Inpsyde Insights 2015: This is how a virtual company works

Virtual enterprises have been discussed for many years now, for us it is a reality. Inpsyde and MarketPress have employees throughout the whole of Germany and in Switzerland. An insight into our home offices.

Inspired by Woo Workspaces 2015 a number of our colleagues decided to reveal their workspaces. The result is a personal insight into the everyday life of digital workers and their employers. Take a look for yourself:

A tidy workplace.
We start with Denny, our front-end developer & support technician. No, this is not a stock photo. It is an exemplary tidy workplace.
Probably the most beautiful view
Our co-founder Olaf in Switzerland probably has the best view (occasionally at least).
A green view
Frank, another co-founder of Inpsyde also has a green view, as does…
Christian’s workspace
… our developer Christian.
Christina’s workspace
Outdoor support? No problem thanks to Christina on the help desk/forum.
Rene’s workspace
Developer & trainer René has managed to smuggle a guest into the picture.
Thomas’ workspace
Can you tell by Thomas’ workspace that he’s a developer?
Caspar’s workspace
Lack of control in the home office? Our QA & support guru Caspar can’t have any complaints.
Sebastian’s workspace
Our project manager Sebastian has a digital guardian.
Thorsten’s workspace
An exemplary layout: Our developer Thorsten’s workspace
Alex’s workspace
Inpsyde co-founder Alex also takes a strategic approach to his work. Ergonomic, too.
Nick’s workspace
What does the home office of a designer look like? Creative of course. Thanks to Nick for this picture.
The source code gives the developer away: Daniel’s workspace
The source code gives the developer away: Daniel’s workspace
Robert’s workspace
Three screens and a hat: Co-founder Robert’s view
Michael’s workspace
Project Manager Michael (Emrich) enjoys the benefits of working from home with a great view of Leipzig.

As you can see, the workspaces are just as unique as the individuals themselves. The professional background can clearly be seen in some of the workspaces, whilst in others it is somewhat less obvious.

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