WooCommerce Plugins tested: Bulk discount option for your online shop

The free to download shop system WooCommerce offers numerous options for creating coupons and discounts. The bulk discount option for individual products, however, can only be used with an add-on plugin: WooCommerce Bulk Discount. We have had a closer look at this extension.

The functionality of WooCommerce Bulk Discount for WordPress (get your download here) is quickly explained. You can enter individual bulk discounts or stagger prices for any product. A discount will be automatically applied and displayed by the system if the customer adds more than the specified quantity of that particular product to the cart.

Dynamic Discount Display in the Cart

The applicable VAT will be additionally displayed if you use our WooCommerce German Market plugin:

bulk vat

A free text field is provided to inform your customers of the discount in the product description:


This is where we get to the most serious drawback of the plugin. The discount will not be dynamically displayed on the product page. Instead, it will only be calculated and shown in the cart. This could be confusing for some customers, which is why your explanatory text should be as clear as possible.

Important: The fact that there is no information about the discount next to the displayed price has a legal aspect as well. Many German language online shops do use the plugin, but you should nevertheless discuss with your legal advisor to what extent a static text information would be permissible. In some industries, this could lead to serious problems.

You have the option of adding another text to be displayed in the cart via the general settings of the plugin: WooCommerce → Bulk Discount. You might use this text field to point customers towards the button “Bulk Discount”, because if the customer should change the order quantity after a specific quantity was placed in the cart, the plugin will only adjust the price via this button function.

Bulk Discount Installation & Configuration

WooCommerce Bulk Discount is very easy to operate:

  1. Install the extension after its download via Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin. Alternatively: Load the unzipped sub-folder “woocommerce-bulk-discount” via FTP to the plugin directory of your WordPress installation, and then enable the tool in the backend under Plugins.

    Important: Just like with any other plugin, it is advisable to create a backup of your database and your WordPress installation before installing the plugin. Here we will show you how to revert to a backup version in case of emergency.

  2. Go to a product of your choice. Call up the tab “Bulk Discount” from within the product data:
  3. bulk discount setup

  4. Click Bulk Discount Enabled, unless it was globally released via the general settings. Enter your information for the Special Offer Text in Product Description.
  5. Click “Add discount line” to specify a new discount for this product.
  6. Use the fields Quantity (min.) and Discount (%) to specify the quantity from which a discount should be granted.
  7. Clicking the button “Add discount line” again will allow you to add staggered discounts (e.g. 7 percent discount from 20 units). Don’t forget to save and update your product when you are done.

That is all the steps you need to complete to add a staggered discount for your product. The general options of the product offer these options as well:

  • You can choose between a percentage discount or a fixed discount amount.
  • Product variants can be included individually for calculation, or you can apply your discount to the total number of items.
  • The bulk discount can be disabled if the customer adds a coupon code.
  • The CSS options, and therefore the display of the old and new price can be adjusted individually.

Advanced Options and Summary

The developers Rene Puchinger and other members of the support forum for the plugin point out the following adjustments: The position of the discount reference in the product page can be moved using this solution. The number of the decimal spaces displayed can also be adjusted. Here you will find out how to change the text for the discount reference.

Overall, the WooCommerce Bulk Discount function is a pretty good solution, except for the missing price calculation on the product page. If you can live with that – and your legal advisor can too – then this plugin offers an easy option for creating additional purchase incentive.

Tip: This tutorial will show you how to create discounts in WooCommerce itself. You can also create category-based discounts here, or discounts with a quantity limitation per purchase. Coupons for free shipping can be configured as well.

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