Setting up WooCommerce Part 6 – Advanced shipping methods and free shipping

In addition to the standard fee – described in part five of our WooCommerce instructions – there are a few other methods for calculating your online shop shipping costs. Here you have an overview, including step-by-step instructions.

The shipping flat rate will in most cases cover the most important shipping scenarios. It would still be advisable to know your way around the options listed below – they offer less diversity, but are a lot easier to implement. The “free shipping” method is furthermore a marketing tool used in many online shops. Let’s start with that one then.

Important: All of the menu items described here are accessible via -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping.

Free Shipping


  • The option Enable/Disable allows you to specify whether or not your customers should always be offered free shipping.
  • Where customers are given the opportunity to select free shipping from a list of options, then the Method Title will govern the exact name of the option in the shop.

    Important: Should you make a coupon prerequisite for free shipping (more about that in a minute), then the option “Free Shipping” will only be available after the coupon code has been entered. The option “Shipping Flat Rate” can be hidden via our plugin WooCommerce German Market can be hidden as soon as the prerequisites for free shipping have been fulfilled. It would, after all, make no sense to offer a choice between paid and free shopping.

  • The Method Availability governs, whether free shipping should be offered for specific countries only.
  • Free Shipping Requires … allows you to specify the requirements to be fulfilled not to incur shipping costs. The available settings are: Shipping Coupon, Minimum Order Amount, Shipping Coupon and/or Minimum Order Amount.
  • You can enter the required Minimum Order Amount in the field of the same name.

Free shipping coupons are created via WooCommerce -> Coupons -> Add Coupon. There you will only have to select the checkbox “Allow Free Shipping”, all other settings are optional.

International Delivery

international delivery woocommerce

  • Just like for the free shipping option, you can set Enable/Disable, Method Title, and the applicability (Availability).
  • The Tax Status specifies, whether or not tax should be added to shipping costs for foreign deliveries. You should discuss this point with your tax advisor, as a variety of different regulations may apply.
  • The option Costs Added… specifies, whether shipping costs should be applied just once per order, once for each position/item of the order, or for each shipping class. See also the explanations provided in the last part of our tutorial series on the topic of shipping classes.
  • The Cost for shipping is entered in the field of the same name as a net value without tax.
  • You can additionally raise a Handling Fee for shipping. That will be a fixed amount (for example: 2.50) or a percentage of the net cart total (for example: 3.5%).
  • You can even specify a Minimum Handling Fee.

Local Delivery

local delivery woocommerce

The local delivery option differs from the previous options as follows:

  • The Fee Type can be specified as a fixed amount, as a percentage of the cart total (in this case a percentage of the gross total), or as a fixed amount per item.
  • You simply enter either the shipping cost amount or the shipping cost percentage under Delivery Fee.
  • You can additionally use the field Zip/Post Codes to limit the shipping costs option “Local Delivery” to specific post code regions.

    Important: Users will be offered that option only when they are logged in (and are residents within the specified region), or have provided a post code within that region during the order process. Multiple post codes should be separated by commas, and you can also use placeholders (for example: 10* to select all post codes beginning with 10).

Despite the title “Local”, the shipping method can be used for multiple countries; that is what the last item Method Availability is for. You may have to specify different post codes or post code placeholders for each country if you are simultaneously utilising the post code region limitation. This mat result in unwanted overlapping, e.g. if WooCommerce uses the German placeholder 10* for deliveries to Austria as well.

Local Pickup


A customer will (logically) not be charged any shipping costs if he selects the shipping method “Local Pickup”. The option is therefore of more importance for the logistics procedures of the order process.

You can use the fields Zip/Post Codes and Method Availability to create a regional limit to which customers you would like to offer the option “Local Pickup” if you don’t disable the option for everyone.

You can ask questions about shipping options in WooCommerce here in the comment section, or at the (German speaking) Online Shop Forum.

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