WP Camp Berlin 2013 – the biggest WordPress Family Meeting in Germany

After the Camp is before the Camp. Two weeks ago we announced that all members of the Inpsyde family will attend at the WP Camp in Berlin. We use events like this for an Inpsyde meetup. That is our opportunity to gather and talk about projects and some other stuff. Every member of Inpsyde works in a different city in Europe. We use WordPress events to get all together at the same place.
WarmUp Party


On a sunny Friday we arrived at the nearly idyllic Berlin. As HQ we decided to use „Die Fabrik“ in Berlin-Kreuzberg. For some of us it was a long journey. Unfortunately the WarmUp Party took place in another disctrict of Berlin. So not everybody of the Inpsyde family wanted to do the trip to the Al Hamra to meet the German WordPress Community – but some of us did.

The comfortable catacombs of the eastern pub filled up quickly. Often there was the question: “Does this place have Wifi?”, apparently to upload pictures or to send a tweet. The mobile network didn’t reach to the cellar. I really enjoyed the visit of our neighbor from the Netherlands, Marko Heijnen, co-contributor to GlotPress whom I met the first time at WordCamp Europe, he joined our nerdy WarmUp-Circle. The best about this parties is the mellow atmosphere. Most of the faces I recognized from the past year but some of them I didn’t.

WP Camp Berlin 2013

Saturday welcomed us with a cold and wet weather. ‘Cause of the camera equipment which we transported with our car to the Beuth-College, Olaf, Nick and I went ahead to the location of the WP Camp. We searched for a convenient spot where we could do the video interviews for the rest of the day. The rest of our team drove with the local public transport. At 9 o’clock the WP Camp officially begun and the distribution of badges and shirts took place.

Typical for the German WP Camps is the Session-Wall*. In preparation of the events everybody was able to submit sessions. So the organization team saved a lot of time. Nevertheless there was enough room for spontaneous sessions like it’s common on “normal” Barcamps. To make Frank Bültge’s debut, he hold the keynote “WordPress in enterprise environments”* right after opening of the event by the organization crew member Axel Becker.

Directly after the keynote the first sessions started. Upon other ones my session WordPress for beginners*. This year I skipped my introductory presentation and started directly with Q&A. There was a quiet good discussion about the intended use of WordPress and its argumentation why a company should use WordPress as base of their social marketing strategy. Unfortunately the session of Torsten Landsiedel took place while my one did also. It was sad that I missed his session.

After my session I chatted with several participants of the Camp and I answered some questions. I really enjoy to network on these camps. Sadly the time just past away. After that I accompanied Nick and Manuel whom shot video interviews and right off the bat I sit in front of the camera. Shortly after that it was lunch time. The catering on this WP Camp was very well organized. At this point kudos to the organization team.

At 13:45 I joined the listeners of the session “Manage networks of WordPress Freelancers, Agencies, Developers, Designers”* by and with Frank Bültge, Kirsten Schelper and Michael Firnkes. As conclusion of the session we opened a Google+ Community* where all interested WordPress service providers could connect to each other so that the clients get the best result, join capabilities and add expertise where it’s needed.

After this bolstered session I had to prepare for my next session. The days before the WP Camp was filled with daily business and organization so that I couldn’t complete my slides* for my session Xtreme One Theme-Framework with Yaml 4*.

So I’ve done this in a silent corner. Together with my colleague Alex we ran through the slides and the demo installation. Though I missed the session of my associate Caspar Hübinger who gave a lecture how to find the right theme*. You can find the slides of this session in his blog*.

Especially I was pleased of the visit of Dirk Jesse in my session. His HTML/CSS framework YAML is part of of the WordPress framework Xtreme One. I appreciated to talk with him, but sadly the ending of the WP Camp was near so we didn’t have too much time to talk and we headed to the Beuth-Hall.

Like in other years, the time just spun away and some of us had some tears in their eyes because it was such a beautiful event. Axel Becker gave props to all the visitors, sponsors, speakers and the organization team of the WP Meetup Potsdam.

Next year, the WP Meetup Team Hamburg will organize the WP Camp in the Hanseatic City. We’ll be glad to be there.

Some opinions of my colleagues

„The WP Camp Berlin 2013 was my first WP Camp. For me the leading point was to socialize with all my Inpsyde colleagues and to meet several persons of the WordPress Community. The Camp addressed to all the WordPress people regardless if you are a programmer, author, designer or beginner.”

„For me the chats to the other people was more important than the sessions. Sadly the most interesting people disappeared in them But there was always someone who didn’t visit a session and so I met Franz Josef Kaiser und Heiko Mamerow to have nice chat offside WordPress. The Camp was very well organized with nice food and Club Mate. I’m looking forward to see Hamburg next year.”

„I thought I was in the wrong electrical dream. I missed to hold the session I really was interested in.”

„I had very interesting discussions about plugins, security and backup in a spontaneous session. Also I knotted first contacts for a WP Meetup in Osnabrück.”

„For me it was a really good organized WP Camp. The people were great. The drinks were great. The food was great. I wished there would be more creatives and women – there are plenty of women out there which work with WordPress. Also the average age could go down a little bit. Nevertheless there’s a huge pool in the WordPress crowd which aren’t able to visit the camp. The sessions were great and the contacts have been positive all the time. The WP Camp is quite familiar and is a little bit enchanted ”

Again a perfectly organized team of the MeetUp-Heroes from Berlin and Potsdam. This team is legendary! Melancholy I look back at the last WP Camp in Berlin but I’m really looking forward to the upcoming camp in Hamburg. The personal meetings with plenty of talks distinguished the camps. This camp also showed that the German WordPress crowd grows.”

„Knorke.“ (Disclaimer: This is a German non-standard word and means “good”. David doesn’t say this very often so it means “Outstanding good” )

„It was a pleasure to see that great organization of this WP Camp. The catering was perfect and there were quite good sessions. I was surprised of the huge amount of interest on such camps so that it was sold out really quick. This year I missed the hardcore coding sessions so that I will provide one next year in Hamburg.”

Inpsyde Meetup

As said in the beginning, our team used the opportunity to meet in person. Giving the voices in our Skype conferences the right face and body was a great thing. In small groups we developed solutions, talked about projects, set milestones and we even played squash. I am so proud to be a member of the Inpsyde family.

With a full filled jotter of ideas and to-dos we left the camp towards our home. But after the Camp is known to be before the Camp. On Friday my associate Caspar and myself will visit the WordCamp London. I am thrilled to be there.

*German content – Find some outstanding videos from the sessions on official page.

Some Impressions

Photocredits: René Reimann

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