MultilingualPress – Multilingual WordPress for Everyone, Forever Free

Our plugin MultilingualPress has been available as a free and a premium version (“PRO”) so far. As of today, both versions are merged into one. MultilingualPress as hosted on contains all features of the prior premium branch. The powerful publishing solution for WordPress in multiple languages is forever free for all.

New to MultilingualPress?

MultilingualPress is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a network of sites in different languages, all interconnected with and related to each other. Built on top of WordPress’ core feature Multisite, MultilingualPress is highly performant and SEO-friendly out of the box, and can be extended with custom functionality via an solid API.

Interested? Read our detailed tutorial how to set up a multilingual website or blog. MultilingualPress, like WordPress, has been released under GPL. The most recent version 2.2.3 can be downloaded from GitHub or

“If You Love Someone, Set Them Free”

Inpsyde, makers of both MultilingualPress and the MarketPress platform, have built a large number of client projects on top of MultilingualPress over the last couple of years. Over time we have developed an API that can be used as a base for custom addons. When talking to users, agencies, developers and clients we’ve been encouraged to make that potential available publicly for everyone.

The truth is: Nobody likes to invest themselves contributing to the well-being of a plugin that is “owned” (even though GPL-licensed) by someone else. Making all features of our plugin available publicly and for free we hope to encourage developers around the globe to utilize MultilingualPress for their projects, possibly contribute to its betterment and thus support multilingual WordPress. Naturally Inpsyde will keep contributing as well.

Are we making a premium product available for free? (Spoiler: except support!)

Users of MultilingualPress (as hosted on will receive a significant upgrade of functionality with their 2.2.3 update. Here’s the short list:

  • Automatic redirects to preferred user languages in the front-end
  • One-screen management of original content and translations
  • Duplicate entire sites within the network
  • Custom Post Type support
  • Custom back-end language for logged in users/authors/admins
  • Automatic quick link to available translations inside post/page content
  • Optional deletion of translations when original post is deleted
  • Dashboard widget displaying pending translations

Check out the full changelog and a complete list of MultilingualPress’ features.

One-screen management of original content and translations
Edit and translate content into multiple languages on the same admin screen

PRO Support remains a Premium Service

While all functionality of former MultilingualPress PRO is merged into free MultilingualPress, PRO support will continue to be fundamentally different from free support. Customers with an active PRO license continue to have access to our dedicated help desk where our support staff as well as MultilingualPress core developers provide priority support.

PRO support is a premium service we will keep providing to paying customers only. It can not and will never be available for free, and it exceeds by far the standard plugin support we’ll help providing in the community forums on

Boost Your Multilingual Projects with WordPress Core Power!

MultilingualPress keeps your translation workflow intuitive and flexible, as you literally manage separate site within a network. Menus, widgets, categories, tags, custom taxonomies – everything can be translated in as many languages you want, without interfering with WordPress core operations.

As of today, MultilingualPress in its full version is free forever. Download MultilingualPress at for free, get started with our tutorial on setting up a multilingual WordPress site and you’re ready t go!

Have a general question regarding MultilingualPress? Feel free to leave a comment! PRO customers, please log in and head over to the dedicated support help desk.

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