New Plugin: SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce & WordPress

Online shop costumers want to pay quickly and easily. Plus, the choice between several payment providers at the checkout increases conversion. The popular SOFORT Banking payment service can now be easily integrated into WooCommerce-Shop with our new plugin SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce.

The WordPress plugin (available here) lets you embed the payment provider in your WooCommerce shop without the need for a special interface.

The advantage of SOFORT Banking for buyers: They can use their familiar online banking data. With the real time transaction conformation the shop owner can send the order immediately – way faster than e.g. with advance payment. According to the provider, no additional account or a separate registration with is necessary for the customer to do this.

The Customer is Happy: Simple Use and Quick Shipping

Basically, the plugin works in all countries where SOFORT AG offers services. Currently, these countries are, apart from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

  • Belgium
  • England
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain

The add-on currently supports these currencies: Euro, GBP (Great Britain Pound), CHF (Swiss francs) and PLN (Polish zloty). Provided one of these currencies is active in your shop, SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce can be used.

SOFORT Transactions can Easily be Supervised

The initial setup of the plugin is very easy: you register as vendor with, get all the necessary data und you can start taking orders with / SOFORT Banking. (See detailed description at the end of this article.) Further information and a live demo of SOFORT Banking can be found here.

Another advantage is our payment interface: It provides log data that protocols feedback from SOFORT Banking. If anything goes wrong during a transaction, you can locate the problem and solve it.

Installation and Setup of SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce

For an even smoother integration of SOFORT Banking into your online shop, here is a step-by-step guide for installing and setting up the WordPress plugin (WooCommerce has to be installed, see this tutorial):

  1. After purchasing the WooCommerce SOFORT Banking plugin, save the received ZIP archive locally to your computer.
  2. Unpack it and upload the subfolder woocommerce-sofort-banking (one level below the main directory of the same name) to the plugin directory of your WordPress installation using (S)FTP (usually /wp-content/plugins/). Now activate it under Plugins in WordPress.
  3. Alternatively, install the ZIP file directly in the WordPress backend with the Plugins area in the left navigation bar. There, go to Install -> Upload -> Browse -> navigate to and choose ZIP file -> Install.
  4. Register as vendor with and add a Sofort gateway project in your account (not Sofort classic project).
  5. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings in your WordPress backend and navigate to the newly added tab Checkout-> Sofortgateway:
  6. SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce
    Setting up SOFORT Banking for WooCommerce
  7. Here, you can enter a title and a description that the customer will see as explanation of SOFORT Banking during checkout. There is also an email address in case you want to be informed about payment status changes.
  8. This is also where the configuration key necessary for operating the interface is stored. You can get the key within the account under My Projects -> Specified Project Name. You will now find it at the General Settings section at the bottom.
  9. Now all you have to do is save the settings and you can use the new payment method SOFORT Banking.

Note: Ideally, you should test the new interface and payment method in a separate (local) test system before it goes live, since unwanted side effects may occur in combination with other plugins and themes by third party providers. A good product for setting up a test system is the preconfigured webserver software package XAMPP or alternatively MAMP for OS X.
You have questions about our new plugin or the embedding of SOFORT Banking? Don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments of this entry. Costumers of the WooCommerce interface can use the support forum.

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