Adventskalender Day 20 – How can I teach Languages to a WordPress Theme?

In this post I would like to teach you, and “your” WordPress Theme, how to use it international. Especially for multilingual websites, with differnent languages, it makes sense to translate a theme.

As a WordPress-Trainer, there is a frequently asked question in my trainings. My students want to know how to prepare already existing, or self build themes, for the localisation. WordPress offers perfect conditions for translating themes, without the need of editing the source code for each language.

Overview of the steps

  • Loading the text domain
  • Strings in WordPress function
  • Creating the language file
  • Translate
  • Testing

Loading the text domain

First we need to tell WordPress that our theme is translatable.

We insert the following code into the functions.php:
load_theme_textdomain('mp_theme_domain', get_template_directory() . '/languages');

„mp_theme_domain“ is our text domain, which should be unique. The most suitable approach here is the theme name as identificator. The second argument in the function defines the folder, where the language files will be saved. To guarantee the loading of the text domain, we need to call it within the setup function.

„marketpress_theme_setup“ stands for the setup function. At an existing theme it can variate.

Strings in WordPress functions

In the next step we define the strings WordPress has to load later. Beyond PHP functions we use _e($text_message); and withing __(&text_message);. If WordPress does not find any translation for $text_message, the original string will be delivered.

becomes to

The second variety will be used withing the functions.

becomes to

Sometimes strings contain dynamic data like digits or terms. In this case we take the sprintf PHP function, to control the final output of the string.

Singular and Plural

WordPress enables us to deliver singe or multiple strings. This is necessary and useful for search results.

Creating the language file

Therewith WordPress knows which string should be translated, and how, we create a list. There are three file extensions.

  • The .POT file contains all translated strings
  • The .PO Datei contains all translatable and translated strings
  • The .MO Datei is a binary file with the same content like the .po file, which can be read by WordPress only

In the first step we create a .POT file with the help of Poedit.

1. Open Poedit and create a new catalog

2. Fill the informations about the translation project
3. In the tab „Source paths“ you enter the folder. They behave relatively to the folder /languages/ within the theme folder

4. „Key Words“ contains the function calls __ and _e.

5. Poedit searchs for a defined string, and we get a list, we can translate.

6. Respective the .pot file will be saved in the folder /mytheme/languages/

This file is not necessary for WordPress, but it can be uses for further translations.


Now we start the translation! After you finished all strings, you save the file as de_DE.po in the folder /languages/ within the theme folder. Poedit automatically generates a .mo file, that is needed by WordPress.


After the language files are stored in the theme folder, we can start testing it within the frontend. Of corse only if the wp-config.php is defined with de_DE as language.


Now we have a localized Theme. That brings a bonus for your project and other WordPress users who want to use your theme.

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WordPress ist meine Leidenschaft. Als Coach & Trainerin ist es mir wichtig, dass das vermittelte Wissen nachhaltig auch in der Praxis angewendet werden kann. Individuelle Anwenderschulungen für WordPress & Social Media sind meine Spezialität. Sprechen Sie mich an, wenn Sie wissen möchten, wie man das Beste aus WordPress für Ihre Projekte holen kann.

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