional service will be shown in the shop.

    Important: The plugin may not save input information correctly if this description text is missing. As a rule, all changes must be saved via Publish → Update (at the top right of the product editing page) to ensure nothing is lost.

  • The option Required fields? ensures that the user will make a selection when ordering the product.
  • Option Label and Option Price control which service variation will be offered at what price. The following screenshot illustrates the function of these inputs. You can add more selection options via New Option.
  • WooCommerce Product Add-ons allows you to create fields and boxes that apply for all products in your shop (via Products → Global Add-ons). Where this is the case, but you wish to exclude specific products, you can use the option Global Addon Exclusion.

The display in the shop

In the actual online shop – and in combination with another field for file uploads – it will then look for example like this:

Product AddOn
The product with customizable additional properties and an upload option

Once a purchase is completed, the new fields will be displayed as part of the order in the admin area as follows:

productaddon order
The customized product as shown in the order

And here is another pointer on how WooCommerce Product Add-ons works with variable products: The plugin integrates its functionality on product level. Customizable products can have additional fields added. The content of these fields, however, refers to the final product, and can therefore not be individually controlled for single variations. Example: There are no other additional options available for the “blue” dress than for the “red” dress.

Have you had some experience working with WooCommerce Product Add-ons? We would really appreciate your feedback. You are also more than welcome to ask general questions about the plugin (unfortunately we are unable to offer actual plugin support).

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