WooCommerce can be this chic: 11 examples of successful shop design

Whether playful or minimalist, traditional or more off-beat: There are many options for designing an online shop. We’re presenting 11 very special design versions, created with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Some of the examples below were implemented with standard themes, whereas others involve adapted templates or proprietary developments. There is something there for practically every industry. Let us inspire you!

1. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Jack Rudy Shop

Just how well upbeat graphics can work in harmony with a sleek design, is evidenced in the WooCommerce shop of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. from South Carolina.

The virtual sales counter – implemented with a proprietary WordPress theme – contains few products. And the other technical features are nothing to write home about. The relatively lean content marketing is conveyed via brief recipe tips. On the subpages, black and white mood motifs are mixed with multicolored illustrations, which partly contrasts to the effect of the photographs. And yet: The very important entrĂ©e into the shop is extremely successful.

Found via BuiltWithWoo.

2. Formfreud


Formfreud is a small manufacturer of wooden toys and wooden rings. The web shop comes alive with brilliantly displayed products. The basic yet suitable background provides the right setting for their presentation.

These toys are intended to “bring back memories of your childhood, but with a contemporary esthetic flair”, write the two entrepreneurs from Potsdam. The shop conveys just that.

Note: Formfreud is a MarketPress customer. The online shop was implemented with the help of our Hamburg themes.

3. Shultzilla


The Shultzilla Shop relies on a comic style and loud colors. They are guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. The theme is a proprietary development, based on a template by WooThemes. A product slider, the easy-going shop banter and matching product descriptions help ensure that things won’t grow dull for the customer.

Found via WooThemes.

4. Rough Guides Shop


WooCommerce is well suited for selling virtual products. Rough Guides from London offers e-book travel guides, and the team implemented just the right WordPress and WooCommerce theme for this concept.

As the web shop demonstrates: If the design and the products are well coordinated, this not only makes a more professional impression, but is also entices prospects to go on an online shopping tour. For example, the mood motifs of the e-book covers are reflected in the background graphics. It is details such as these that make the decisive difference in a successful shop design.

Found via BuiltWithWoo.

5. kinder-book.de


The shop by kinder-book.de has chosen a whole different approach. Its grid-based design is another example of what is possible using WordPress and WooCommerce.

To be sure, the design is somewhat more neutral and traditional than is the case with the Rough Guides Shop, for example. It really depends heavily on the target group, which design your own customers will find most appealing. In this case, where parents are shopping for their children, the site opts for a well-conceived combination of playfulness (dynamic grid) and professionalism.

6. Tackle Grab – Give A Gift


This doesn’t really involve an online shop in a traditional sense, but rather a subscription commerce model – implemented with WooCommerce. Tackle Grab is a supplier of fishing accessories. The customer can order it in a monthly subscription as a sort of “surprise package”.

A minor project, but well implemented in terms of design. With its postcard motifs, the site makes a personal, yet professional impression. And personality counts when it comes to selling merchandise of any kinds.

7. Joco Cups


The products of Joco Cups are chic and stylish. And that is exactly the image conveyed by the shop design of this Australian company.

Here it is also the intricate details that set it apart from a “normal” shop. Such as in-house advertising materials integrated into the product archive. They add some spice to the grid design. This is only hinted at, however the implementation thus far is not completely optimized for mobile devices. That’s a pity despite what is otherwise a very successful design.

Found via WooThemes.

8. Judith Hobby Clothing


Traditional sleek products need a traditional sleek online shop. Then they can develop their full impact. Judith Hobby Clothing is a stunning example of this.

It is certainly no coincidence that the color scheme of the model contains corporate design elements. The logo, the shop arrangement, they design of the mouse-over product photos: Here everything fits together. This promotes the high-end impression that customers gain from the shop and thus from its products.

Found via BuiltWithWoo.

9. YoYoBestBuy


A shop for yo-yos? Then the product should be the main focus, without superfluous or distracting design elements. And that is exactly what YoYoBestBuy from the United States has accomplished. Large-scale photos and savvy texts in the product view, along with a subtle slider on the start page, combine to shine the spotlight on these yo-yos. It’s really all you need in this case.

10. ScufGaming


“Playful” design is the name of the game in the web shop by ScufGaming, with a perfect mix of tech and game design. An extremely cool feature is the enhanced menu bar: Depending upon the sub item selected, the slider area is filled with its own submenus, graphics and HTML content (a so-called multilevel or mega menu for which there are also WordPress plugins available.)

ScufGaming shows that even large shops can be implemented with WooCommerce, even if they contain a vast number of products (see this online shop user report).

Found via BuiltWithWoo.

11. Arrow Leather Works


Last but not least, a very minimalist WooCommerce design in a sort of Tumblr style. Arrow Leather Works from California is a company that crafts leather accessories by hand. Accordingly, the team behind the company relies on custom design – the template was implemented or at least adapted from scratch.

Here, there are no animations, no sliders, no fancy menus, nothing. And in this case, that is exactly what makes this online shop so attractive.

The design has to fit your product

No matter how diverse these showcased design variations may be. One thing is for sure: If the design is geared towards the product and the target group, then every shop is high-impact. And with WooCommerce, this is also extremely easy to implement .

What makes a shop design successful for you? Or do you know of other positive examples? We look forward to your comments.

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