WooCommerce Weekly Review #4: Google Analytics, Thank You Page and Plugin Selection

New tools will help make your success with WooCommerce more transparent and ensure a more individualized customer approach. Find out more about these and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce – New Functions and Opt-Out

Only those shop operators, who check the success of their individual online shop elements in e.g. A/B testing, will be able to improve their sales long-term. The basis here is a good web analysis tool.

Most shop operators still seem to prefer Google Analytics. WooThemes and Claudio Sanches have now extended their free plugin WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration. Version 1.4 is available for download and testing as a beta; see this post for more info.

The newly added functions include:

  • Support for Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Web Tracking
  • Analysis of products your customers add to or remove from their shopping carts
  • Analysis of product impressions on the archive or overview pages
  • Click counts for products in the product overview
  • Monitoring of initiated checkout processes

Handling and installation have both been improved for the version 1.4 plugin. The WooThemes team is very much looking forward to tests and feedback from within GitHub.

tracking options analytics
The revised tracking function of the plugin

By the way: for the German-speaking market and to suffice local privacy requirements, you can offer your customers an opt-out for the tracking. You can do so for example as a link in your privacy policy. The exact technical procedure is described here.

Customized “Thank You” Page after Purchase

It is not just offline shop owners that wish to thank their customers. A bit of courtesy goes a long way in an online shop too. And your “Thank You” page can contain additional information too, for example:

  • A listing of additional products to match those in the shopping cart
  • Loyalty vouchers and discounts for the next purchase
  • Social media buttons (“Recommend our products to a friend” or “Let your friends know what you bought”)
  • Information about your customer service and support
  • Links to product ratings or a ratings platform
  • and lots more.

Nicola Mustone describes in his blog in detail, how to set up a customized “Thank You” page in WooCommerce, and how you can add typical content elements to it. He has published the plugin WC Custom Thank You, which is designed to make things easier for you. You can find detailed instructions for its setup here.

Tips for Selecting WooCommerce Plugins

Plugins allow you to make WordPress and WooCommerce even more powerful. In particular the larger or particularly customer-orientated online shops will need these clever little helpers – for optimizing the order process, for marketing and SEO, or to adapt legal requirements for the German-speaking region.

The number of available plugins grows in direct proportion to the great success of WooCommerce. How could anyone possibly keep track of them all or know, which ones are worth your while and which aren’t? After all it isn’t just the WooThemes official plugin directory anymore that offers exciting add-ons.

Nicole Kohler offers advice in the WooThemes blog with regards to what you should look for when selecting helpful and professional plugins:

Here are some of the points she makes:

  • Standardized testing processes and customer feedback, for example from wordpress.org (free plugins)
  • Publicly accessible support channels, where you can get help for errors and incompatibilities
  • Help services to test plugin security, for example the WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Database
  • Response times and quality of the developers regarding premium plugins (you can check those in advance with some queries before you buy)
  • Advance testing on a separate test system

The post also deals with the question of whether you really need every single plugin or whether maybe one tool could be used for multiple functions. You can read everything Nicole Kohler had to say right here.

Thinking Outside the Box: New Plugins for Your Shop

In a very similar post, the WooThemes team introduces 10 WordPress Plugins We Love. There are two reasons why this is pretty exciting. One the one hand these are not (only) the usual suspects (i.e. the most popular plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce), which means you may find one or the other new tool that could be interesting. And on the other hand the list is inspiring: What components or functions could enrich my shop and its blog to make them more customer-friendly and efficient?

A few examples:

  • Intelligent content addition is set to change the future of eCommerce – especially in highly competitive product segments. Related Posts for WordPress is a great example for working out challenges with technical solutions.
  • SearchWP optimizes the search process and therefore an often overlooked feature. It is important, however, to look for a high performance solution and to keep a watchful eye on possibly longer loading times.
  • WP Featherlight offers a particularly slim-lined lightbox functionality for your images and galleries.
  • Gravity Forms can do a lot more than just implement simple contact forms. The extremely comprehensive logical control over the individual fields will allow you to have external resources submitting texts, to design role-based support requests and much more.

The complete, commented list with relevant examples for the recommended plugins can be found here.

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